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Flat-tailed horned lizard won't be listed as an endangered species

Flat-tailed horned lizard  3 The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Monday announced that a squat lizard with dragon-like head spines does not need protection under the Endangered Species Act because its remaining desert habitat in Southern California and Arizona is large enough to maintain self-sustaining populations.

In its fourth withdrawal of a proposal to list the flat-tailed horned lizard since 1993, the federal wildlife agency determined that threats to the lizard including urban and agricultural development, off-road vehicles, military exercises, sand and gravel mining, alternative energy projects and construction of roads and utility corridors "are not as significant as earlier believed."

In a statement, wildlife service spokeswoman Jane Hendron said that, although urban development and energy projects are expected to continue in portion's of the reptile's range, more than 457,000 acres of habitat currently managed under interagency cooperative agreements "provide for the conservation of the flat-tailed horned lizard."

The lizard -- 3 1/2 inches long and a voracious consumer of harvester ants -- once inhabited wide swaths of the Colorado and Sonoran deserts.

Each of the agency's previous withdrawals was successfully challenged in court by conservation groups, including the Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club and the Horned Lizard Conservation Society.

In an interview Monday, Center for Biological Diversity legal director John Buse, said, "We are skeptical of the service's rational. We are trying to determine whether to push this matter further."

-- Louis Sahagun

Photo: A flat-tailed horned lizard. Credit: Jim Rorabaugh / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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So does this mean California won't be spending $500 million deficit dollars to study toads as planned?

There are still abundant pockets of this species in certain area. They're still common if you know where to look.

Damn it, after all that trouble I went through to getting those 'SAVE THE FLAT-TAILED HORNED LIZARD' tee shirts printed.

The Obama Administration has made themselves famous for being far worse on environment than George W. Bush.

Obama seems to be an urban guy who simply couldn't give a damn about biodiversity.

But its bigger than that. No politician would get anywhere not kissing up to Wall Street. George Bush laid down damaging policy that compromised laws that were estabilished to maintain biodiversity. Obama, not having a clue, stood on his shoulders and retained the same bad policy.

I hope by now people have figured out that the new boss has no respect for the environment.


This is "Our" Government at work.

This is the "Agency" literally stating:

"If We Actually Admit That This Species Is In Danger From Development..Then The Development Interests Currently Bribing Our Officials And Agents Will Have A Harder Time Stealing The Public Land For Their Projects..So..We Therefore Must Say There Is No Threat..Gall!"

When The Situation is Like This..where You have EVERY Other Expert Saying "Yes! This Species Is In Real Trouble"..then ANY "Opposition"...the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Proffers Up.. Regarding The Specific ENDANGERED SPECIES.....Is A LIE!

This is an Evil..Despicable..Vile.."Agency".

They Represent one of the most Overtly..Openly..Corrupt and Bought Off "Agencies" in the U.S Government.

They are Straight-Up "Quantitative Easing" For DEVELOPERS And the Military.

This is also why I Have Personally Taken SO Much Satisfaction In Making Sure That "Property" of USDFaW is Damaged and "Undermined".

Their Vehicles Are a "Cost To Benefit Ratio reality..and as of this year..umm.."Less" of them are Operational.

Their Corruption and Violent..yes..Violent Attacks on Species and their Habitats are Well Known to Rural Californians and Rural Americans Nationwide.

These are the "Agents" Gassing Wolf Cubs To Death in their Dens in DIRECT Violation of Their Own "Laws".

"Chemically Sterilizing" Mating Pairs..Wolves mate for this is in Fact A Genocidal Program..An "Extermination" of an Endangered Species.

The Individual Employees of this "Agency"..are Sociopaths.

Torturing Animals Is a Known "Tendency" Of Sociopaths.

I've Witnessed their Vicious Attitudes In Rural California..Toward Bears and Wolves Essentially..EVERY Species Within the Banks of California's "North Flowing River" (Figure It Out For Yourself).

Also..they are now Completely Ensconced in the mantle of "Little Tin Generals" they now Carry Automatic Weapons and have Begun viewing themselves as some Kind of "Rural TSA".

They Now REGULARLY Trespass on Private Property..and conduct OVERT..Illegal Searches..Bullying and Harassing Citizens..Interrogating and even Outright "THREATS" have been made to the extent that its become a "Common Knowledge" Situation that the "Green Trucks" are Not To Be Trusted By Any Means With ANYTHING...EVER!

This is the Reality of the USDFaW.

We..RURAL Californians..Most of us..Have But One "Response" to the Agents of this "Department":



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