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The Scout: Pad Outdoor's groovy indoor-outdoor planters take midcentury design to new heights

PAD office Modernist devotees who can spot a Gregory Ain house from the curb and outfit their own patios with Architectural Pottery planters now have a stylish new resource for indoor-outdoor containers.

 Pad Outdoor's Jet Age-style cachepots are mix-and-match modules locally made in spun aluminum that offers lightweight durability. Prices, starting at $150, are often one-half the cost of reissued midcentury designs in ceramic. The 16-inch diameter pots are ideal for low-water indoor plants, and drainage holes can be easily drilled for outdoor use.

Available in six standard powder-coated colors, they come in two "skirted" shapes (the "half-skirt" model, is shown here) that can sit on the ground or be elevated on 15- and 22-inch black or white steel stands, sold separately from $34. 

Local retailers for the line include Potted in Los Feliz, A + R in Venice and Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles. See the "full skirt" model after the jump.

--David A. Keeps

Photo credit: Pad Outdoor


Pad Outdoor's "full skirt" pot, left, in orange, is around $160 at local retailers. The "half-skirt" model, right, is shown in red. Both styles can be mounted on rubber-tipped, three-legged stands in black or white.

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These are terrific! I picked one up at Pot-ted and couldn't believe how light weight they are, which really cuts down on shipping costs (one of my biggest complaints when it comes to containers)


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