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Dead birds falling from sky still mystify experts


Scientists still don’t know what’s causing flocks of birds to drop from the sky in the South, even as several hundred more fell dead onto a Louisiana highway.

The puzzling phenomenon started on New Year’s Eve when thousands of blackbirds were found dead in central Arkansas. Townsfolk spent their holiday weekend removing the remains of between 4,000 and 5,000 dead red-winged blackbirds. Scientists have descended on the town, trying to find a cause for the mass die-off.

In the latest incident early this week, some 500 birds were discovered scattered on a rural road in Louisiana's Pointe Coupee Parish, 300 miles south of the Arkansas site. Officials there are stumped as to what caused the birds to plunge to their death.

Wildlife officials in both states were sending carcasses to researchers at the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis., and the University of Georgia. No one is yet connecting the two mass deaths, but the Audubon Society is closely monitoring the situation.

“Mass bird die-offs can be caused by starvation, storms, disease, pesticides, collisions with manmade structures or human disturbance,” says Greg Butcher, Audubon’s director of bird conservation. “Scientists are still investigating what happened to the birds in Louisiana and Arkansas, but initial findings indicate that these are isolated incidents that were probably caused by disturbance and disorientation.”

The birds that died –- red-winged blackbirds, common grackles, brown-headed cowbirds and European starlings –- are abundant species that flock together in large nighttime roosts during the winter months. Roosts can contain from tens of thousands to 20 million individuals or more, according to Audubon.

The U.S. Geological Service's website lists about 90 mass deaths of birds and other wildlife from June through Dec. 12. Five list deaths of at least 1,000 birds and another 12 show at least 500 dead birds.

The largest was near Houston, Minn., where about 4,000 water birds died between Sept. 6 and Nov. 26 from infestations of various parasites.

Red-winged blackbirds are among North America's most abundant birds, with somewhere between 100 million and 200 million nationwide, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, N.Y.

-- Julie Cart

One of thousands of red-winged blackbirds found dead in Arkansas this weekend. Credit: Stephen B. Thornton /Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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It happened in Sweden as well! Link is in swedish but there are pictures.

Wow its pretty why these birds died, us humans are polluting the air. We are infecting the natural haabitat and the birds probably flew into area with toixc air wich caused their fatalities.

how about looking at the death ray in alaska could this be big brother getting ready to clean out the population just a matter of time before we find an entire city dead of "unknown" (my ass) causes



After an exhaustive government investigation into birds falling out of the sky led by enviro special agent Albert Gore, President Obama held a press conference regarding the results. He was convinced that former President Bush was behind this mystery. President Obama stated," Bush did it."

Additionally the president said an economic recovery was just around the
corner and he is focused like a laser on reducing the 10% unemployment rate.

I agree with MartyK about that starvation would unlikely be a cause of the death of hundreds of birds.
If it was caused by the dumping of hazardous chemicals or something like that, it should be reported as soon as possible for the people live in the area.

If the world is coming to a end why should we be scared if you are living your life right you have nothing to worry about. There's no need to run and hide because you can't hide from god. If the world is coming to a end there's nothing anybody can do about so live your life the best way you know how.

Seriously speculation has got to stop, news is formed of information and speculation is formed out of the same thing that fairy tales are made from. In truth, I won't look down upon religion, but if you think this isolated event is a 'sign of the times', then keep in mind it isn't the first nor will it be the last. Animals die in large numbers unexplained all the time, then later it gets explained, that's how science works.

So here's a couple of things to remember; The Mayan calender is not a prediction, if it was then look at your desk calender and tell me if the world ends on the last day listed there. The bible never once mentions birds dying in large droves however it very explicitly explains what the end of days will be (that's a reference not a belief, I do not agree with the bible I am simply stating it to prove a point).

I agree and disagree with a lot of things I've read in these comments, but sadly I see more things I simply shake my head and sigh at. Believe what you want, I'll wait for fact before I speculate my opinions, though on that same note I agree with previous comments that disagree with starvation or illness for simple facts that the number of deaths were to large and the timing was to quick.

Hat's off to the 6-year old! He or she is right!!! If God wanted to punish us, killing birds and fish would be a pretty stupid way to do it.

The truth, however, can be found in little bits and pieces in many of the posts. The scientific and logical grasping for possible explanations of mass bird death reveal that we as Americans, do not read foreign or independent (ie: non-corporate controlled press). All this people looking for the cause are missing a vital fact--YOU DO NOT HAVE ALL OF THE INFORMATION. It is being censored from you.

Go to the European Union Times online news source. How is it that Europeans have access to more information about phenomena that are happening here in the U.S. to US than we do? Research Phosgene and the Wheeler report.

That said, global warming is a reality. Many of these natural disasters, diseases, extreme storms, etc are interconnected. And it is also true that we have lost our way as a creative, communal, compassionate species--as Mother Teresa said, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other." YES, WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER. All of God's creatures are meant to live in harmony.

But greed, excess, arrogance, pride, hatred, bigotry, fear, and a long list of "disconnects"...from our spiritual source, from our roots and ancestors and culture, from our understanding of universal law...have created chaos in our world through our selfishness... and that is something we will have to solve in order save ourselves on the day of reckoning.

Watch Michael Jackson's This is It tribute/memorial.


The millions of gallons of jet fuel being dumped in the atmosphere before landing.

Sound Vibrations killed the birds and fish. They are related.

Interesting coincidence - last name of current governor of Arkansas is Beebe (Gov. Mike Beebe). Town where birds fell is also named Beebe.

i wonder if they have taken consideration of the Illuminati...

My guess. Posting it here first.

Birds were drugged or rendered unconscious. Then, dropped from a plane. Hitting the ground unconscious explains the trauma which killed them. The 1-mile pattern would explain the drop pattern. At nighttime the plane at high altitude would be hard to spot or see. Best logical explanation I've read. Next question is why? Assume its a distraction and disinformation strategy related to the fish incident or some other unknown reason. Fish incident would be harder to fake. Maybe there is a bigger problem with the fish incident. The second bird incident in different state probably to reinforce the confusion and move focus further down the line.

I bet this is related to that British criminal Corporation - BP

You people are crazy... You know who you are, the ones thinking it's biblical end of the world BS. I now feel retatrded after reading some of your comments, thanks. I now feel like it's the end of the world after realizing I live in the same country as you,and by the fact that you have somehow learned to use a computer.

have heard that incidents like this are due to and related with the military "U.S.A" installation in Alaska called harp...I have a friend who knows about harp...scary stuff !!

It had to be Pine Bluff fumes wafting over the area.

Didn't anyone watch the show FlashForward?! It's obvious that it was fact, not fiction! This is a sign that we will soon experience a mass loss of consciousness and will obtain a glimpse of the future! Take heed all ye of little faith; the truth is there for those who seek it!

I can't imagine what kind of idiots read the NYT and suggest "THE END DAYS" or something like bad energy. Are Americans really THAT ignorant? I fear the worst: We have terrible a education system on top of retarded parents. Good luck to you all.

“Mass bird die-offs can be caused by starvation, storms, disease, pesticides, collisions with manmade structures or human disturbance,”

What?? Starvation?? They all starved to death? All at the same time?
Disease?? They all succumbed to bird-fever-induced-flu at the exact same moment??

They probably all flew into some toxic cloud or incredibly frigid cold front. Geez, at least theorize on something that makes sense!

There have been several earthquakes in the area in the last week, including New Year's Eve. I think it is possible that gas has been escaping from underground and killing birds and fish. I read somewhere that our government is trying to get rid of Phosgene gas from Iraq by pumping it deep underground in Arkansas. This could possibly be the reason why there have been more than 500 minor earthquakes in Arkansas since September. Research phosgene gas and its effects on birds and fish.

Let me be frank...This world is old, corrupt and due for God. I believe it's a sign of the times. Jesus may be coming sooner!

"canaries in our coal mine" This time of year those birds are "Gleaning"
their food is found in corn that is the stubble of genetically modified corn . Quick let's move to Brazil , we have done something very bad in our nest.

I suspect either plumes of toxic methane from Fracking natural gas or refining dirty energy. Or the severe climate change last week had on the region. It went from 60 degrees to 28 degrees. The climate changing is stressing them out. Oh and the Bees are dying off too. But people wont do anything about it because they are not getting the appropriate information. Which is that the planet is suffering from a lack of bio diversity and all species are suffering from the long transfers looking for food. Society needs a Permaculture Emergency, installing bio diversity back into the landscape. Period. Until we value Natural capital nothing is going to be done. If we don't change what values currency, nature will bring its own road map of intervention through "Net Energy". We are in the overshoots now on Peak oil, Peak phosphorous and Peak Gold. Peak Everything! We can live as a regenerative species we just need to put value to it.

You guys, no offense but aliens? Really? No these birds are a species that are daytime birds. They nest at night. They also have poor night vision. The fireworks probally scared the birds out of their nests, causing them to run into each other or buildings. The end of the world is so hyped up that people are worrying like crazy. If you just have faith, pray, and strengthen your relationship with god you'll have nothing to worry about. Believe me, I'm paranoid but I know judgement day will come. And I know tht if I pray and strengthen my faith, I'll have nothing to worry bout.

It's obvious that they ran into a cloaked Klingon vessel.

About three or four years ago, my brother who lives in Tucson, AZ called the news there about birds falling out of the sky dead. They did a story on it them, but nothing came out about it.

I know what the reason is. It's not chemtrails, although certainly plausible. All of the reasons stated thus far would not hold up muster except for one of several:
Sudden onset of death in the sky means, a sudden trauma or event. Since, air-planes, ufos, and lightnings are ruled-out, that leaves something less tangible. One propose is poison by the FDA (totally irresponsible, and claimed that the poison metabolized & leaves no traces). Highly doubtful, since birds, once ill, don't fly. The other: What would cause the birds to fall out of the sky (and experienced trauma upon hitting payment, ground or roofs of houses)? "Magnetic fluctuations" in the atmospheres (This is attributed to a few things -beyond the scope of this forum to go into), would wreck havoc on the magnetic compass in bird's brains thereby causing sudden confusion; hence, the starlings that roost in great numbers, the small percentage that is affected is enough to wreck havoc in flight, and consequently, bang into each other, subsequently severely limiting their flight for a few thousands (or hundreds in other cases). You heard here first.

Thanks to the Arkansas woman who gave a plausable explanation.

Very likely birds were zapped by the low frequency waves from HAARP, which bounces million watt sound waves off the ionosphere and back to areas that are man made chemtrail layers of nano size particles of barium and aluminum. Heavy spraying was reported across the nation on Jan 1st and 2nd, followed by earthquakes in Chile and Argentina.

America is the leader of the world. When much is given, much is required. The politicians recently passed laws that promote some of the most abomination behavior known to mankind. So here we are. We are about to witness some of the phenomenons the Christians have been trying to warned us about for years. Sit back and prepare yourselves cause it's about to get really ugly. Dead bumble bees and now, dead birds. For the record, without the Bumble Bees, we can't grow fruits and vegetables. Everything we are about to witness, we have brought on ourselves. Last, I want to extend a thanks for nothing to our president for mocking God with his policies. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Mr. Obama was always part of the plan.

If God just wants to punish us, then I think he is a bit stupid. Killing innocent birds and fish is not very smart.
-- A 6 year old

Wow! Somone below said what many of us are beginning to figure out. Take a look at the video of the seven UFOs that I filmed on New Years in Virginia. These orange objects were seen all over the world and they were NOT Chinese Lanterns. Very very soon, we will all know the truth. Be prepared. Do not be afraid. What will happen is what is supposed to happen. The weak will freak out and some may even suicide but the rest of us must brace for the beautiful reality of a shared universe. We were all created b y the same God.

This is from my husband I'm just a typical diesel mechanic in South Louisiana for 30 years, with alot of biblical and nature knowledge. I hunt and work hard 7 days a week. All I have to say is, " I really think the end of the world is near." Why I state this because of the changes in the animals every hunting season. Global warming bull crap. Scintest stick it. To all the kids you better get a Bible and read it. " This is not BP chemicals talking." Though I walk throgh the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. So all you cupcakes beeter get right with JC.

There are circumstances that have caused these birds to drop dead. A few years ago,we had the West Nile Virus. It seemed to only hit the Big Black Crows. For a big death rate, for birds and fish. It is enviromental. Thats why the HazMat crew was wearing there suits. Whatever and Whoever is doing
this, they are one sick group. And, it seems like every holiday season,there
is a big catastrophe.

I'm sorry, but none of the "explanations" by the "experts" so far makes logical sense. Something extraordinary occurred here and loud noises, running into power lines, smashing into homes, caught in a storm, etc. doesn't make sense. If an entire flock was startled and headed smack into a building, I would understand, but they would all lie crumpled at the base of the building, not scattered over a mile or so.

Sooo...the article clearly says towards the bottom "The largest was near Houston, Minn., where about 4,000 water birds died between Sept. 6 and Nov. 26 from infestations of various parasites."

"From infestations of various parasites."

Yet the experts are still mystified.

Likely due to abrupt atmospheric pressure and temperature change

Is it just plain luck that these events happened in lil ole Arkansas and Oklahoma?
Could anyone even imagine the reaction if suddenly thousands and thousands of dead birds dropped all throughout Times Square at 11:30 on New Years Eve?
Things would be much different, I'm sure.
It would be pure chaos. Just imagine.
And then thousands of dead fish washing up on Ellis Island shortly thereafter.
Just imagine...

i think i know why the birds fell from the sky..
alot of people wont believe me when i tell u this but on new years eve there were ufo sightings across the world i have the footage on video and these birds were targeted by a misteriouse force from these ufo's that night. i believe this is a test for whats to come.these sightings were seen in italy,louisiana,newyork city,california,and south florida i was outside at 00:16am jan 1st when i saw these lights huvering in the sky.. about 9 orange lights about 30 miles apart from each other i believe this is something very seriouse that we need to be focused on... i also believe goverment agencies know more behind this inccident.i can asure you that scientists will not find the true cause of these enormouse bird deaths... i can only answer what was seen on my part..

The only problem with Imp's theory is that if fireworks were the cause, we would be hearing stories of thousands of birds falling from the sky EVERY New Year's, and every July 4th for that matter. But, we don't.

And I assume that skyrocket concussions made all of the thousands of fish die, too? Those would have to be some darn strong air concussions to affect underwater creatures. I'm surprised no one's home was obliterated.

Your Occam's Razor appears to be a bit dull, in my estimation.

I live in Arkansas. In the NW part of the state. I have read on other sites where they suggest a concussion of some sort from hail or possibly hit by lightning. What I can tell you is we had some very nasty storms come through new years eve (in the NW part of the state, Bebee is more toward the eastern part of the state, central and east), but Im sure the storms probably made it over there. We had very severe weather, in fact just miles from my house an entire small town was wiped out from a tornado. So this suggestion is plausible.

What a sad situation I find this very weird that all of these scientists we have working on the problem can not come up with a feaseable explanation as to why this is happening. I really hope to hear the true reason for this problem and hopefully it does not take months to figure it out.

people that said this is sign of apocalypse 2012 are all retarded

black plague killed millions of people hundreds of years ago, this is NOTHING
compare to that


In Australia this phenomenum occurs yearly. I dont know if these birds are migratory birds, but here is what was reported last year:


I think all people must know deep within them that all things are a consequence to our own imbalances with everything. Birds are falling from the sky and yes I am sure that it is our fault... The capabilities we have to be completely peaceful enviromentally in balance and amazing beings are all there yet a few greedy men ruin everything and we let them. No one truly knows when the reckoning is coming I think God speaks to each of us in a unique way and tells us what we need to know. I agree that there are disasterous changes ahead with our world and even more so with our desensitised hearts and minds. Birds Falling Dead From The Sky... I have a feeling that there is more devastation around the corner than we can all truly imagine.

How about epic, cold fronts that just keep coming (3 years now). The manatees in FL are also dying by the hundreds b/c of the cold ocean temps. Now, the coastal powerplants which discharge hot water and keep the manatees alive, are the good guys!

GLP check
has all the answers

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