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Trash cans get "smart" at Santa Monica State Beach

'Smart' trash can in Santa Monica

Smartphones have been married with trash cans to create new smart trash cans that made their debut at Santa Monica State Beach on Tuesday.

TrashcansantamonicasmartphoneappWrapped with artwork encouraging beachgoers to put their "toes in the sand, trash in the can," the cans' artwork incorporate a QR, or quick response, code that links smartphones with a new Santa Monica Beachcast app. The mobile website provides real-time weather and water quality information, as well as beach cleanup tips. The Beachcast app also lets users upload beach photos to an online gallery in the hopes the images will inspire beachgoers to take better care of the environment.

"Our beaches are wild open space, as famous as any national park, and protecting them is one of our highest priorities," said Dean Kobani, director of Santa Monica's Office of Sustainability and the Environment, in a statement released Wednesday.

"This collaborative effort puts an exciting new twist on the vital public works infrastructure we provide every day to ensure that we 'keep it out of the sand,'" he said.

The cans were developed as a partnership between the city of Santa Monica, the nonprofit environmental group Heal the Bay, and advertising firm DDB LA.

Five hundred of the cans were placed on Santa Monica State Beach on Tuesday.


California's cleanest and most polluted beaches--a report card

Sport fish contaminated along California's urban coastline

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: "Smart" trash cans at Santa Monica State Beach. Credit: Heal the Bay

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1. Don't you think there are too many cans?

2. They don't look pretty, and the real good thing would be for people to take trash home.

3. Why are the cans general, why aren't they labeled at least for organic/inorganic. Man, if you don't educate them now, when?

4. Just put cameras out there and fine trashers (and post on youtube for everyone to see)

Trash Cans can be somewhat useful
But some people are lazy and will throw
the trash on the ground no matter what
too many trash cans are an eye sore

I like like going for the beauty
of the Ocean

What I do not understand is why people bring trash t the beach in the first place, and then, if they do, why can't they pack it out. A beach full of trashcans is an invitation to contribute to trash production. It is nonsense.

why don't they put rotating lids on these things so the birds can't pick out all the garbage near the top of the can, and none of the lighter trash inside can't blow away on a windy day? and make it harder for hobos to use the beach as their own personal aluminum treasure hunt.

This is agreat example of local polititions being pro-active when it comes to keeping the environment clean. The local beaches are important assets to southern Califonia. Trash free beaches are meaningful to the local population, and for attracting tourism dollars to local businesses. Our coastline is a beautiful resource, let's keep it that way. The polititions of Santa Monica have taken a positive step towords helping keep the beaches clean and attractive. It would be nice to see the other beach cities follow suit.


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