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Arzu Studio Hope rugs empower Afghani women, lead to Design Within Reach trunk show


The modern furnishings store Design Within Reach is partnering with Arzu Studio Hope to offer a collection of limited-edition handmade rugs available at a Los Angeles trunk show Oct. 29.

Arzu Studio Hope is a nonprofit social enterprise that supports women in Afghanistan by selling the rugs they weave at home, where they can care for their families. The goal is to give women above-market compensation so they and their families have access to education and healthcare in the war-ravaged country.

The hand-spun wool rugs that DWR has selected will be offered at trunk shows in five cities. Each location will have five designs exclusive to that city. The trunk show held at DWR's Beverly Boulevard location will include Potential, left, designed by Ben Holiday (7-foot-10 by 5-foot-2, $3,900) and Winter, right, by Thomas Schoos (9-foot-1 by 6 feet, $5,300). In addition, three Arzu rugs will be available online beginning Oct. 10.

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credit: Arzu Studio Hope

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Brilliant , hope for books inthe Swat valleyis next

Gorgeous looking rugs... and perhaps more importantly, a creative product source that is certain to make a positive difference for the people of that country. Could it be more effective than the bombs we send over there?

These things are always a great idea, but I wonder how much of the money actually goes to the women. The rugs are not affordable in any way by folks like me. So unfortunately I will not be able to help them through this effort. Do the women get nearly most of the money or are folks getting rich off the backs of these women? I think 93% of the proceeds got to the Arzu Studio to support their efforts, but how much of that 93% goes top the women. I do hope that the women are getting the better part of the deal. Also if you want to help women locally and globally I would strongly recommend visiting www.vday.org. They are an incredible organization that helps empower women and girls. And the best part is that nearly all of the money is spent on the effort and not administration.


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