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The Scout: "Looking for Work," architect-designed furniture, opens at Fifth Floor in Chinatown

June 16, 2009 |  1:18 pm


One chair has the playful appearance of a scrap-metal robot; the other looks like contemporary artist Kaws had his way with a roll of felt. Both are part of "Looking for Work," a three-person show of furniture by architects and environmental designers that opens Saturday, June 20, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Chinatown gallery Fifth Floor

The show features laminated plywood seating and storage units by Ali Jeevanjee of LOC Architects, which was featured in a January 2009 story in Home. Environmental designer Aimee Less' stackable soft seats, above right, will sell for $630 each. Architect Earl Parson's range of chairs and storage cubes made from salvaged steel beams start at $180 and max out at $1,400. The HEV chair, above left, is listed at $1,200. Other designs after the jump.

Fifth Floor is at 502 Chung King Court, Los Angeles; (213) 687 8443; www.fifthfloorgallery.com

-- David A. Keeps

BookCube01 Architect Earl Parson's Book Cube, made from powder-coated steel construction beams, has a sweet Wall-E-in-the-1950s vibe. 
It sells for $450.

Designed as a high chair or bar stool, Ali Jeevanjee's laminated plywood construction, left, can also turned horizontally and used as a storage piece. The architect also will show a collection of nesting storage table at Fifth Floor Gallery.

Photos: Fifth Floor Gallery