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Entertaining: When it comes to e-mail invitations, Pingg.com is prettier than Evite

Pingg-invitation Oh, the ubiquitous Evite. Efficient? Sure. Ugly? Inevitably. But these days paper invites feel both expensive and un-environmental. So what's a summer party thrower to do? I recommend getting acquainted with pingg.com. This Evite competitor has partnered with independent illustrators and companies like Martha Stewart to create a more attractive online invitation. It can also manage guest lists and send out party reminders just like Evite does. It's been around since 2006, yet somehow I  heard of it for the first time yesterday. One caveat: templates tend to veer towards the girly, but more manly (and creative) users can upload their own pics. There's also a guy-friendly graffiti artist who has provided some imagery as well. Happy inviting!

-- Deborah Netburn

Photo credit: A Pingg.com invitation I made.

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