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Dead birds falling from sky still mystify experts


Scientists still don’t know what’s causing flocks of birds to drop from the sky in the South, even as several hundred more fell dead onto a Louisiana highway.

The puzzling phenomenon started on New Year’s Eve when thousands of blackbirds were found dead in central Arkansas. Townsfolk spent their holiday weekend removing the remains of between 4,000 and 5,000 dead red-winged blackbirds. Scientists have descended on the town, trying to find a cause for the mass die-off.

In the latest incident early this week, some 500 birds were discovered scattered on a rural road in Louisiana's Pointe Coupee Parish, 300 miles south of the Arkansas site. Officials there are stumped as to what caused the birds to plunge to their death.

Wildlife officials in both states were sending carcasses to researchers at the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis., and the University of Georgia. No one is yet connecting the two mass deaths, but the Audubon Society is closely monitoring the situation.

“Mass bird die-offs can be caused by starvation, storms, disease, pesticides, collisions with manmade structures or human disturbance,” says Greg Butcher, Audubon’s director of bird conservation. “Scientists are still investigating what happened to the birds in Louisiana and Arkansas, but initial findings indicate that these are isolated incidents that were probably caused by disturbance and disorientation.”

The birds that died –- red-winged blackbirds, common grackles, brown-headed cowbirds and European starlings –- are abundant species that flock together in large nighttime roosts during the winter months. Roosts can contain from tens of thousands to 20 million individuals or more, according to Audubon.

The U.S. Geological Service's website lists about 90 mass deaths of birds and other wildlife from June through Dec. 12. Five list deaths of at least 1,000 birds and another 12 show at least 500 dead birds.

The largest was near Houston, Minn., where about 4,000 water birds died between Sept. 6 and Nov. 26 from infestations of various parasites.

Red-winged blackbirds are among North America's most abundant birds, with somewhere between 100 million and 200 million nationwide, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, N.Y.

-- Julie Cart

One of thousands of red-winged blackbirds found dead in Arkansas this weekend. Credit: Stephen B. Thornton /Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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Was this caused by the harp program?

Check for drug ingestion! It could be cocaine left overs on the shore they were eating!

soo we can figure out the weather on mars, clones friggin humans, make nuclear bombs that could wipe out friggin countries .. but we cant figure out why black birds are falling from the sky? theres no way our scientist would just let something be "unexplained" they would be killing thereselves trying to figure out what happened. it sounds like there trying to cover something up honestly. i mean i might as well stop donating my money to all these cancer foundations because if they cant find out why a bunch of birds are dying how the freak are they gunna find a cure for cancer or aids or any other disease. i mean cmon guys look at what our scientist are accomplishing and look at how simple it would be to figure this out for them. they friggin know.

I read a book about twelve years ago called "Being Digital" written by Nicholas Negroponte. It was a primer on where we were headed digitally. Toward the end of the book he predicted that we would all become addicted to wireless technology and that it would proliferate UNTIL "birds started falling out of trees". 1st the bee population now the birds.

Zephaniah, Ch1 vs3. It could be the explanation.

Back in January 27 2009, Franklin NJ decided to eradicate flocks of starlings by putting out poisoned seeds & thousands of birds fell from the sky. The police & county health officials were notified but the homeowners were was raining in 2011 we still have a problem. Could it be a trickle down effect that has become wide spread? A bird eats the poison & fish, crickets eat the droppings.

Has anyone ever thought the birds death was due to the HARP PROJECT that is going on around the kentucky arkansas areas

Everyone seems to be more concerned about fighting over who's theory is right, than anything else. We don't know what's going to happen. Their are plenty of conspiracy theories out there, as well as scientific. It could be because of our planet, or because of God and the apocalypse, or because of HAARP. But like a few of you has said - the scientist most likely won't figure out what it is. And I doubt anybody here can see the future. We can always wonder, and always think and evaluate. But we'll never know. Stick to your beliefs, don't let anybody doubt you - or better yet, don't worry about things like this. Because none of it really matters.

But I do wish the best for those birds, up in bird heaven.. They didn't do anything, and didn't deserve to die. :/ Rip. Also those fish.

when in utah I experienced similar incedent. could be due to strong cold weather. In this instance however, it sounds much like some external factor played a role

yes, and I am SO sure that we all believe that our government would release information right away. The powers that be would NEVER put the public at risk by concealing the truth-huh? We are all just sheep in a pen-with no way out, headed for the slaughter house. Read a book, do some research of your own. But for goodness sakes alive don't just sit there waiting for the Federal Government to save you. Have you never heard of the Tuskegee Airmen, radiated G.I.s, Agent Orange, Ruby Ridge, LSD experiments on college students, Kent State, etc. Get a grip-at least be able to name it when it comes for you...In the meantime-can someone PLEASE explain to me why I am supposed to feel guilty because kids are hungry when they aren't getting their free breakfast, lunch and afterschool snack? 'Cause I just really do NOT. dogsRbetter

Apocalypse, Y2K, Space Invaders, Government Conspiracies, does everyone forget we just had one of the worst environmental catastropies since industrial man began? Oh, and that birds migrate in the winter?

And amazingly, BP gas stations are lined with cars daily, filled with @Shelby's searching for the answer to how the grand canyon was made.

Thousands of dead birds have also been reported in Italy and Sweden. I am not sure if the dead birds and fish are the sign of the start of the apocalypse. But we cannot blame everything on climate change either. It is unlikely to be the end of the world, but something major is definitely happening that is affecting the whole world. See for more info.

What about all the dispersants that have been dumped into the ocean via the BP oil spill

(a) If this mass death of species is the result of "natural causes" or fireworks, why is it being reported? If it were "natural" for millions of fish to suddenly be "floaters" and thousands of birds to fall from the sky, why then no one would comment on it or notice it!
(b) Talk about "spin" --they were sure fast to get their "PR" people on it (i.e., highly paid twisters of the truth). What are they covering up here?
(c) I agree that it seems some experiment like HARP going wrong or some chem trails becoming too potent for more sensitive species.
(d) If other species are affected, it is only logical that so is the human specie! We breathe the same air (whehter through the atmosphere or the ocean) and absorb the same chemicals! It just may take us longer to exhibit the results.
(e) Wake up and smell the flowers, folks! We are no in control of this planet--the monied interests are and that is why they have stomped on this story so quickly. It is time for all of us to start thinking about our own potential and power--constructive power--and to take back our world in mind and in reality.

earth shifted its Axis that is why from both sides of the world birds fell from the sky that is why the ice cap is melting to.water changed temp fast from same thing i would bet maybe are ocean currents may have changed to

Ok. Suddenly we are having masses of fish, crabs, birds and other species dropping dead. Many have internal hemmorrages and the like. But what about the reports that the magnetic north is changing so rapidly that airports are having a hard time due to the quick moving changes? If the poles are suddenly taking a change, as has happened thousands of years ago, the animals which are hard wired due to the affects of poles and magnetic fields could be seriously effected on at some level, right? Since we really don't understand many of the basic workings of instinct, brain activities, animals being hardwired for migration, home building or routes they find we really are at the mercy of finding out after the fact aren't we. We really can't do anything to stop this from happening and we can't stop it's eventual effects earthwide. Pretty tough times we live in.

Could be Harp, or contaminating aircraft contrails. It could also be something natural that we ignore at our peril.

i have a conlosion maybe they are dying because maybe the caught a disease or something like that maybe the world is coming to a end

yes...HAARP (I spelled it wrong!!)

I think the government is experimenting with the HARP project in Alaska. They are seeing what disturbances they can create, when, and where. Of course most people know nothing about HARP...but lets hope they dont start experimenting with us next.

Please stop calling the Holy and Sovereign Creator the "man upstairs"! He isn't a man and there isn't a stairway to heaven.

facts; birds fell from sky dead, it was not you and you are able to read this, it has happened before, things like this are often viewed as a sign, people do not pay attention to signs and would rather not be held accountible for much, life is given and death is certain... that is not a sign it is a factual statistic! No matter how or why these strange things happen something/ some ONE caused them and unproven science, deductive reasoning, speculation, and pride will only bury the truth. Your own life is a miraculous sign that can not be disputed, so then what will you do with the rest of your life, should you be bitter, judgemental, witty, or proud! Are you wiser than the wit that breathed life into you? This world tells countless stories everywhere that you can not deny! Just because you do not understand the messege does not change the FACT that it is a messege no matter how it is written....

someone make mother nature really mad :( is many cases in many States of USA also Chile and Europe even found also fish :( these is sometime around can or need be seriously take a good study soon

CNN I-Reporter seeks answers to the mysterious deaths. What "global" organization holds the ultimate authority on such topics? Who could research and report in with verifiable data regarding this anomaly? To date, the answers the general public has received appear irrational as stories seem to downplay the relevance of mass deaths in nature. Is this nature's way of population control? Or, should we be alarmed? Is there anybody else out there seeking hardcore answers to this very serious and concerning situation?

Well, Shelby, they DO understand how the Grand Canyon was made. Maybe it's just you that doesn't.

@Shelby: YOU may not understand how the Grand Canyon was formed, but science and common sense show us that it was millions of years of erosion.

false logic: the deaths are explainable by the large populations of the affected species.

false logic: the deaths must be related because of calendar relationship time of death

what are we looking for? ans: common injuries or disease

is there a possible concern related to calendar time of death: of course but many other things are possible

how hard should we look for a concern here? very hard, it's not a case of our environment having been perfectly safe for humans either over the past 150 years. it's entirely possible that one of these mass deaths may be linked to a threat to the entire species and even to multiple species.


If you would like to know why this is happening, send an email to


The birds' deaths I guarantee will not be explained. There will be no poison, no sign of trauma and no sign of anything else. They may say it was "pressure" or "disorientation" but 5000 birds within a one mile radius all collapsing during THE NIGHT cannot be explained by those excuses. I personally believe it's some-what of a sign, think i'm crazy or not i don't mind, but scientists are not going to be able to figure it out. Just like they don't understand how the Grand Canyon was made....people can banter around their explinations all they want but some things just can't be understood in human terms, but we don't have to understand everything. The only thing that even remotely can be mulled over is that it was a sign from the big man upstairs himself. Miracles happen everyday but how we choose to explain them is entirely up to us and i think we can all agree that not everything can be explained.....

HAARP. Google it.

It was a meatier shower.

This most recent phenomenon reminds me of a story arc in Millenium, the series by X-Files creator Chris Carter #MLM-223 THE TIME IS NOW where:

"a Millennium team clad in biohazard suits sweeps into [a] home, where earlier an entire family was wiped out by the mysterious virus. Outside the house, in the backyard, are a dozen dead birds of various species."

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'm not buying the loud fireworks noise stories pulled out of thin air by some local agricultural bubba in Arkansas, that's for darn sure.

P.S. The X-Files now on BBC America every day!

P.P.S. It was after they killed off Catherine Black that the series went completely downhill BTW.

This most recent phenomenon reminds me of a story arc in Millenium, the series by X-Files creator Chris Carter #MLM-223 THE TIME IS NOW where:

"a Millennium team clad in biohazard suits sweeps into [a] home, where earlier an entire family was wiped out by the mysterious virus. Outside the house, in the backyard, are a dozen dead birds of various species."

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'm not buying the loud fireworks noise stories pulled out of thin air by some local agricultural bubba in Arkansas, that's for darn sure.

P.S. The X-Files now on BBC America every day!

You've got to love how "brilliant" people are. Alaskan death rays? CIA? 2012? the only thing happening in 2012 is another year of school and work, just like the rest.

it had something to do with the storm pressure....weren't there tornadoes in that area...barometric pressure maybe???

Scientist are not telling the truth about the birds.

Blunt trauma may be the cause but what is the reason they fell? I doubt they fell asleep! Perhaps an ether cloud? Fall asleep in the air and hit the ground = blunt trauma. Did they test the blood or respiratory systems in these birds? Perhaps too much sulfur in the air in both places? I go with an ether cloud or something similar. Or I guess I could just play dumb and say the man in the sky did it.

I got to thank some of the folks below for giving me my daily laugh. Keep up the mindless prattle.

Check out "The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort. Published in 1919, he reports data collected from general newspapers and scientific journals on reports of anomalous phenomena, including birds falling from the sky and entire lakes of fish suddenly dying. Scientifically unexplained phenonema happen all the time but, like gravity, someone will eventually figure out the natural cause. Personally, I vote for microbursts. They could cause a sudden change in temperature and/or air pressure that could kill a large number of animals in a few minutes.

This article is highly misleading, as it only looks are the USGS records for the last six months. Going back there are MANY incidents on the USGS web site of 5000 or more birds. Example 10/15/1999 - Sangamon Co - 27,000 birds.

This is God's retribution for Pajama Jeans.

how could all of these birds and fish die of pollutants or toxins in the air or water? typically those affect all the animals not just a specific species? when theres an oil spill are bass the only fish or animal affected?? no every species is....

I'm sure Obama will blame George W. Bush.

We know that it just has to be Wonder Woman's invisible plane. Maybe someone should contact her and tell her to stop flying drunk.

National Geographic (December 24, 2009): North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux... Discovery (Aug 25, 2010): IS THE SUN EMITTING A MYSTERY PARTICLE?... LiveScience (29 July 2010): Antarctica Experiment Discovers Puzzling Space Ray Pattern... National Geographic (November 19, 2008): "MYSTERIOUS ASTROPHYSICAL OBJECT that's bombarding Earth with cosmic rays":

Hi All new to this,

But on our local News channel there was information about this weird case of 1000's of birds dropping from the sky is US, the only thing i think could do this is a drop in air pressure suffocating the birds, or even a fast drop in temperature would could make the birds unconscious and the impact on the floor would kill them, the only was that this could happen is the Earth cooling, possible due to global warming.

If you watched the film "The day after tomorrow" its like that due on a smaller scale, also with all the record breaking amount of snow that falling in the UK, and the floods in Australia the only thing i can think is happening is the Poles are changing at a slow pace which is one of the things experts have said will happen around the year 2012. this is of course just my opinion on whats happening.

Let me know what you think?

I love the fact that aliens and spaceships are ridiculous theories, while the idea that an invisible man that lives in the sky and grants wishes is involved is completely plausible.

It's no wonder this country is regressing rather than progressing.

Wow, the "way out there" contingent is really running riot. Yeah the end of the world is coming "as we know it". Why? Because 2000 years of unbridaled rape of our planet in the name of devine entitlement has stressed the planet to the breaking point. Now the same people who claim the world as there own personal piggy bank are the first to tuck head under rock and claim the end is here.

Now is not the time to run and hide but get involved in cleaning up the mess we've made. Forget UFO's landing technically speaking the physics of the situation say not likely for them or us to ever meet. Its not my fault we have a universal speed limit.

We are on our own great space voyage, the good ol' Earth. And as its custodians, we need to get our collective arse in gear. Forget someone doing it for you. The first step in changing society is changing ones self. Passing this off as "God's Vendeta" is shameful. As the 6yr old says, whats the point of killing birds to send a message?

corexic spilled into the gulf, finally evaporates into the atmosphere, and into the jetstream killing birds all over the world... fireworks? no way........... another omen, no?


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