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George Nelson's iconic Bubble lamps get colorized

Remember the outcry in the 1980s when Ted Turner first decided to colorize classic black-and-white films?

"Criminal mutilation," director Woody Allen called it.

I feel the same way about the new colored versions of George Nelson's iconic Bubble lamps.

Available exclusively from Room & Board, the colored pendants come in three styles: large Criss-Cross Saucer pendant ($435), Propeller pendant ($365) and medium Criss-Cross Cigar pendant ($359). Normally sold in white only,  the lamps now come in "mist," a muted blue-green, and a yellowish "ivory" hue that may give the lamp a vintage look to some. (I think: too much cigarette smoke.)

The colors give the lamps a darkness that detracts from the original soft and airy feel. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the midcentury classic as it was originally designed in 1947: in white. What do you think?

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credit: Room & Board

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So wrong. White was perfect. As big of a mistake as New Coke was. If you really need color, put in a colored bulb. Duh.

I agree, it's so wrong. The yellow one looks as if it hung in a smoky bar for a few years and the blue one is just plain awful. I can't imagine my beautiful George Nelson table lamp in anything but a clean white.

I actually like the blue. I do wonder how the light looks in the room, though.


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