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Global warming: The United Nations courts Tinseltown

S-GEORGE-CLOONEY-largeThe United Nations has long courted celebrities for its peace-keeping and anti-poverty efforts, from Mia Farrow and Ricky Martin to George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Hollywood stars grasp at gravitas; the U.N. pushes for publicity.

Now the beleaguered multi-national agency, fresh from a disappointing round of climate negotiations in Cancun, wants something more concrete: actual story lines in movies, television and social media drawing attention to the dangers of global warming.

The push comes at a time when public concern over climate change has plummeted in the polls and Congress has rejected federal legislation to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

“Usually I speak to prime ministers and presidents, but that has its limits” said U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who arrived in Los Angeles on Monday for a high-profile outreach effort. “Movie producers, directors, actors — they have global reach.”

Ban will sit down for a conversation with actor Don Cheadle before several hundred entertainment industry invitees at a “Global Creative Forum” Tuesday at the Hammer Museum.

The day-long gathering will feature panels titled “The United Nations and Hollywood for a Greener and Better Planet,” “Making Global Warming a HOT Issue” and "Empowering Women and Protecting Children for a Safer World.”

Panelists include such top U.N. brass as the Indian economist Rajendra Pachauri, who chairs the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; a Nobel-prize winning group of scientists; and Christiana Figueres, the Costa Rican diplomat who heads the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and chaired the Cancun talks.

The secretary-general will host a lunch and dinner for several hundred writers, directors and producers andmeet with a handful in private. And he will participate in a "Facebook town hall" with several members of the band Linkin Park, which has used U.N. videos to raise money for Haiti relief efforts.

Ban has made global warming a major priority of the international agency. “The science is clear,” he said in an interview. “Climate change will continue unless drastic measures are taken to stop it.

“I have traveled around the world and seen it for myself from Antarctica to the Brazilian rain forest to Lake Chad, once a huge sea that has now dried up and become a small pond.”

Does Ban have in mind something like Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth"? Or the Armageddon-style “The Day After Tomorrow"? He is making no specific recommendations. “I am sure Hollywood can make good stories from this,” he said, adding that the outreach effort “may be a small start. We have to educate people who may not have the expertise and the information.”


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--Margot Roosevelt

Photo: George Clooney in his role as an appointed U.N. "Messenger for Peace," in 2008. He toured U.N. headquartersafter a trip to Darfur. Credit: AP

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Oh my. Such a group of "learned experts" who espouse scientific, economic and political theories online. Your grandchildren will curse you for your propagandistic denial of what real experts are saying.

And furthermore, your religious icons repeat the same message every 30 years:
"If it continues and no strong action is taken, it will cause world famine, world chaos and world war, and this could all come about before the year 2000."
-Lowell Ponte in “The Cooling”, 1976

There are ominous signs that the earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically and that these changes may portend a drastic decline in food production—with serious political implications for just about every nation on earth. The drop in food production could begin quite soon… The evidence in support of these predictions has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologist are hard-pressed to keep up with it.
-Newsweek, April 28, (1975)

The continued rapid cooling of the earth since WWII is in accord with the increase in global air pollution associated with industrialization, mechanization, urbanization and exploding population.
-Reid Bryson, “Global Ecology; Readings towards a rational strategy for Man”, (1971)

In another 30 years when we enter another cooling period and everyone's forgotten the hysteria over this 'climate change', they'll say the same damn things again.

Alexis: You are arguing from emotion, not from logic. "What are you gonna do if climate change happens?!?!" Wake up call. Climate change has happened since we had a climate. Climate has been changing long before we were on this Earth. Climate will continue to change after we depart this Earth. Stop being so obtuse. If the planet is warming, it's a GOOD THING. Because life thrives in warm climates. Humanity has been near extinction several times during ice ages. Try exercising some 'thought experiments'.

And seriously, you bring up the seriousness of the threat of terrorism and suggest we -cut- the military budget? Contradict yourself much? How about we cut the welfare handouts for people who just want to sell their soul to their elected officials.

James said:
"That's fine Hollywood, go ahead and sign up for this UN propaganda plot. Guess we'll just have to organize a boycott of some kind."

Is that Hollywood or the UN you plan to boycott? Either way, good luck with that.

I simply don't understand why some people are so opposed to reducing air pollution. My, god I'm sure we can ALL find some common ground in that we want our children to breathe clean air.
I want anyone who denies Climate Change to just consider, as a thought experiment, that it could be real and we do nothing about it. I mean, what if you are in fact, wrong? It could very well happen. And when the oceans swell, there are food shortages, water shortages and world war over precious and finite resources, then what?
I do believe we went to war with Iraq on less intel, science and hard evidence.
Isn't the consequence of inaction on climate just as dire as with the threat of terrorism? And at a time where people are freaked out about federal budget deficits, why don't we re-adjust the military budget and invest in securing the other possible threat to national security, Climate Change?!

They've tried to manipulate the data to build "models" and manipulate the peer review process to slant the "scientific" data. Having failed in the realm of fact, they now want to try the realm of fiction. Isn't this just propaganda?

What is wrong with you people who are commenting?

I feel as though you have been "drinking the Kool Aid" of petrochemical industry messaging to stir up grassroots fascism in a last ditch attempt to wring their last greedy dollars out of our dying economy.

My God, people, just go out and breathe in the fumes from your SUV's....or maybe that is what's wrong with you all....

Man made emissions are surely killing the planet and us..don't be idiots!

At least some people are using their money and celebrity to try and save us all.

Most people at the UN realize that we are one world and are working for the greater good. You luddites are such stereotypical self centered US citizens anethestized by consumerism and buried in ignorance and denial, that it is embarrassing to even think we share the same nationality.

Educate yourselves with real science, not Fox TV pundits and the Dr. Goebbels of Fox, Glen Beck, and his buddy Karl Rove - all flacks for Exxon and all the other the corporations who own our government and Fox who are sitting back pleased with how well they are manipulating you !!

JEM said,

"James Hansen and his bunch - some of the worst data-fudgers in climate science."

JEM, I was able to replicate NASA's global average temperature results very closely with a simple gridding/averaging program that I wrote. I generated my results using *raw* temperature data.

Check out this plot, which shows my own independently-computed results vs. NASA's official results:

You can get my program source-code here:

If NASA had "fudged" their data, then I would not have been able to replicate their results so easily. Speaking of which, the raw data that I used isn't even NASA's data. That temperature data set I used to replicate NASA's results is public-domain raw (i.e. no adjustments or fudge-factors) data. Google up GHCN to locate it.

The U.N. doesn't care how much the lefties have "HANSENED" the data. This is their opportunity to grasp for power over individual consumption of food, water, energy, etc. Funny, isn't it? Not even God is doing that, right?

That's fine Hollywood, go ahead and sign up for this UN propaganda plot. Guess we'll just have to organize a boycott of some kind.

Where would we be without the intellectual leadership of the UN? Did Ban really say "Climate change will continue unless drastic measures are taken to stop it"?
Lots of scenarios have already been suggested over at the world's leading climate site, www. It's good to know that the self-righteous elite gets just as good a grilling here as there.

So... the beleaguered multi-national agency, fresh from a disappointing round of climate negotiations in Cancun, wants something more concrete: actual story lines in movies, television and social media drawing attention to the dangers of global warming.

Wouldn't it just be far easier for the IPCC to simply provide the empirical evidence that CO2 emissions from human activity is causing catastrophic global warming?

Heck, after 20 years and billions of dollars spent, surely this is not asking too much of the IPCC.

We all accept its claim that human activity contributes 3% of the CO2 entering the atmosphere each year, and nature contributes 97% of the CO2 entering the atmosphere each year. Well... perhaps it is time the IPCC answered just one simple question....

Why is the 3% CO2 contributed by human activity so very dangerous to planet earth and causing catastrophic global warming, while the overwhelming 97% of CO2, contributed by nature each year, is not dangerous at all?

Does the IPCC think people are stupid?

This Planet has been rewarming since the last Ice Age. The Chicken Littles are jumping up and down as if this is something new?

Michael O'Hara - sure, keep believing that. While you're at it, can you get me some of that oil money that you're talking about? I could use it.

Realclimate is a mouthpiece for NASA GISS - James Hansen and his bunch - some of the worst data-fudgers in climate science. They ruthless moderate comments in a manner you won't find on the skeptic blogs because they're largely spouting indefensible arguments. It will be a pleasure to see these guys defunded.

The facts are that the warmists are vastly better-funded than any skeptic organization - and they're funded out of our pockets. The IPCC is basically a self-selected bunch of would-be politicians in lab coats whose grant funding gravy train is dependent on their producing the 'right' results. They are aided and abetted by many of the world's professional political class, who see AGW as a huge new source of tax revenue.

Let's look at this logically ( I know the liberals won't like that - too bad!!).

We can't stop the rain from falling or the wind from blowing. We can't make the temperature go up OR down. We can't turn a hurricane off or steer a tornado. In fact we have little to no ability to affect the weather. So what makes anyone think we can have ANY affect on Climate???? Climate cycles are SO LONG that the ENTIRE human existence is nothing more than a blip in the overall scheme of things planetary. Species come and species go, climate changes regardless.

Contrary to what was stated in the article, the science ISN'T decided - it's anything but! Scientists are NOT all in agreement - in fact most are in disagreement. And if push comes to shove (it usually does :-) it IS a conspiracy! Or the UN wouldn't be trying to "educate" the ignorant public.

OTOH, I like a good sci fi movie as long as they don't try to pass it off as a documentary.

What's the differecence to the propaganda films, which the National Socialists demanded from the german movie industry?

Lake Chad? North Dakota was once covered by Lake Agazzizz, now look at it.

Within minutes of the release of this story, 27 comments show up on this board with the usual list of claims about how climate change doesn't exist, or the proponents are in some grand conspiracy or they've been discredited. Of course, it doesn't matter that all of these charges can be disproved - the commenter is anonymous and will just keep making untrue claims in spite of being proven wrong at every occasion. This coincidence of behaviors among blog comments is not actually random - it is a coordinated attack on the science, funded by fossil fuel interests and facilitated by sophisticated software applications which allow a small group of people to appear to be a great mass of people.

For anyone among the readers of this paper who want to run down the details of the debunking of every one of these claims, please turn to one of these sites: or

Hey, I think I've seen that movie before. Isn't it the one that ends with them throwing a virgin into a volcano? HollyWood is re-making everything else, why not this tired ass story?

So typical of the warmist whiners. They cannot win with reality, real science, and what nature is showing, so they have to go for fantasy and fiction. Of course, there are always a lot of clueless film stars about who will believe just about anything.

This should be a huge flag that this is nothing but a propaganda campaign for a failed scam.

Secretary General Ban is talking out his backside.

I think we've pretty much gotten over the notion that there's any intellectual heft in Hollywood.

If anyone in that business wanted to show a bit of honesty on the topic, maybe a movie version of 'The Heretic'?

The money being used to fund this propaganda extravaganza was given to the UN to help third world countries. Spending money earmarked for aid on marketing is obscene; the UN has lost its way, time to scrap it.


Tomorrow, probable late night, early morning low clouds. Rain possible 10-60%..... maybe. (sorry Times readers, that's best forecast we can provide for a 24 hour period)

But, next the 30 years will see temperature increase 32.5 degrees, melting polar icecaps and rise in seas 50.21 feet. That's a lock.

Similar increases in temperatures on Venus, Saturn and Mars attributed to man's green house gases.... nothing to do with the sun being hot.

Otherwise, pleasant temperatures on Jupiter 40 years from now.

What can I say. Ki-Moon makes it perfectly clear that they are planning another propaganda attack on truth with the same worn-out slogan: “The science is clear" The science is not clear. First, there is no climate change now. Checking satellite measurements of global temperatures shows that within the last thirty years there was only a short period of global warming. It raised global temperature by a third of a degree in four years, then stopped in the year 2002. Its cause: oceanic, not anthropogenic. There was no warming in the eighties and nineties that preceded it and there is none today. What global temperature is doing now is oscillating up and down in sync with the warm El Nino and cool La Nina periods of the ENSO system in the Pacific, but not rising. To get the warming they speak of they have to finesse a temperature curve that does nothing but fluctuate up and down into a rising curve. This is what was done in the eighties and nineties to create the "warming" that James Hanson spoke of in 1988. Official temperature curves were distorted to make it happen and this is still going on. To find out how this was done read "What Warming?" available on Amazon right now.

Calling the secretary general "Ki-moon" as if it were his last name is incorrect. His last name is Ban, his first is Ki-Moon. He's not Mr. Ki-moon. He's Mr. Ban.

Interesting, and here I thought only Fox News had the patent on propaganda.

The U.N. created the hysterics about global warming and climate change. They're credibilty was lost in the science fraud of "climategate" last year. Eco-propaganda is a cynical and dangerous political tool. Haven't we seen enough of this liberal trash in movies.

Go ahead, "Make our day!" Keep pushing your global hoax! Go ahead spend your millions, only the mindless will come....You big dummies! We are on to your so called hope and climate change crap! Al didn't invent the internet, HE invented Global Warming! It's bogus!

Time to wake-up people.
If the U.N is going to use "Hollywood Stories" to teach us to be scared of global warming then something isn't right.
This is sooooo scary because the U.N knows the power of "Hollywood" and knows that the dumbed down American public will believe anything they see on the big screen.
Remember Al Gore got an oscar for lying to us all.

Global reach does not equal actual knowledge; reading the lines doesn't make it true. The U.N. needs to undergo some serious self-policing before opening another propaganda source.

"After the break we'll be back with a story about the ever increasing global warming phenominon, but first, we go to Kevin with today's freezing tempatures across the US, Kevin?"

Hollywood is the world of fantasy, not fact or science. A perfect fit with the U.N.

What a joke! Actors commenting on global warming? We had the coldest January on record in several states and now these idiots at the United States funded UN want more power. Maybe they should clean up there on filthy countries first....

Maybe the U.N. could ask the inventor of the internet, Al Gore, to be their "Global Warming" spokesman.

He is the only one I can think of that still drinks the kool-ade and believes this hoopla.

Maybe you could ask him what kind of cars the cavemen drove that caused the ice age, then we could build some and balance the effect of all the SUV's that are being blamed for the warming, including the one Al himself drives.

Isn't this called propaganda? I am sure the anti-American left will eat this up, anything to damage America.

Great, let's push storylines even farther to the left. That'll bring in the crowds to theaters everywhere.

The sooner the US cancels its membership in the UN, the better.

Ki-moon would do well to educate himself as to the real culprit in the history of all significant weather/climate change: solar cycles and solar radiation activity as it interacts with earth's atmosphere. A bit of research unveils heliocentric evidence-based predictability instead of the carbon cartels ever revised stories.

Welcome to the new millenia..where our earth is now our enemy and is rapidly attacking and killing us for the crime of killing her. Fresh water will disappear, our crops will wither and our flaura and fauna will turn to deserts.
Thank you republicans and non believers for executing the human race.

With all that's going on in the world right now, Secretary-General Moonbeam has decided to come to Hollywood to talk to the phonies who make phony movies about a phony problem.

Climategate and the use of propaganda rather than science in the reports of the by the UN’s climate panel continue to undermine proponents of man-made global warming. Now the US has cut off all funding citing the CRU whistleblower that, “climate data was willfully manipulated and legitimate arguments suppressed in peer-reviewed journals.” The House of Representatives heard the IPCC described as, “a typical United Nations’ entity, fraught with waste and fraud and engaged in dubious science”. Science progresses by investigating alternative theories and it is clear the IPCC long ago abandoned that search relying instead on oxymorons such as “the science is settled”. Al Gore used to make the risible claim that “all scientists are agreed” but to date, over a thousand acclaimed international scientists have challenged the IPCC reports.

This could be funny to watch. They'll insert a preachy global warming message in one or two films, see how the audience switches right off, and give up shortly afterwards. Maybe they'll have a talking car, or a talking speedboat, to try and make the message a bit less tedious.

Those with long memories will remember the old-style Hollywood preaching of films like The Next Voice You Hear (1950). Audiences didn't like that very much either.

Isn't it already in the storylines? How about the myrid takes of corruption and sexual harassment, spying etc. At the celebrated UN headquarters?

Let me see if I'm understanding this international government organization is TELLING the PRIVATELY-OWNED Hollywood film industry WHAT kind of movies it should be making?

What's happened to SUPPLY & DEMAND? If there was a DEMAND for movies on "climate change" then the profit-driven Hollywood film industry would ALREADY be cranking them out.

Seems to me there was a HEAVILY-PROMOTED 2004 eco-disaster movie called "Day After Tomorrow" that didn't smash any records at the boxoffice. If showing a global disaster caused by melting polar icecaps back then had been a PROFITABLE venture, there would have been many more to follow.

ONE QUESTION: Is there any chance the UN will provide any of the FUNDING for these "eco-masterpieces" or do PRIVATE companies have to take the risk on their OWN?

If these "eco-disaster" flicks FLOP at the boxoffice, does the UN offer BAILOUT money for Hollywood's LOSSES?

I seriously doubt that either of those questions can honestly be answered "yes"...

Stop trying to get everyone to think like you. Now your gonna to use inaccurate movies to scare people now. That's really smart...

What about that great climate champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Remember him? When he was California's Governor he spent his time talking about global warming and what a great advocate of climate action he was, all the while commuting by jet from Sacramento to LA. Where is he now, certainly not championing anything other than his own pocketbook. What a joke.


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