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Mom, dad, baby live happily in 380 square feet


What you see above is most of the home that Kelly Breslin and Ryan Conder share with their 9-month-old son, Thurston. The couple and their baby live contentedly in a 380-square-foot, 1950s Echo Park home. What's their secret to sharing such close quarters harmoniously? Cool decor, spending a lot of time outside and keeping in mind that cheap rent means that Breslin can stay home with her son. A definite bonus. For now, the family shares the bed, and Breslin tells writer David A. Keeps that she's found that babies don't need much -- just diapers, a place to change them, and boobs.

Click through the gallery or read the story, then let us know what you think.

-- Deborah Netburn

Photo credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

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The Home section of LA Times is second to none. Thank you for showing us a family that can live in such tight quarters. While I know they will eventually move onto something larger than this home, we Americans often live in houses that are way too big. I am glad the LA Times is showing the different creative ways people can live in such a small home. I'm not suggesting 380 square feet, but another good example is Greg Chait's 600 square foot home in Venice that the LA Times featured.

Through the years I have lived in a few small spaces and found myself most happy in those compact quarters.It forces you to decide what is really important and is really freeing to simplify your life.I love this family and this space...they are a good fit.This story just made me smile.

The quilt referred to as a honeycomb pattern is better known as Grandmother's Flower Garden. The pattern dates from the 1930s, but is still in use today. From the picture, it appears to be a quilt top only; it does appear to have the batting, backing and quilting (which makes it a quilt) through all three layers. As Breslin and Conder have other art decorating their lovely home, it is nice to see they have included a quilt, a unique American art form.


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