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Al Gore: Stabilize population to combat global warming

From the safety of the political sidelines, former Vice President Al Gore is venturing into a touchy topic, presenting his holistic view of how to curb the buildup of greenhouse gases warming the planet. Besides improving technology to reduce fossil fuel emissions, he is advocating "educating and empowering girls and women."

"That's the most powerful leveraging factor," Gore said in a speech Monday in New York. "When that happens, then the population begins to stabilize and societies begin to make better choices."

Although not entirely spelled out in the speech, Gore's thinking goes this way: If women are confident their children will survive, and if they have access to "fertility management," and if they have the power to decide how many children they want and when to have them, the result would be stabilization of the global population.

As it stands now, demographers at the United Nations forecast that the world's population will hit 7 billion later this year, march past 9 billion in 2045 and exceed 10 billion by the end of the century. Nearly all of the growth is expected to come in poor nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Gore made his remarks at the eighth annual Games for Change Festival, a conference organized by those who want to promote the use of video games for social change.

Here's a jerky cam capture of the relevant bits:



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-- Kenneth R. Weiss

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People who try to drag the Bible into this are seriously misguided. The Genesis 1:28 edict of "go forth and multiply and subdue the Earth" has no place in today's world. When the Bible was written there were maybe 250 million people on Earth vs. today's nearly 7 BILLION. The Bible's authors probably had no concept of how many people there would eventually be. Citing them as ultimate authorities on the future is just more blind faith.

All that multiplying and subduing now serves no purpose except resource depletion and overcrowding. The oceans in particular may have been subdued into terminal decline (see recent report on that). Times have changed and growthist ideology needs to end ASAP.

Even if one doesn't care about how growth is trashing nature (criminal in itself), growth makes little sense economically, except to pay off a corrupt, debt-based monetary system. More people may superficially mean more production, but the products must be shared among more people. It's a mathematical zero sum game; there is no infinite efficiency. You can't increase net efficiency just by increasing the overall size of the system. It's like building larger and larger cars or houses and expecting them to be intrinsically "better."

Let's see, 1920- 2 billion, 1960- 3 billion, 2010-7 billion
looks like a J curve to me, should be betting when the crash will occur!
Too little too late.
Anyway the crazies will never allow a reduction in the population

Most major, chronic environmental problems are clearly a result of too many people, plus the mindless paradigm of endless economic growth on a finite planet.

Mr. Gore is merely pointing out something that scientists and other non-myopic people have known for decades. Various technological advances like the Green Revolution (enabled by historically cheap oil) delayed the inevitable effects of endless growth, but that mitigation was mostly an illusion. Anyone who's tired of traffic jams, crowds and pollution should recognize limits to growth without a technical explanation. Anyone who cares about the fate of other species knows that human growth has already done major harm.

Those who think growth can go on forever are lousy at math and/or lying to themselves for short term profits. Just scale the Earth down to the size of a small island, ask yourself how much growth it can support, then scale it back up to the full size of the Earth. It's all relative to the time scale. There is no magic planet size that supports infinite growth. Even a body the size of Jupiter would eventually hit a wall. Why can't more people see that and stop their vague, useless excuses for further growth?

"Radical" biologist Paul Ehrlich was always logical when he wrote "...economic growth is the disease, not the cure..." And economic growth has always been in bed with population growth. Much has been written about steady-state economics, which tries to mirror nature's sustainable balance. It's time to take that concept seriously and drop the quest for endless greener pastures and material gluttony that rarely brings true satisfaction.

Would Al Gore (or any other liberal) support a reduction in immigration to stabilize the population of the U.S.A.? Of course not. After all, world overpopulation is OUR fault, which means we have an obligation to take in the world.

There is an old military maxim that says few battle plans survive the first contact with an enemy. Only in humanity’s not in God’s, experience. His plan, conceived from eternity and worked through the centuries has proceeded exactly as he foresaw it. The Bible then doesn’t merely tell us what happens in history, but why. It doesn’t merely tell that history occurs, but where it’s going while it occurs.

The purpose of the Bible is to teach how God achieves his will in history, not how humanity increases in business or technology, the arts or the sciences. The Bible shows that knowledge would increase (Daniel 12:4). Yet, Paul warned Timothy (1Tim 6:19) to guard the gospel, which many disregarded by turning to what’s “falsely called knowledge”. Remember that the Bible says the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge leading to wisdom from God’s word; it isn’t merely knowledge leading to inventions and discoveries in the natural world.

True to its God-ordained purpose, the Bible doesn’t tell us how Indians got to America from the Plain of Shinar-or all races to the uttermost parts of the world. We have but educated guesses to determine that. But, we know clearly how the Israelites got to Babylon and why they got back to Palestine from Babylon. The reason why the former is interesting, but the latter essential, is that the former fulfilled God’s purpose geographically while the latter fulfilled his personal will in the world. That emphasis shows where God put the emphasis in history. What happens to the Aborigine in Australia may interest the anthropologist, but what happens to Israel interests God and his ultimate purpose in history.

God allowed humanity to go from one age of communication to another-without a care or concern. For he measures the worth of persons or societies by how willingly they obey him, not by how technologically or educationally or scientifically advanced they become. Again, as Paul said to Timothy no matter how we increase in knowledge, a simultaneous decline in morals occurs (1 Tim 4:1-5, 1 John 4:1-3).

Genesis 6 foreshadowed our modern age. The generation of the Flood had heroes of renowned, powerful, mighty men. They may have been godly men. But, heroism wasn’t a synonym for spiritual then, and neither is patriotism, or wealth or brilliance or beautiful today. Heroes of old, men of renown, but what followed was God’s judgment on an increasingly depraved culture for defying God’s will (Gen 6:1-5).

The Bible explains the origin of all evil as the single act of disobedience to God’s word in Eden (Gen 2:15-17, 3:6). That sin not only severed our relationship with God; it opened humanity to a life time of sin in all its ugliness, making every sin possible, nay, inevitable. Pandora’s Box is the Greek explanation of that Biblical truth.

Mr Gore is part of that Box, and he needs to be locked up and the key thrown again.

According to the United Nations Population Division, there are 215 million women (and girls) now who lack access to modern methods of contraception. By 2015 because of population growth, there will be well over 100 million MORE women and girls lacking access. There is a worldwide shortage of FP commodities. Watch put out by Population Action International. The planet by the way is adding about 80 million mostly poor people every year. They all will want energy to have the bare minimum of comfort. Good luck world! I am co-founder of 34 Million Friends of the United Nations Population Fund. When the world takes care of women, women take care of the world. Please take a stand for women and for the planet. In a way, they are one and the same.

We need a policy to retire ALL FORMS OF CARBON FUELS as soon as possible. There are four states burning today, one or two of them setting new records, spewing Carbon-Dioxide gas as a burn product, which is part of the self-acceleration mechanism of Global Warming. Climate change dehydrates continental interiors, which dessicates interior air, which contributes to wildfires, which adds to the speed of Global Warming.

Methane gas (Natural Gas) is not cleaner, as unburned molecules regularly go out the flue. Each molecule of methane in the upper atmosphere destroys ozone thereby producing 25 times the global warming effect of one molecule of CO2. All the methane which does burn becomes CO2.

We have seven times more fossil fuels needed to kill the Earth. We are not running out of fuels -- we are running out of environment which supports higher life.

The rooftops of American homes (100 million family residences x 2000 sq.ft. average floorplan) is 10% more than enough space to generate all the electrical production required presently to power the national grid. This is assuming low-efficiency 12 watts per sq.ft. polysilicon cheap photovoltaic panels with zero technical breakthroughs required.

A smartgrid with plug-in BEV vehicles (like the Chevy Volt) will store 4 times the daily PV production, buying and selling electrons than is needed daily by America by the power grid. Hydrogen fuel cells of a 60 kW car will power 60 homes for every hour that it has fuel.

Moving electrons is expensive -- it costs $1 megabuck per mile for transmission lines for the power grid, but trucks can move PV silicon wafers from the windfields in the Dakotas to where the power is needed very economically. Turning wind into PV silicon makes more sense than pumping electrons. There's no shortage of wind or PV in that scenario, and no shortage of storage with 100,000,000 American cars and light trucks storing 20 kW each.

Al has a severe case of OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder - he just can't let this thing go. (Or maybe it's the money he is making by selling this line?). There are not too many people on the planet - there are plenty of wide open spaces where people could set up shop, work, and live. There is a shortage of manufacturers, corporations, business, who need to be more visionary - think about expansion and location. Government should keep its nose out of private industry with taxation and over-regulation that keeps businesses from expanding in the US and sending jobs overseas. What happened to the idea of "builders of cities and communities" that used to exist. Instead you have too much crammed into too few locations. Whoa - I got off track a bit. My gripe for the day. Global environmental changes have been going on since the beginning of earth-time and will continue. Al Gore is just obsessed with crying the sky is falling. There are other solutions - just don't take away the right of people to pro-create. That is going way over the line.

Mr. Gore might be better to look at this - the only palatable and real solution to world women control over their bodies and money to support their children.

An international charitable group under the auspice of the United Nations should begin a program to provide both an incentive for family planning as well as access to such services. In essence, this program would offer financial support to mothers who decide that they do not want to bear any more children and instead undergo voluntary Essure Birth Control procedures. Only women who were above the age of 25 or who had given birth to at least two children would be eligible for the program. The money would also decrease as the number of already born children increased to provide an incentive for reasonable family plannin

This communist Al Gore just doesn't give up does he? Look, anyone with a functional brain cell realizes that this is just one giant socialist money grab scam. Lefties like Gore are desperate to guilt people into believing that they are responsible for destroying a 4 billion year old planet and the only way to supposedly save it is to tax people. Geeezzz, what a surprise from a commie!! Carbon credits has become their money grab tool. Oh, and guess who controls those expensive phony "carbon" credits? Do I really have to say? Look, environmental freak liberals are nothing more than people who love to steal other people's money because their obnoxious elitist attitudes makes them feel that they have that right. People who fall for the global warming hoax are complete and utter suckers! Now he's telling people how many kids they should have? Maybe there should be a farting tax too?? Hey, farts do contribute to global warming no? Soon we'll all be wearing a fart sniffing money meter in our underwear so that we'll be forced to pay a $1 tax for every fart. Moreover, the silent and deadly farts will cost $2 cause the CO2 in an SBD is of higher concentration. Don't laugh, these pathetic commies are working on it. They simply just can't leave the working man alone can they?

I'm actually surprised Gore doesn't walk around with a wheel barrow in front of him just to carry the set of balls this man has! Simply unbelievable nervy SOB!!!

Isn't that what China is trying to do, while screwing up Family Structures
Well, the only way Stabilization is going to happen, is getting all the Poor Folks something to do besides Making Babies.
I know!!! Get all the Poor Jobs to make good money
But oh no, that would put a Bent on all the Rich Folks out there, They can't stand to see anyone else prosper

Are you serious??? Why are people offended by the truth that Gore is having to slap across your faces? How ignorant, naive and blind can people be to suggest that global warming is a myth? Really people have you gone out and investigated it yourself or are you quoting those other fools who deny it? Are you all sponsoring children from other countries or even from the U.S.? People are so quick to anger and point fingers and name call others who are actually trying to make a change. How about you guys and gals get your soft, pampered little behinds up from your couches stop eating your hot pockets and head out to a third world country. You'd be surprised at the amount of women (and a few men) who actually want to get bilateral ligation, vasectomy's, or even just have contraceptives but can't because of cultural views. Do you think those women enjoy watching their children starve or having to give them away because they cannot feed them? We ask ourselves why they keep having children but we take for granted all the lovely things we have in the U.S. These people don't have access to contraceptives or doctors who can preform the procedures they need. Geesh people honestly I feel sad for those of you who would get 'offended' because of Gore saying the truth. Plain out and simple its the truth. And for all of those who will say that God wants women to keep breeding and breeding and breeding well I hope you are blessed with lots and lots of work so you can adopt and feed all those children that will otherwise starve.

I agree with the comment by the dogg. What is most disheartening for me is all the hatred in the readers comments. our continued population growth is an obvious problem - why does this have to be turned into a left wing, liberal conspiracy. And, why is empowering woman and girls (who on much of the planet are marginalized at best) equal to forced sterilization? The massive number of people on the planet, and the enormous consumption of the people in our country doesn't come for free.

If his mother had practice birth control she would have saved all of us a lot of grief, but it is to late. If we put duc tape on his mouth and nose we could reduce global warming significantly. What a jerk.

Al Gore... father of 4

If everyone would live like humans and eat like humans instead of being greedy pigs in many ways that would help the global economy more than anything else would. Mostly greedy corps going for the legal theft of dollars no matter the cost, more money more money for me. What person on earth needs 40 million a year to live. They could live on $1000 a year just fine. Eat beans and don't worry about cow farts that you say cause global warming.

It's Manbearpig its half man, half bear, half pig he is serial

A better way might be to neuter all hot air balloons like Mr. Gore to stabilize the yet unproven carbon footprint he and other such inflated males may make to suggest females need more education to become empowered to make better reproductive decisions.

What planet has this moron been inhabiting? While making suggestions of what others should do, this bloated hypocrite should practice some of his own philosophy and tamper down burning up energy flying, boating, upkeep of mansions etc.building up a footprint larger than a whole town of pregnant women with five kids apiece.

This is still America, and women have been making these choices since time began. It is the nincompoops like Al Gore who need the education to realize that if you don't put it in, nothing is going to come out. If Gore is so concerned about fertility management he should be suggesting sterilization to all the other high profile politicians who enjoy demonstrating their brains are located between their legs. All those who believe in carbon footprints should be the first in line to do their duty to the country.
Women have fought this battle too hard and too long to be told to go back to school and play the man's doormat by agreeing to this outrageous suggestion of Mr. Gore's.

Soylent Green!!!! Thats the answer

The post WWII population will be dying off in massive numbers in the next 10-20 years by default. Japanese will be dying off in droves due to the current ruination and most likely, uninhabitability of that location and all the premature deaths, still births and birth defects due to all the ecological disasters and dead zones created will wipe out a lot of humans. "Earth consciousness" is trying to do away with the historical mistake of the corporation on its own.

As usual, either he has no details as to *how* to actually make this plan work, or the media has conveniently left them out of the article (in order to create strife and sell more ad space). People like Gore, Chomsky, etc., routinely have grand ideas about, or good analyses of, various problems...but then they offer no specific details about how to solve them. And if they do, the 4th Estate (the media) doesn't do its proper job by reporting all of those details.

All those commenting on population control vs. global warming..whatever.....dumb..the problem is that you think that you are the intellegent are not and who are you to even contribute your ideas of who and what and where has babies...spirit of anti-christ for sure.

The only thing Gore needs to "stabilize" is his weight. Pffft.

Good for Al Gore - it is only common sense, which women have more of than men - there are just too many people populating the earth - 2 children are enough per couple - period!

What an idiot! Yeah, let's kill babies so we can save the planet. Makes as much sense as the global warming myth.

Hey Al! If you'll run for President again, I promise, if somebody like Bush tries to steal the election, I'll put out a Citizen Alert and, guaranteed, every single U.S. Citizen in the country will run screaming out of their house, down the street, through the woods, across the state border, and to where ever the BushBabyWannaBe may be lurking and, in one swoop, all 315 million U.S. Citizens will snatch it up and physically hurl it into outer space where it will travel slowly through the universe in a complete vacuum and incapable of doing any more damage to the galaxy. Really, I promise.

We need some talent up there. Obama isn't too bad but he still thinks that Protecting the States from Invasion is Constitutionally optional. The Supreme Court thinks the whole Constitution is optional, so I guess that's where he learned it.

Gore is pointing out a problem that no one has the stones to address because everyone is so sensitive about the issue. We DO have a population problem and it is not in the U.S. Here, the majority of citizens can make smart decisions about the number of children they have and each child has true potential. In third world nations, women are not much more than walking wombs and each child they have is a problem since they cannot feed the ones they have. Is that life? Gore is pointing out that people need to have the amount of children they can afford to nourish physically and mentally and in return we get a better planet.

gore is ridiculous. I can't believe he would believe such a thing. The planet can hold as many people whose souls decide to come here. Who is he or any population control idiot to play god! China's policy has destroyed Chinese families and has intervened in spiritual destinies. I don't believe any of this garbage. gobal warming is ridiculous in terms of long term climatic change which is natural to the planet. Forced sterilization and population planning by reasoning with women not to have children which is what this idiot is saying doesn't make sense. people should be allowed to live as they choose. The pop control agency of the UN reads like a horror story and is for people who have no faith of understanding of destinies of souls. Thank God Gore didn't become president lets hope the US gets rid of Obama fast

Not all of Americans, belicve that we are all going to go down because of Global warming....lighten up al gore. There is more to life.

Just make sure you invest in Al-Gore's company " Generation Investment Management LLP " so he can continue making "green" aka money

Reading all the Al Gore haters on this comment board is really disheartening. It makes me think that maybe we as a species are simply to stubborn or stupid to survive. Here is a guy who is simply trying to educate people. He is not making this stuff up. This is information tested and proven by the scientific community.

It is simple math. We all have a carbon footprint and contribute to the pollution of our planet in one way or another. The less people in the world, the more contusive to life our planet will be.

And how can anyone be against empowering women?

We need more Al Gores and less Duggar family.

Hot air coming from Al Gore probably causes global warming.


This nonsense is what is wrong with the left.

The more I listen to him the more I see how demented he is. Also, he is the son of a Klansman. Look it up.

Do you think he has been at all influenced by his father?

Yes yes, Ted Turner would be proud. Us useless eaters need to know our place. 81% of the US population lives on 10% of the land.

Hey fat boy what happened to lead by example. Massive energy consuming home, limos, jets, multiple kids. And of course all the pollution your producing everytime you open that ahole you call a mouth , Just shut your face.

Of course this is part of the solution.
But humanity doesnt have the stomach for it. Except China, that is. We are doomed.

After reading the criticisms of Gore on here, it's clear many don't care about the sunject--they just want a political confrontation. To make it short--he's right, no matter your party; HE"S RIGHT. There are too many people--many women don't care enough about themselves or the world to limit their progeny which leads to more pollution, warming, poverty, etc. Had he known more 40 years ago, he would not have had 4 children. Now that we know more, we have no excuse. Grow up, people.

Isn't that what China is trying to do, while screwing up Family Structures
Well, the only way Stabilization is going to happen, is getting all the Poor Folks something to do besides Making Babies.
I know!!! Get all Jobs to make good money
But oh no, that would put a Bent on all the Rich Folks out there, They can't stand to see anyone else prosper

My academic degree is in Societal Futures. I can state very clearly that these population fanatics have been predicting catastrophe for decades. Every projection of theirs has failed to be realized. They didn't even get close. The surprising thing is that they still have any credibility after being so wrong for so long.

The message should be, if you can't take care of yourself (i.e. you get support from the government in any form) then you shouldn't have children. I would support free birth control for the entire planet, with that credo printed on every box.

Once you are able to support yourself and a spouse, financially as well as emotionally, then you can have children. Until then, use the free birth control. Otherwise you're just creating more dependent people that need a handout.

Too bad the PC crowd gets offended by so many truths.

My academic degree is in Societal Futures (1980) and these population fanatics have been telling us about the end of civilization and death of millions by starvation for decades. Every projection of there's has failed; not even close. What's hard to understand is how they can continue to have credibility after being wrong time after time.

Suggest he talk directly to the third worlders that are breeding like bunnies.

gore is grasping at straws trying to keep the bogus belief in global warming alive.

Gore is correct and brave to tackle a serious problem. The world does have more people than can be realistically supported. What he is saying is not eugenics or racist in any way. Empowering women through education has been shown repeatedly to not only reduce family size but also to raise the standard of living for the family. What is better - having lots of semi-starved children living in poverty or fewer children with adequate nutrition and prospects for their future?

Here's an alternative... force Gore to give up his obscenely extravagant life style and we'll save enough "carbon credits" for working class people to have children still.

Physician, heal thyself.

He's finally listening to Doug Stanhope.

Since when are people not in control of how many kids they have?

AlGore is a freaking moron.

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