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Renewable energy advocates push for extension of federal Treasury grant program

Solar A Treasury grant program for renewable energy projects is set to expire at the end of the year, and solar and wind companies said their industry is in for a rough ride if it isn’t renewed.

The program, which covers up to 30% of the cost of alternative energy projects, delivers the funds to owners about two months after completion. The grant is responsible for more than 1,100 solar sites and more than 200 wind-power efforts across the country, comprising billions of dollars in investment, according to industry officials.

But a proposed one-year extension fell through in Congress over the weekend and is conspicuously absent from the tax deal announced this week.

Without the incentive, the renewable power space is headed for a slim-down, according to officials from trade groups Solar Energy Industries Assn. and American Wind Energy Assn. in a conference call with reporters Wednesday.

For more, head over to The Times’ Technology blog.

-- Tiffany Hsu

Photo: Cylindrical shaped solar cell modules produced by Solyndra Inc. harness energy from the sun atop the company's manufacturing facility in Fremont, Calif. Credit: Ken James/Bloomberg

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Bill Gates Foundation and the grant for Ghana. Water, energy sources and agriculture

The idea is good. Environmental component of the above project is also interesting. But I have no information that in the project resolved the issue of biochemical purification of impurities, the method of collection and delivery for processing and use of treated waste also and for agriculture. A good project manager must be able to organize work of a narrow professionals what rarely have a systemic thinking.

The economy of Ghana could be one of the fastest growing economies in 2012. But I have no information that in the project resolved the issue of biochemical purification of impurities, the method of collection and delivery for processing and use a treated waste also and for agriculture.

But you can use the investment money to better advantage.

And this project is.

So: the sum of $ 1.5 million.

Having calculated the efficiency of the proposed in article of the commented source for getting energy, in the same Ghana is more profitable opportunities to provide the country a source of fuel that can be used for industry, domestic use and transport.

The estimated amount for the project: less than stated in 10.

The resulting ecologically clean energy source: fully meets the needs of industry, agriculture + export to neighboring countries in the region.

Profit: in connection with cheaper energy costs and increase the amount of electricity multiplied profits from its exports to countries of the region by increasing spending on domestic needs of the country at times.

Project implementation period: 3 months to get the energy to fully meet the needs of the country and about a year - to build the infrastructure for the transport of electricity (in a country such infrastructure is inadequate). Up to 2 years for refusing to import oil products that are imported into the country, and the transition to domestic energy source for transportation with the necessary infrastructure. This energy source can be used in agriculture.

The difficulties of the project:

1. Severe weather conditions. Ghana is located in the tropics, where there is a constant alternation of rainy and dry seasons. The climate is equatorial monsoon, in the south-west - to the equatorial transition. From the climatic point of view of Ghana is divided into north and south. There are two main seasons in Ghana: the wet and the dry seasons. Northern Ghana experiences its rainy season from March to November while the south, including the capital Accra, experiences the season from April to mid-November. In the south wet climate, with a rugged evergreen tropical forests, arid in the north district, savannah and bush. In November and February is blowing "harmattan" - dry, dusty wind from the north, but in coastal areas, its effect is almost not there. In the rainy season, south-west of the country is a zone with the highest rainfall (over 2000 mm per year).

2. Lack of properly trained and educated workforce that can prolong the the duration of the project.

3. Сommunication difficulties: knowledge of Russian language - isolated cases.

4. The need to create a simple engineering construction on a simple drawing. Agriculture's share exceeds the share of industry in the economy of Ghana. Thus, simple engineering construction can be imported, if it can not make on the spot. There is no complexity, it can make even semi-literate turner with skilful engineer.

The project implementation is related to dams on the River Bia, hydroelectric power station (also referred to as the Akosombo Hydroelectric Project, the Akosombo Dam) - is a hydroelectric dam on the Volta River in southeastern Ghana in the Akosombo gorge and part of the Volta River Authority. There is a possible to implement even more advanced project - without the reconstruction of the existing hydroelectric dam according to drawing.

Ukrainian Scientists Worldwide.How to regulate climate.Agriculture in countries with a lack of energy and water.Our project in the shipbuilding industry increases the speed with a substantial reduction in fuel consumption has already built ships.Modernization of ships: speed + low-cost fuel.Hydropower project enables in manyfold increase by electricity production in existing hydroelectric power station.Minimum investment.

Dear Mike,
You are absolutely right.
Sorry for my poor English. Please advise how I can correct the word 'sons' to be sons and daughters, or daughters and sons, or next generation.
Your kind advise will be appreciated.

Duh. Why on EARTH are OUR representatives fighting so hard to hand tens of billions more of our dollars to Big Energy companies? Why are they not financing PACE loans for US so that WE can install solar and microwind and improve the efficiency of our homes and businesses instead???

The Big Energy monopolists are crushing our economy, killing our planet, destroying millions of acres of wilderness (aquatic and land) and ripping us off. Yes, that includes Big Solar, Big Wind and Big Transmission. Meanwhile, our entire nation's built environment bakes and sprawls with urban heat islands due to our failure to install rooftop solar! It is such a SCAM?

Everyone wants to produce all or most of their own power from their own home or business, and wants to be paid for feeding this high-value, non-deadly power into the grid, so where is our German-Style feed in tariff? You know that Germany installed 2 Gigawatts of rooftop solar this JUNE ALONE? That's more than the entire cumulative US.

If anyone is serious about transitioning to clean energy, Big Energy is the problem and cannot possibly be the solution. There is NO advantage (engineering, economy of scale, capacity factor, pricing, environmental, societal) to Big Solar and a million reasons why it is horrible (permanent destruction of hundreds of square miles of healthy ecosystem, huge GHG emissions, billions of gallons of wasted water, and outrageous costs).

And all that money is sucked OUT of communities by Big Energy in the form of higher taxes and higher energy bills, instead of poured into them with improved property values, far more local jobs, and return on investment via feed in tariffs.

So, do you want to decentralize, clean up and democratize the grid, or do you want another century of Big Energy crushing our economy and the planet?

John Hwang,Some of us have daughters, and from your statements our daughters do not count. We are in the 21st century, and not the last four hundred years.
" I am sure nobody want their sons to be suffered by any reason if he or she is normal."

When green energy becomes cost effective without the support of taxdollars, It will take off. In the mean time, it is a big waste of money. Ranks right up there with ethanol and farm subsidies.

If we spend bit more money for renewable energy, it's good investment for our sons. Because, by using renewalbe energy, we can pass more oil, which is main material of many products, over our sons' generation.
And all the sons ( not only mine but also everyones ) can aviod the situation of lack of materials.
Therefore, the renewable energy industry should be supported politically.
I am sure nobody want their sons to be suffered by any reason if he or she is normal.


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