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WindMade label for wind-powered companies debuts in U.S.

Windmade Add another certification system to the growing pile of green laurels, eco-friendly standards and sustainability seals that wannabe environmentalist companies can strive for.

This fall, businesses can apply for certification from the new WindMade standard, designed for companies that get at least a quarter of their electricity from wind power. The program will join similar ratings and labeling systems such as the LEED code for green buildings and the recently revealed plant symbol for bio-plastics products

WindMade, created in the same vein as the famed trio of arrows in the universal recycling symbol, debuted in the U.S. at a ceremony in New York on Wednesday. It was first introduced at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January.

WindMade was developed by experts from the American Wind Energy Assn. trade group, the World Wildlife Fund, major turbine maker Vestas Wind Systems and toy manufacturer The LEGO Group. The certification system has also been reviewed by retailers such as Wal-Mart.

Starting Wednesday, the standard will undergo two months of public consultation before the final version -– to be managed by a nonprofit organization created by the founders -- is presented in September. Specific details about labeling and the certification process are to come later.

"Market-driven solutions like WindMade will increase voluntary purchasing of renewable energy, and complement the national and state standards that create the market," said Elizabeth Salerno, chief economist for the American Wind Energy Assn.


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-- Tiffany Hsu

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Wind energy isn't green pal. The minute the bulldozer scoops the virgin land, it's not green, it's pure greed. I live in the Tehachapi Pass and you can't believe the price we're all paying for wind generated electricity. It's a blood bath for ecosystems that should NOT be touched let alone permanently devastated.

Why don't they just shoot the bald eagles, golden eagle, burrowing owls and anything else that flies for fun. We may as well. The 186 propellers kill them and the wind giants call it "incidental takes". I wish my LA neighbors quit listening to the propaganda of the energy giants and force the r&d to be completed to get that antiquated crap off our land and get off the grid permanently. This is Enron's old crap that GE bought. Come up to Tehachapi and see the horror for yourselves. Listen to the sound from them that sounds like a tsunami coming over the hill.


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