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Why do cute forest critters run away from humans?

November 9, 2009 | 10:01 am


BirdCandle. Because they saw these new holiday candles and were as creeped-out as we were. Those birds to the right must feel like self-roasting holiday dinners.

We'll protect the identity of the retailer and simply say the name rhymes with Lottery Yarn. The same store has some equally cute pine-cone critters that you don't light on fire -- warmer and fuzzier than watching little Rocky Raccoon's ear drip down his back.

We're accepting nominations for the weirdest, most disturbing holiday decor at home@latimes.com. Include a photo and your own caption. Best entries will get posted on this blog.


Above: Pottern Barn's 2009 holiday collection includes much cuteness that's not set ablaze. If you're going the woodland-critter route, skip the candles and try the set of four pine-cone critters, $24.

-- Craig Nakano

Photo credits: Pottery Barn