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Green jobs growing in California, Next 10 says

Green jobs at clean-tech or alternative-energy companies are flourishing in California, with nearly a quarter of them based in Los Angeles, a study has found.

Employers offering jobs in fields such as solar power generation, electric vehicle development, environmental consultation and more added 5,000 jobs in 2008. About 174,000 Californians were working in eco-friendly fields by early 2009, compared with 111,000 in 1995, said nonprofit research group Next 10.

The report, released late Tuesday, looks at the most recent data available, Next 10 said.

The so-called green workforce expanded 3% from January 2008 to January 2009 -– three times the growth of overall employment around the state. Standouts include the energy-generation sector, which includes renewable-energy efforts such as wind and hydropower.

"There's very few business sectors that can employ people across every region, especially in a state as big as California," said entrepreneur F. Noel Perry, who founded Next 10. "Green is providing a very solid foundation for future growth."

Perry credited state policies -- such as renewable-energy mandates and incentives for energy efficiency -- for supporting the "green economy."

The Bay Area grew the most, with an 8% jump in 2008. The region now represents 28% of green jobs and 26% of companies offering the positions.

San Diego saw a 7% increase as the local energy-generation industry –- primarily solar and wind companies -- beefed up hiring by 39% in 2008 compared with the year before.

In Orange County, which also did well, workers were hired to support the burgeoning fuel cell market, anchored by the National Fuel Cell Research Center at UC Irvine. Employment in clean transportation also jumped as newcomers such as hybrid electric vehicle maker Fisker Automotive moved in and employers drew from the region's strong auto heritage.

But green hiring is down slightly in both the Los Angeles area and the Inland Empire, where the impact of the economic downturn on the construction industry trickled into energy-efficiency retrofit companies. Green transportation companies buoyed the green economy there, developing battery technologies and alternative fuels such as algae.


'Green' growth is key to state, report shows

Job growth in California is going green

California climate disruption costs: billions and trillions?

-- Tiffany Hsu

Photo: Workers perform maintenance on equipment used to produce solar cell modules at the Solyndra Inc. plant in Fremont, Calif. Credit: Ken James/Bloomberg

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To Bubba10:

Although you don't provide precise details about the price quote you received, I know that all our clients save much more in reduced electric bills than their investment in a Constant Solar Power system for their home.

Indeed, over the warranted life of the solar panels our typical customer ends up saving more than 3x their up-front investment.

So, you can pay almost $100,000 to the electric company for that power, or pay only $30,000 for a home solar electric system.

How is it that you conclude solar solar is not affordable?

I urge you to reconsider your choice and to go ahead with a home solar system!


Robert Constant
Constant Solar Power
-- In our 10th year as a locally owned, licensed, bonded and insured solar provider

Nuclear Power is Green Energy.

The headline reads: "Alternative energy boosts green jobs in California". What else would boost green jobs? What a silly scam this has become. The Times is written for hoople heads.

Overall job projection for Ca. fr next 10 years: 40,000 new green jobs created-
Ca regulatory boards and super high taxes drive out businesses employing
1,000,000. Keep up the good work!!

Nuclear power? So find some poor neighborhood and dump a nuclear reactor in their backyard? Maybe they can put it in your backyard Yankee Skeptic. Or better yet, any Senator or Congressman who backs nuclear power should have the reactor placed within 5 miles of their own home.

I would love to have solar on my house. I just met with a firm and it would be $30K to do it.

I live in the desert. It would be great. But not $30K great. Make it affordable and I am there.

Paul Taylor Environment,

Hey, just curious, so if you really think green jobs only survive on massive government subsidies, every look up Exxon, or more broadly, the entire Oil Industry? - Let's see, could Exxon or any oil company make it without MASSIVE, as you like you say, government subsidies? - Nope, and it's much worse than "Green". Wonder how the Oil Industry would work if there was no American military to prop them up? - Every notice that every single American VP and even often President is doing deals for the Oil Industry. Let me guess, you think we invaded Iraq to "free the Iraqi People", right? =)

How many wars have been fought over the sun, the wind? - none.

How many over oil and other natural resources that are not sustainable? - Well, all of them, duh.

Now, lets take a look at environmental costs. I assume you agree that opening up 5,000 coal fired factories is bad, correct? If you need further reason, take a look at how many Red Flag Days there are a year PRE EPA (1969) and compare them to today's levels. Wow! You will find that Los Angeles air is actually MUCH MUCH cleaner now, with many less cases of asthma...WOW!

Maybe if fossil fuels added all their costs into the equation, then for sure sustainable energies would never need any subsidies. Lets add in all the health risks, lets add in all the military costs...then compare the two.

I assume you forgot that....about those.

Kind of like when the Repubulicans want to balance the budget (even though Republican Presidents have NEVER wanted that - Reagan and Bush ring a bell?) but they want to do this without touching military. Um, not sure if you know this or not, but we spend more money on military then the NEXT 29 countries COMBINED do, which is nearly a trillion a year....if we don't fix the military (cut it in half) we can't balance the budget.


Those of us in the rest of the country have to pay for California's ridiculous green jobs. Go ahead and continue to subsidize "green" industries with state tax money. Oh....that's right there is no money in the treasury in Sacramento. No worries, just get it from your pal Obama. He's flush with cash I hear.

California continues to be the land of fruits and nuts.


A fourth generation native Californian who saw the writing on the wall and hauled ass for some place normal.

German style feed in tariffs not only create twice as many jobs as Big Solar and Big Wind, but they also PAY US for producing clean power, improve our property values, and improve local economies, while reducing GHGs WAY more than Big Solar and Big Wind, saving healthy open spaces and sparing billions of gallons of water waste every year.

In stark contrast to Paul Taylor Examiner's inaccurate comment, Germany has installed 50% more clean power each year for the past 4 years, including 2 GW of rooftop solar in a single month back in 2010 - all for FAR LESS money than they would have to pay for the huge spikes in fossil fuels we are seeing, and far less than we would have to pay for Big Solar, Big Wind and Big Transmission.

Feed in tariffs - they are the best solution for everyone from Libertarians (each structure can be energy independent!) to Tree Huggers (clean power that doesn't slaughter wilderness or fry the planet) and everyone in between (healthy return on investment, energy conservation and affordable energy).

"What failed at Copenhagen was not just the summit. A notion of establishing the UN as a sort of world government through the use of climate politics -- has also failed."
(Die Welt -German news paper -Referring to EU President Speech )
No Thanks.
Carbon racket is a tool for one worlders , that want to see planet under one rule and have latched to this carbon BS because it allows them into everything in every country, EU president even admits this .
Climate always changes get used to it, AGWscamers cannot stop any change they will just run with your money.
Since the icecaps on Mars are melting, who should we blame for it on Mars? Hint: Mars does not have SUVs..or coal power plants
AGW fraud is just that a fraud. More importantly I will not waste my money towards any effort to prevent climate change. I would use it to adapt to any change that may occur, if it occurs and when it occurs . So no money from me towards aiding and abetting carbon racketeering also known as cap n trade.
I advocate we look at RICO type laws (Anti-Organized crime) to go after the Democratic Carbon racketeers. US scientist "Hal Lewis resigned from his post at the University of California at Santa Barbara". He admitted global warming climate change was nothing but a scam in his resignation letter. "It's just another attempt of the left to grab power in any fashion that they can."

Green jobs only survive on massive government subsidies that perversely support business models that can't compete in capitalism. As Obama's prejudicial "green stimuli" dry up this spring, so will the fanciful, non-cost competitive green stuff. Sorry. Look at the international market experiments with green venture capital. They're fading fast, along with the warmist frauds.

yankee, the state is already dependent on natl gas, but I dont think a bunch of cost overruns, construction screw ups and taxpayer subsidies are the "key" to any flourishing economy, so lets hold off on nukes for a while, eh? Lets create a real industry, not one built for political prejudices.

The Chinese are reaping most of the so called 'Green' jobs.

Electricity from nuclear power and natural gas are the keys to a flourishing US economy.

I think that it is a very good idea that Green Jobs provide a very solid foundation for future growth. So let's see what is gonna happen!


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