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A new requirement for California bear hunters

The California Fish and Game Department has an interesting suggestion for hunters who manage to bag a black bear.

"Bear hunters taking to the field this season, if successful, will need to have their heads more closely examined," the department announced in a news release Wednesday.

No tips on exactly what psychological insight biologists are seeking or how the results might be used. 

Further reading of the release reveals the department really wants hunters to pull a tooth from every bear they kill, a change from the previous requirement that they extract a tooth from every other bear.

The teeth are sent to a Montana laboratory, where they are cut in half, stained and examined under a microscope to determine the animal's age and, in the case of females, reproductive history.

The request for more population data comes in the wake of last year's proposal, rejected by the Fish and Game Commission, to expand the geographic area of the state's bear hunt and lift the cap on the number of animals killed.

The department estimates there are more than 30,000 black bears in the state, 1,700 of which can be harvested each year. 


California considers easing rules on black bear hunting

Commission rejects changes to bear hunting rules

Fish and Game bear management

-- Bettina Boxall

Photo: A black bear in Sequoia National Park Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images


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Harvested? We harvest grapes, hunting bears is killing, as in murder.

The simple fact is that world is about money. What the liberal left trapped in their Disney fantasy do not understand is that for a potentially dangerous animal to exist in this world they must pay their way; from the elephants in the Serengetti to the black bears of California. When the needs of men supercede the needs of the beasts then that animal must be able to show economic benefits from it's continued existence. If the tourism and hunting tags do not outweigh the logging, farming, population expansion then that species will disappear. ANY economic benefit an animal provides weighs in for it's survival. The simple fact is-if the tree huggers and the hunters want animals to survive in veiwable/huntable numbers then getting the numbers up is how it will happen.

You hunters (I am not one because of other priorities) have NOTHING to apologize about to the tree-hugging drama queens who infest forums like this with their hand-wringing & condescending hypocrisy.

Like their hypocritical daddy Al Gore, they routinely abuse the same resources they condemn the rest of us for using, such as Gore's use of personal jets & other eco-unfriendly resources, while he tells everyone ELSE to drive electric cars.

I visit the comments section of articles like this strictly for the entertainment value...LOL.

It is a double standard when people get on their high horse and tell hunters to use their bare hands to kill an animal. The same argument can be made tellingl people to grow their own grain, vegetables, and fruit without modern tools or irrigation. The sport of hunting is well managed and hunters want to protect the wild and open spaces even more than any urban environmentalist. Hunting organizations are primarily organized by rational and educated people and not the redneck Elmer Fudd caricatures. The movement to buy local produce in order to reduce environmental impact is equivalent to our local hunters taking local wild game and not having supermarket meat trucked in from hundreds of miles away. My co-worker killed a wild boar last year and it kept his family fed for several months. What is wrong with that? I guess the alternative is to buy a "pallet o' meat" from Costco.

Bear hunting is a great sport. There is an element of risk, danger, but when you put down one of those bears it is very rewarding. In the old days we had to drag the dead beast back, but now we just bring a small chain saw and hack off the paws, head, liver, and leave the rest for the birds.

There is a huge and highly "lucrative" market for bear gall bladders and kidneys in Asia (China, etc.). The murder of bears and other great umbrella species is an omen of our rapid descent. It is time for people to stand up against the madness.
If you think you are awake, ask yourself if you voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Again you bleeding heart granola eaters cry murder. Before you write what your emotions say listen to logic, as was discussed earlier bears number 30,000 in this state most likely more, 1700 can be harvested ( yes you harvest fruits and vegetables to eat which were living before being cut from the plant/tree), explain to me why an animal cannot be harvested? look up the definition of harvest and it fits perfectly for killing an animal to use for food. Hunters pay by far more in money to help manage wildlife. We hunters understand nature and what it takes to obtain a balance in populations. When was the last time any of you donated to a wildlife conservation fund such as Ducks Unlimited, quail unlimited, California mule Deer association, turkeys unlimited?

Who would want to kill a bear, in the first place? What kind of a thrill is it? The only change in the law that I can support is that hunters kill bears, with just cause, using their bare hands...see how many of these Sports-hunters opt in! The whole bunch are seriously deficient in true manhood characteristics, and get their jollies by killing a creature that is seriously at a disadvantage. The day the Bears get their own N.R.A. chapter and train themselves in the use of high-powered rifles with telescopic sights so they can shoot back, all these sportsmen will flee the forest and hide in their suburban homes! COWARDS!
The Department of Fish and Game claims there are 30,000 bears in California, and 1700 of these can be mean killed. You harvest grapes or oranges or grain...not bears. What a euphemism for an excuse to make killing wild animals seem acceptable activity! SHAME

I'm a liberal and a hunter. Born and raised in Missouri which is recognized for having the best conservation department in the country. The requirement isn't unreasonable as it helps wildlife biologists do their job and manage the population.

You've got to have hunting because man has so disrupted the natural world that they would breed themselves into extinction without it. Too large a population and diseases spread like wildfire.

This applies to humans as well. It the next 100 years or so we'll probably have a massive pandemic that will wipe out a good chunk of the human race as there are too many people on the planet. What applies to bears and deer also applies to mankind.

Softer words do not change the brutality. Bears are not "harvested". They are mammals like us, not vegetables. They are killed if used for food or murdered if it's a trophy kill.

So if you don't want to kill or eat a bear, are you OK with eating part(s) of a cow, or chicken, or pig, or fish, or something else?? I'll bet some of you do. But if you don't, that's ok too, it's your choice in this country where we're free to make such decisions. As for me, I say they all look delicious, kill'em & grill'em.

The forensic aging process for bears and actually all mammals is called cementum annuli or cementum layer aging. Turns out that each year a mammal has a tooth in its jaw there is a new deposition of a layer of material called cementum so the tooth has something for the flesh in the mouth to reattach to each year. The process is similar to the annual growth layers on a tree.

Why are the bears being killed? Is it for sport? (It would be a sport if the bears were similarly armed as their killers.) What is the reason for these killings. And the use of the word 'harvesting'. Shameful.

All you anti-hunter whiners are vegetarians, Yes? "The department estimates there are more than 30,000 black bears in the state, 1,700 of which can be harvested each year", The bear population is being MANAGED!

Sorry, not everybody lives in the city and shares your same beliefs. Hunting is not murder, it is actually part of our culture. If you are so angry and sickened about bear hunting, please give up eating meat, consuming eggs and dairy and wearing leather. Don't be a hippocrite.

"Harvested" is an interesting new way of saying murdered.

What sick person would kill such a beautiful creature?

They should require the hunters to eat the bear if they are going to kill it. At least make good use of the life they took.

I say have the hunters pull one of their teeth for every bear they murder. They should pay something for their inhumane actions against these beautiful creatures in the wild.


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