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Atocha record cabinet: A modern solution for old vinyl

Designed by Jennifer Levin Atocha out of necessity -- she could not find a good-looking cabinet to house her vinyl records -- the midcentury-inspired record cabinet will please the most obsessive of music collectors. (Think Daniel Stern's character Shrevie in the Barry Levinson film "Diner.")

Made to order in maple, oak, cherry and walnut, the line includes a variety of configurations that can accommodate plenty of CDs and DVDs too. Each soft-close gliding drawer can hold up to 95 albums.

Look for special deals through Nov. 8 as Atocha Design holds its first sale, reducing everything by 15%. The cabinet shown above, normally $5,500, is now $4,675 -- enough to cover white-glove shipping from the studio in New York to California, about $750. That includes installation in the home and the removal of all packing materials.

-- Lisa Boone

Photo: Atocha Design

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Nice looking, and it'd fit the decor of my house perfectly. Unfortunately, I'd need one thousand of these babies to store all of my records- literally.

But who wants to hide all that wonderful artwork and photographs that LP covers are all about? Stick them in a drawer, so they're hidden from view? What was this designer thinking about? My vote is, "YUK!"

As one of the "obsessive music collectors" mentioned in this article, this news item jumped out at me. But when the story changes tone ... "look for special deals through Nov. 8 as Atocha Design holds its first sale, reducing everything by 15%" I have to wonder whether this a news item or an ad. Also, I appreciate that that the designer is filling a void in this market, but the $4675 "sale" price is a bit frustrating. It does look rather useful but, really, 5 gs in this market?"Removal of all packing materials included in the $750 installation fee?" OK, this has got to be an ad.

Nice, but a "kind of blue" price...

The cabinet shown, at a sale price of "only" $4675 -including shipping and handling but not tax.... do we pay tax on the shipping and handling?- only holds 760 LPs. Now, that's about six bucks per LP.

OTOH, a wall of Ikea kitchen cabinets, sans doors, 18 inches wide, costs about 400 bucks to hold 1200 or so cabinets... that's about 33 cents per cabinet.

And if you're a serious LP audiophile, you will have thousands of LPs and, most important, a TURNABLE STAND. I mean, the picture of the cabinet is a joke... you got a receiver on the left, which does NOT need the Mac amp in the middle... and the turntable on the right looks very familiar, something american made from the 80s, (note the finger joints on the base), and try as I might I don't see a cartridge on a tonearm.

Nope, this whole thing is for posseurs. People that are into the "look" but not the function.

This style of cabinet -while surely a gorgeous piece of furniture- is simply too expensive to serve a useful function for both audiophiles and casual music listeners. The former will have thousands of records wall mounted in their listening room or somewhere out of the main rooms of the house, or, if they're just starting, they will be spending their money on music and equipment. The casual music listener, OTOH, doesn't have that many records to justify this, besides, most casual users are into CDs or downloads and iPods nowadays.

Besides, for five thousand bucks you can get some really nice, gently used, audio gear and/or more records... yep, more records.

Thanks, but no cigar.


$6000 (on sale) to hold UNDER 600 albums???? (Only 6 LP drawers in this thing!!)

Think of all the planks of lumber and cinder blocks I could buy for that---or
apple crates!!!

And then give the money to the poor instead to a fancy schmancy designer.

hell yeah!

Records?! I can see my flat panel TV on top of that!

As someone not from LA or SoCal, I would have thought the comments would have been more positive, knowing that the cost of living is so much higher than it is where I live (Indy), but I see that common sense knows no geographical location. Myself, I think nearly $5,000 for something that holds less than 1000 LPs is outrageous. I have all my LPs in old fruit crates that were used to transport fruit to supermarkets in the early 1980's.

Vinyl collectors? Pleasure to meet all!

I think Atocha might have figured that average vinyl collectors are probably in their mid30s to 50s. Pple who have homes, jobs, decent amt of savings. Their pov is to build something that is presentable as a piece of furniture and at the same time able to house your 'average' collection, ie 600 pieces.

Which of course is deemed way too impractical for audiophiles.

The idea is neat. But for the price I could have gotten something else that is just as presentable and house more LPs.

Good effort from Atocha though...

My record collection once topped out at about 900 LPs by 1980. Records are as heavy by volume as books, and if you packed all records in these six drawers and open all the upper drawers, you could topple the whole thing forward. Having it on legs also raises the center of gravity like an SUV with luggage on the roof. Also, when an upper drawer is open, you can't access the drawer below it without closing the upper drawer. All my current records are in low bookshelves, spines facing out, in perfect alphabetical and artist-release order, and separated by file folder tabs according to category and alphabet-tabs within the category for fast finding. Being able to see the spines is the fastest way to scan your collection if you're not sure what you want to play.

This is ridiculous. Anyone who bothers to collect albums has hundreds more than this silly thing will hold. Keeping them in drawers like this will of course make them impossible to extract; furthermore, as long as there's a record playing, you won't be able to touch the drawers at all. So send a feel-good check to this manufacturer, buy some new vacuum tubes, and whatever you have left over, take to IKEA.

Is there anyone who in the world who puts their vinyl records in a cabinet??? For the 40+ years I have collected vinyl, it was either the old cinder block and wood plank shelving, or in recent years, plastic crates. A cabinet would be gauche and pretentious, not to mention sacrilege.

Everyone here is right, this thing is ridiculous. It costs way too much, it doesn't hold much and the tuner, amp and phono are clearly set up by a set designer who read about audiophiles on the inter web. On the other hand, it looks totally sweet and if I was rich I'd buy one in a heart beat!

Does anyone know if the Atocha record cabinet is available at any store here in LA? I sure do need something like that badly as I have several hundred albums. Thanks.

Rita Webber

it's not bad looking, but for $5,425 'installed', i'm thinking milk cartons don't look so bad after all!

I think this is stunning and for me, while expensive, worth every penny.


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