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Drive-By Design: A garage library? Well, sort of ...

Bookcasemural, sunsetmural, mortonbayfig 263

Garage doors generally fall into the not-terribly-interesting category. At least that's what I used to think. While walking with my dog this week on Mulholland Highway under the Hollywood sign, I spotted this garage door painted as if it were a library. The trompe l'oeil is the brainchild of Lee Dembart, a former editorial writer and book reviewer for the L.A. Times. (I swear I didn't know when I knocked on his door at 8:15 in the morning.) He had the mural painted in 2005 by artist Don Gray, who now resides in Oregon. How come? "I love books," was Dembart's answer. "They're my passion."  Seems like a good enough reason to me.

Maybe painting your passion on your garage door will start a trend. It is like a large, blank canvas. More photos, including details of the mural, after the jump.

Picnik collage    

-- Barbara Thornburg

Photo credits: Barbara Thornburg / Los Angeles Times

Bookcasemural, sunsetmural, mortonbayfig 262

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This reminded me of an old story in Montana, when a very poor and down-and-out artist named Charles Russel asked a woman if she wanted to have her garage painted in exchange, I believe, for a meal. She agreed. When he was done, she was horrified; he had painted a mural on the garage door. She had it all white washed away...

Don't judge a garage door by it's cover.

This is so beautiful! I painted my garage door this weekend, no books, but a raspberry color that has the neighbours buzzing. I cannot imagine what they would say or do if I tried something even more daring like this.

My garage door has "eons of the Southwest" painted on the back side: erupting volcanoes and baby dinosaurs evolving into cactus, and a big silly-looking prairie dog in the foreground. I like the "library" on the garage door. Had a friend long ago who had a "library" much like this painted on closet doors in her study. Doors do not have to be boring! They are canvases.

i love the one with the books!!
That one is so cool!!
I hae seen some before and I think they are cool and I am sure that someone is making a lot of money off of this.
So i am sure that are very happythat they thought of it.

I have not seen any garage door painted like a Library. At first look it surprised me,but it's a great way to show your passion. How it would be ,if we paint our garage door exactly like what our profession is?


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