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Coal mine near Bryce Canyon?

BryceEnvironmental groups have filed a lawsuit with the Utah Supreme Court in a last-ditch attempt to stop the opening of a 440-acre coal mine near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Utah's Board of Oil, Gas and Mining approved the mine in late November. Officials there said that Alton Coal Development, which first applied in 2006, followed the correct environmental procedures to obtain permission to mine the state land outside the southern end of the national park.

Opponents contend that 300 trucks will rumble through the tiny gateway town of Panguitch daily to ship the coal, and that the strip-mining and air pollution will degrade the majestic canyon. "The board's ruling needlessly puts one of Utah's treasured landscapes, Bryce National Park, at risk,” said Karen Hevel-Mingo of the National Parks Conservation Assn.  “Thousands of visitors come to Bryce each year to marvel at the pristine night skies and beautiful vistas. Bryce National Park is also an important contributor to local economies."

The plaintiffs include the Sierra Club, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Parks Assn.

-- Nicholas Riccardi

[For the record, 1:05 p.m.: An earlier version of this post misspelled the town name of Panguitch.]

Photo: The Queen's Garden in Bryce Canyon National Park. Credit: Thomas Viek

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The mine is located near Alton, just off U.S. 89, a scenic byway that vacationers travel between Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. One of the concerns is how upwards of 300 tandem coal trucks a day - traveling 24 hours a day, six days a week - would impact travel on that road.

People heading to Bryce from Zion must travel this route. Those coming south along Interstate 15 also will travel part of the same route the coal trucks are expected to run. Only those coming from the east via Highway 12 would not encounter the trucks.

Ultimately, the Alton Coal Mine is not only about Bryce National Canyon or Utah's wildlands. It is about Federal Authority Versus State and Peoples Authority Over the Re-Public Domain and Right to Lease and Sell the Commodities, the Land of the Citizen’s against their will



Go-vern Global or Go-vern Local

The State Banks Commodities and State Commodity Depository Act

Three hundred trucks a day. Thats a fraction of the slow, toxic, accident causing RVS. Never beleive anything the Sierra Club is into. They would ban electricity if it was being invented now

Grow up. 440 acres is less than 1 square mile. If we want to continue our existance on this planet, we need energy to do it. New sources of energy are critical if we want to avoid moving our nation to 3rd world status. If you are so against coal, maybe you can start thinking about Nukes. They have a far cleaner footprint and most of the advanced countries have gone that way.

I guarantee, we will get energy somewhere, so pick your poisen.

Correction Miss Marple: Big Coal (or Oil) would mine IN the Civil War Battle Field if they were given permission.

What a disaster. Who even thinks this stuff up in the first place?

To quote the football player in the WaterBoy "That brings me to my next point kids: Don't Smoke crack!"

Someone in the Government is smoking Crack if they think that this is a good idea because it follows the guidelines put in place x years ago.

This is insane! Big Coal would mine next to a Civil War battle field if they could.

Stop Utah!! Its not too late!! This would be an enormous devastation of land, water, animals, and people.


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