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Rocky mountain flowers dwindle, as climate warms



New research finds that the brilliant flowers that bloom in Rocky Mountain meadows during midsummer are dwindling, and likely to fade even more as climate change warms the high country.

Wildflower season once extended summer-long in the Rockies, but the five researchers found that the number of flowers had started to drop significantly during midsummer. There are a variety of reasons, including a warmer climate.

The implications are worrisome, not just for those who enjoy the scenic splashes of color. Pollinators such as bees and other animals such as humming birds depend on a healthy flower system. Their numbers could also drop should temperatures continue to rise and flower populations fall.

"Some pollinators with short periods of activity may require only a single flower species," write the ecologists in their paper, "but pollinators active all season must have flowers available in sufficient numbers through the season."

The research, funded by the National Science Foundation, appears in the July edition of the Journal of Ecology.


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-- Nicholas Riccardi

Photo: Dwarf bluebells, one of the earliest-blooming mountain wildflowers, attract queen bees seeking nectar. Credit: David Inouye


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This must be some other "Rockies." The flowers in the Idaho high country this year are unlike anything I've seen in 30 years. Seriously. In my years of actual observation of the flower environment of the Rockies - "it's the water stupid." Years if ample water contribute to soil moisture levels as well as increased levels of pollinators. Nice try.

Poppycock! If the Times looked a little closer to home, it would have noticed that:
a) the Central Coast wildflower season is the longest in decades, and
b) 2010 was the coldest summer for 48 years (and this ones even colder).

Why is it that climate reporting is so one-sided. Climates change, get over it.

"No science to support these statements" should read "no brains to read the science, or then aborb it, or see its longterm ramifications for all", the brainless included.

yup - There are a variety of reasons,

the article says so - that's some pretty compelling AGW supporting journalism !

From Estimates of Global Food Production in the Year 2050:
Will We Produce Enough to Adequately Feed the World?

“Having evolved at much higher levels of atmospheric CO2 than those of the current geological period, many land plants grow substantially better with more CO2,” says Dr. William Happer, Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University, who states that the report “provides a very thorough review of the beneficial role of increased CO2 on mankind’s most important agricultural crops.”

oh, i see, buried in the text is the innocent phrase : There are a variety of reasons.

Never mind the truth, lets just headline it Global Warming !

Yep, the climate is warming - wait, where is the current science to support this statement ?

So, does the times ever cover current climate news ?

The three studies released by NSO’s Solar Synoptic Network this week, predicting the virtual vanishing of sunspots for the next several decades and the possibility of a solar minimum similar to the Maunder Minimum, came as stunning news.

“the fact that three completely different views of the Sun point in the same direction is a powerful indicator that the sunspot cycle may be going into hibernation.”

Right, bill me. take my wealth because of global warming/cooling. Stupid, reflexive tools of Marxism.

I remember how beautiful the wild flowers in the high meadows above Aspen used to be in July on hikes to Conundrum Hot Springs.I hope they will bloom there for eternity.I once saw a moon rainbow there on a full moon night.I wish to have my ashes spread there when I die.Places such as these should be protected and shared by all until the end of time.The wild flowers are a very important part of what makes this location enchanting and magical to me.


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