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Drive-By Design: King Kong-meets-donkey mural

September 20, 2009 |  9:46 am

Bookcasemural, sunsetmural, mortonbayfig 285

Some levity for your weekend: Driving down Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, I was stopped in my tracks by this ferocious-looking ape-mural overlooking a six-space parking lot at Westerly Terrace. Now the King Kong with crown and donkey ears catches my eye every time I pass. I climbed the stairs leading to the early Craftsman home above to ask about the odd painting. I got few details, but my guess is that the lot was painted to scare off non-tenants from parking there. I wouldn't leave my car there if you paid me. The ape gives me the heebie-jeebies. To catch a larger glimpse of the mural, go with the jump.

Bookcasemural, sunsetmural, mortonbayfig 284

-- Barbara Thornburg

Photo credits: Barbara Thornburg / Los Angeles Times