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Torrance Shell station adds hydrogen fuel pump

HydrogenTorrance4Vehicles powered by hydrogen won't be sold to the public until 2015, but consumers' willingness to buy them is largely dependent on what's happening right now: the build-out of hydrogen stations to fuel them. 

On Tuesday, a Shell station in Torrance became the sixth hydrogen station to open in Southern California. It is the first to tap into an existing hydrogen pipeline. It is also the first to accommodate different auto manufacturers' filling protocols, some of which require more high-pressure fuel. And it's the first station capable of simultaneously refueling four vehicles at once from two dispensers. 

"This station represents the next step. It's more accessible and higher capacity. It's easily expandable to accommodate a larger fleet," said Steve Hoffman, a hydrogen energy systems engineer with Pennsylvania-based Air Products, the world's largest supplier of hydrogen to oil refineries. Air Products was part of a collaboration among Shell, Toyota, the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the U.S. Department of Energy to build the station.

HydrogenstationTorrance Air Products runs a hydrogen pipeline between its Southern California production facilities in Wilmington and Carson, along which many refineries are based. It was able to tap into its pipeline to feed the pumps at the Torrance station because the station was situated along an already existing line carrying the fuel. 

Twelve additional hydrogen fueling stations have been funded for the Southern California area and will be built by the end of 2012. By 2015, most of the major automakers — General Motors Co., Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. among them — have said they will go into volume production of hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles.


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-- Susan Carpenter

Photos: A Shell hydrogen fueling station in Torrance. John Spallino fills up his Honda FCX Clarity vehicle at a new Torrance hydrogen pump. Credit: Steve Hoffman, Jessica Fini

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I saw JOSE CARRANZA's comment and had to reply. You don't need to buy either the BMW or the Mercedez-Benz (forthcoming) hydrogen cars.

Honda Clarity.

Look it up.

Here's the address:
Shell Hydrogen Fueling Station
2055 W. 190th, Street (Northwest corner of 190th and Gramercy Place)
Torrance, CA 90501

So where is this in Torrance?? Seems silly to publish a whole article about it without saying where it is.

There is no single solution to oil. Sorry to say. However, there is a solution if you take the sum of all the alternatives. Biodiesel is key to heavy industry vehicles because the other alternates to contain the energy capacity, unfortunately to a lesser extent in the general use catagory simply due to the lack of auto industry support (most new diesels cant run bio due to high pressure fuel systems). Electric more adaptable to commuter needs with a goal of ~ 100 miles per charge. Fuel cells bridge the electric / gas gap with the range needed for long distances.

The prevailing fact is this: Oil is a valuable resource with limited availability (we are plumb out of dinosours). As an engineer its is much too valuable to burn in cars. Its not the cheap alternative it was when daimler's diesel patent was granted while running on peanut oil. We find new uses for plasitics we can't make without oil. To me its clear if we don't find a alternative to gas/oil for vehicles, we are witnessing a "rain forest" depletion of resources and solutions we won't even know we missed. We have one planet, with a set amount of stuff in it. Time to wake up and smell the coffee people. Just because we are saddled with an evoled brain that see's a 100 yrs as an eternity does not mean that is the true reality of our situation.

yeah it is true most of us can save money on our car insurance by making few simple changes look online for "Auto Insurance Clearance" you will be amazed. In this stupid economy we all need to find ways to save. With high gas prices where else can you save for travelling?

I drove by and saw those 'grand opening' dudes in their ties with plastic cups of red punch. Am I missing something? Who gives a darn about more substance fueled cars. It's soooo obvious that it's just the scared pig-oil, er 'big-oil' that wants to 'transition' to more price fixing. The future is batteries, oil-men! Oh, oops, you guys don't 'cell' batteries do you? I say the electric industry had better start 'opening' electricity stations... no, wait, you can do THAT at home. Sorry Shell, no more shell game, pretty station though, nice and white, and shiny! Drive by it every day!

Oil Companies will try to jeopardizer the Hydrogen Pumps, because once all cars are Hydrogen ,the Oiul Companies will go broke



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