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Reader Mail: The story behind that shower floor

RitchBathroom Our recent profile of David and Jennifer Ritch's update of a 1906 cottage in Venice has turned out to be one of our most popular photo galleries of the year. Last week we fielded one question about the DIY fire bowl on the front deck. Now reader John Kroon of Lomita writes:

I have one question about the bathroom: What is on the shower floor? Is it tile or a wood drain system?

David Ritch says the shower floor is made of wood planks flush to the bathroom tile floor. "The water drains between the planks, into a drain in the shower pan below."

We've been profiling a lot of modestly sized homes recently, many of them older structures remodeled or redecorated with a distinctly contemporary flavor. If you missed them, check out:

-- Craig Nakano

Photo: Los Angeles Times

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I would prefer to see the wooden floor easily removable, to aid in cleaning the tile underneath. Soap residue is apt to accumulate on the tile, no matter how much water is flushed through the wooden floor slats at the end of a shower. The wooden floor should be constructed to have a slight elevation from the tile underneath, because if it fits tight to the tile, mold is apt to develop -- just as when a rubber shower mat is left on a tile floor too long. Wood slat shower floor mats can be purchased from catalogs, in stock sizes. They may not fit your shower wall to wall, but they'd be easier to remove for cleaning than the one in the picture.


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