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LAPD experiments with electric bicycles

LAPDebike The Los Angeles Police Department received two new electric bicycles Wednesday. The bicycles are part of a field test the Police Department is conducting.

Electric bicycles are being tested for patrolling special events, including parades and the monthly bicycle ride Critical Mass, "where the public is riding road bikes that are faster," said Sgt. Matthew Bygum, the officer in charge of the LAPD bicycle coordination unit. "When the police officers ride mountain bikes, we can't stay up with them over the duration of the ride. That's the direction we're headed with these: high speed, long duration."

The two bikes the LAPD received Wednesday complement two others the department has been testing as part of a pilot program for the last year. The iZip Express models donated by Currie Technologies, an electric bicycle manufactuer in Chatsworth, can travel 31 miles per charge and move as quickly as 20 mph.

The LAPD has 450 regular bicycles in its fleet, all of which are mountain bikes. Electric bicycles will not replace the mountain bikes, Bygum said.

"I wouldn't want all LAPD officers riding them because part of being an officer is being physically fit, so it takes away some of the physical conditioning required," Bygum said. "Electric bikes just give us another capability."


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-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: Sgt. Matthew Bygum rides an electric bike. Credit: Claudia Morimitsu, Currie Technologies

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Excellent news for cops that are a bit too lazy after car riding and donut eating all day or night long. They sometimes get confused between vagrants and drug pushers since both are bums of a different sort to them. LA is too strange to conservative america because of wimpy efforts to clean the city for the snobby elitist rich who try to evade even paying for service that protect them everyday.
Officially Oprah Winfrey is one of them to the city if checked on carefully.

Big Deal. This happened 13 or so years ago with either the Arcadia, or Monrovia or Sierra Madre P.D. trying out the EV bike. They said they wouldn't be so tired after a pursuit so they could still be able to pummel the guilty party.

Those bikes were developed and marketed by Lee Iococca and died a quick death. Ramble, ramble.

Electric bikes should be the norm for everyone, but those batteries die too fast and are expensive. We should be able to go 30 mph and have a range of 50-100 miles depending on the wind, driver input and uphill or downhill.

I think a quiet 4 stroke would be a better solution for mass transit.

More riding, fewer donuts. Critical Mass is SLOWWWWW

Bravo, LA! It reminds me of the time when Jane Jacobs, the urbanist who wrote The Death and Life of Great American Cities, persuaded the city of Toronto to declare a street off-limits to motor vehicles. Scofflaws would be pulled over and cited by a cop on a bicycle.


bicycle cops are slow.

Sounds more like the mountain bikes should be set up with some higher ratios in their gearing so the department can keep up with the rest of the athletes. Wouldn't 60/41/28 triple front clusters and shift kits be cheaper than batteries and electric motors? At least the switch towards bicycles heralds the end of the donut syndrome...


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