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Garage-mahal, Chapter 2: The neighbors strike back

When we first ran the story, we called it the Garage-mahal: a 1,200-square-foot living room for a resident Ferrari 512 BBi "Boxer." Two walls are floor-to-ceiling glass with retractable exterior shades; a flat-screen TV on tracks can traverse the length of the room. To avoid exhaust fumes when the car is started, Times automotive critic Dan Neil wrote, a hydraulic ramp has been built into the floor. It tilts up about six inches so the car can roll back across a bridge and into the Brentwood street before starting.

Ah, that bridge. Today, Times writer Bob Pool reports that neighbors have complained about the bridge, saying it could create a safety hazard and set a precedent that could degrade hillside neighborhoods throughout the city. The city has withdrawn permission for the owner to use the bridge. Writes Pool:

The ruling sets the stage for the city to issue an enforcement order that will force Schubert to tear down the 10-foot-long, 15-foot-high bridge if he does not obtain a zoning variance for it or win a court reprieve that preserves it. That would mean that his prized gray 1984 Ferrari would have to give up its unique living-room parking spot.

You can read Pool's story, see the latest photo gallery and read Neil's original story and photo gallery on the ultimate Southern California garage.

-- Craig Nakano

Photo credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

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As hard as I've tried to understand both sides of this story, I simply CANNOT fathom what these crotchety neighbors are complaining about! I am livid over the fact that these men are calling this situation dangerous!

I saw a clip on the local news last night that clearly depicted the setting of Schubert's home, the bridge and the street where that connects it to his property. Schubert and his car are the ONLY ones that cross the bridge and there are no homes beneath it or close enough to it to create any hazard for his neighbors.

What the neighbors' are claiming is "unsafe" is the fact that he backs his Ferrari out onto the main street. That in itself is the so called "hazard". The film clip clearly showed this. And the bridge simply looks like a cement driveway you would find on any property and it leads onto the main road. From the looks of it, I'm guessing there is at LEAST a 1/4 mile of visibility behind the man as he pulls out onto the street.

It's such BS!!! I couldn't even believe what I was seeing and hearing.

There were 2 neighbors in the clip with hateful comments who clearly have no basis for their complaints. My guess is they're blinded by jealousy and rage because they want what Schubert has, but their wives would never allow it. One man croaked something about how Schubert wants sympathy because of the money he invested and said; "It's his own fault."


These neighbors need to be stopped and if I were Schubert I sue the pants off them for harassment AND the city if they attempt to withdraw their permission and force him tear down it all down.

Maybe these men who're complaining should get a taste of the reality that 'common folk' must deal with regularly. Many are forced to live, park in and back into REAL hazardous situations on a daily basis. They would laugh in these men's faces.


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