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Judge orders Monsanto to uproot genetically modified sugar beets

Sugarbeet A federal judge has ordered Monsanto to tear up 256 acres of genetically modified sugar beets in Oregon and Arizona that were to be used to produce seed for the 2012 crop.

The decision by U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey S. White, in San Francisco, came in a lawsuit brought by environmental groups over cultivation of sugar beets altered to be ready for application of a popular herbicide, Roundup. The lawsuit alleged that the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued permits for the cultivation of the seed crop without adequate environmental study.

White issued an injunction barring the cultivation. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Wednesday he would discuss a potential appeal with the Justice Department.

Monsanto, which owns the intellectual property rights to the technology used to produce the seeds, has said it will appeal.

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Photo: Sugar beet. Credit: USDA

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Judge Jeffrey S. White of the United States District for Northern California is just trying to make a name for himself. Taking away roundup ready sugar beets what’s next taking away roundup ready corn and beans? Roundup ready products have allowed farmers to use fewer chemicals on their fields for weed control meaning less pollution and the chemicals used with roundup ready seed is water soluble meaning better for the environment than the conventional sugar beet, corn, and bean seed.

Lets never forget LL601, Liberty Link Rice 601

Lets never forget LL601, Liberty Link Rice, 601

GOOD JOB Judge Jeffrey S. White!!
This corporate power wants nothing but to control the entire food supply through any means.

Isn't Monsanto the maker of Round-up? Are they also in the business of making the drugs used for cancer and other deadly diseases to complete the circle?

How many pounds of "roundup ready" vegetation has coursed through your system? Nobody knows. Anyone else angry?

Cancer, fertility problems, pollution, superweeds, HABs, etc etc.... all for what? Perfecting the sacred balance of Nature?

Dollas Dollas yo

Fantastic! Monsanto sucks.

Is anyone else concerned about eating Genetically Modified foods specifically designed to withstand harsh chemicles like ROUNDUP????...Not wanting THAT in my body! All about the profit for MONSANTO! Lets see, Big Ag Lobbyist, FDA has new powers (new Bill 510)...Hmmmmmm!

This is the same Monsanto that Soros has oodles of money in. The same Monsanto that bought off politicians to pass the new food safety bill. I see starvation in the future of each and every American.


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