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The Deal: Jack Cards online greeting-card concierge
ensures you won't forget your anniversary this year

Greeting Cards_Birthday Cards-Jack Cards2

Resolve this New Year to tackle those memory glitches that get you in a lot of trouble -- like forgetting your wedding anniversary or your mother’s birthday.

Jack Cards.com is a cost-saving card concierge that allows you to input a year's worth of special occasions -- hopefully with a calendar in hand. Membership is free and the paper cards start as low as $2.50 each.  Simply pick the cards you want for the specified dates and when the time comes, Jack Cards ships you the card to sign and send. The cards arrive stamped, addressed and ready to drop in the mailbox. You can even upload your contacts from your address book or Facebook account.

There are thousands of choices, including a card to mark the death of a pet, divorce, even break-up cards -- which one assumes are not typically ordered far in advance. I spent way more time than anticipated clicking through the hilarious collection of Bald Guy Greeting cards ($3.95 each). A Mother’s Day example: “If it’s any consolation my therapist assures me the mistakes you made in raising me were quite common.” And my favorite wedding card stated “Congratulations, you two. Regardless of what everyone says, I don’t think either of you settled.”

Shipping, typically 49 cents per card, is free if you spend $50 or more. Jack Cards is also offering $15 worth of free greeting cards to the first person to comment on this post. We'll notify the winner by e-mail at noon PST today.

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credit: Sarah Rhoads

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Today is my birthday. Given the timing of New Year's Day and my birthday, I think this is a perfect gift for myself -- the gift of cute cards for others in 2010.

Free greeting cards? I'll comment!

at least i won't forget the important things, unlike my new years resolutions...

I absolutely LOVE this service, and am uploading ALL my birthdays and anniversaries in 2010. One less thing to stress me out. So smart!

I checked out JackCards.com the other day and signed up-what a great idea!

love the idea - i am so forgetful with birthdays and such! (and was i the first to comment??)


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