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Proposition 23: Backers were outspent, out-organized

Prop 23 awesome demo foto march thru wilmngton wally skalij
The fight over Proposition 23, the ballot initiative to suspend California's global warming law, "will definitely be a David versus Goliath battle," Steve Maviglio, spokesman for the opponents told a reporter in September. "Our slingshot versus their oily club."

From the get-go, that's how environmentalists characterized their struggle against Prop. 23 which lost by 61.3% to 38,7% with 96.9% of precincts counted.(UPDATED returns Nov. 3, 9 a.m.)

But it was pure spin. As they say in the movie, "Follow the money."

Two Texas-based oil refiners, along with California business trade associations and anti-tax activists thought they could halt the nation's most ambitious effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions. But they were able to raise only $10.6 million. Most of California's biggest companies, including Chevron, Pacific Gas & Electric and Sempra Energy, stayed neutral or actively opposed the initiative.

Backers were steamrolled by a $31.2 million campaign funded by such wealthy philanthropists as San Francisco hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, such big environmental groups as the National Wildlife Federation and the ClimateWorks Foundation, and such Silicon Valley green-tech moguls as John Doerr and Vinod Khosla.

That money funded tough TV commercials urging "Stop the job-killing dirty energy proposition." And it helped organize a vast grass-roots campaign that roped in scores of organizations including health groups such as the American Lung Association, unions, religious organizations, Latino community organizations and green-tech trade groups, as well as virtually every environmental group in the state.

Celebrities such as Edward James Olmos, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and "Avatar's" James Cameron urged a "no" vote. And Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stumped across the state attacking the "self-serving greed" of Valero Energy Corp. and Tesoro Corp., the two San Antonio-based refiners that were the principal funders.

No environmental campaign in U.S. history can boast the level of activism in California this year:  Prop 23 opponents mustered 3,200 volunteers, made 2.8 million phone calls to voters, sent out 3.4 million pieces of mail, made 379,676 on-campus contacts with college students, and operated a sophisticated computerized outreach program that identified and contacted 481,000 voters, and showered voters with 900,000 get-out-the vote phone calls and text messages in the last three days.

National environmental leaders, smarting from the defeat of federal climate legislation in Congress this year, expressed awe. "It is the largest public referendum in history on climate and clean energy policy," said Fred Krupp, president of the New York-based Environmental Defense Fund. "Almost 10 million Californians got a chance to vote and sent a clear message that they want a clean energy future. And this was in an economic downturn. There has never been anything this big. It is going to send a signal to other parts of the country and beyond."

Steyer, the hedge-fund manager and a co-chairman of the No on 23 campaign, acknowledged that opponents had the financial advantage. "The truth is that we started from behind," he said. "Then we got organized. We raised more. We had a momentum factor. Companies that might have given to the initiative thought it was too risky and didn't want to look like jerks."

In the end, he attributes Prop 23's defeat to the difference in mentality in California, where voters saw the global warming law as paving the way to a new economy based on clean energy. "Californians look forward and face the future with optimism," he said. "That is our M.O. This is a grass-roots movement, and the impetus is coming from the West, not from Washington."

-- Margot Roosevelt

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Photo: Los Angeles protestors against Proposition 23 marched on Tesoro's Wilmington refinery to protest against the company's backing for the initiative to suspend California's global warming law. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times


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well the vote and majority of comments here show you how ignorant the typical voter is.

CO2 is NOT pollution. CO2 is life!

more CO2 is better, and warmer would be better...if it were really getting warmer, that is.

taxing and trading CO2 has absolutely nothing to do with "green" or the environment, and everything to do with making the rich richer and the poor poorer. it is just another scam to take money from those who work and give it to those who don't - bankers and investors.

the entire green movement has been hijacked by the AGW industry. such a shame, no more real environmental or progressive work is being accomplished.

the banks and oil companies are laughing all the way to the bank...or to their bahamas hideways.

There is a sense a of enlightenment‎ in the rejection of Prop 23. To see such a diverse group of people rallying for a common cause is refreshing. The environmental movement is moving into a new phase where the relationship between the economy, the environment and social justice is becoming clear. A diverse group of people from finance, business, renewable energy, the arts, science and various ethnic groups recognized that; together we have the potential to lead this country to a new green renaissance of environmental, business and social prosperity.

California businesses come to Nevada! Northern Nevada especially has great shipping facilities, lots of ready and able employees ready to go to work for you, wonderful less expensive housing (on more land!) and TONS of recreational acitivies summer and winter!!!! Come on over, the tax situation is FINE!!!!!

If you want to really improve the environment how about starting with deporting the Millions who are in the state illegally. This will mean less traffic,
less air pollution , less water usage, less drain on all our natural resources not to mention our financial resources. Think this will ever happen with the crew we have running the state????? Yeah right.

The problem with this state is that we have a lot of idiotic and insane voters that don't have any business voting. They never get the facts before casting a ballot. Prop 23 was an attempt to stop the California Air Resources Board, a board that has vast power but no accountability to interfere with people's lives, from destroying California during these horrible economic times. They are currently planning to roll out measures to implement AB32, the bill that Prop 23 is trying to halt. First of all, to understand why Prop 23 was put on the ballot, you need to understand to situation in California. The whole premise of "pollution" and "global warming" problems in California was based on research from a discredited "researcher", Hien Tran. The head of CARB, Mary Nichols, had at first tried to cover up this fact and then reluctantly admitted that they are taking actions using invalid data. Regulations that are being rolled out are attempts at controlling carbon dioxide, the natural gas that is emitted by all living things. In other words, humans and animals exhale carbon dioxide when we breathe. Carbon dioxide is in turn used by plant life to live and they convert it back to oxygen that we need. This is basic biology 101. To regulate the normal cycle of life is stupid. Under the current economic climate in California where real unemployment is around 20% and Californian are living in the highest taxed state in the nation with a hostile business environment, any regulations will further drive business away, prevent companies from expanding, and as mentioned drive energy cost up. Even those that are within the "global warming" circles admitted that gasoline price will be pushed up to $9.00/gallon. Prop 23, simply put, is just about postponing implementation of "green" initiatives until California can recover economically. The criterion is for unemployment rate to be at the 5% level for about a year. Don't think that the lying ads on TV was correct or truthful. They claimed that big oil is behind Prop 23, the same oil companies that currently employ Californians and provide an energy source to power our cars. The main backer of No on Prop 23 is a venture capitalist that is doing it for his own financial gains. He plans on making money from manufacturing various products for alternative energy, of which none of the work will be in California. He will in turn sell those products at profitable cost to California when AB32 is forced upon Californian through regulations. As it is, the false wording about Prop 23 having to do with "pollution" was written by the lying Governor-elect, Jerry Brown, another stupid electorate win. In fact, other liars include Governor Schwarzennegger, James Cameron and other celebrities who are laughing at the average Californian tell us how to live our lives while they have the biggest carbon footprints in the state with their fleet of SUVs, private jets, and large homes. Why aren't they controlling themselves? Those of you who were stupid enough to buy into the whole propaganda have doomed California for a long time. While the rest of the country will gradually recover economically, California will probably be barely scraping by for the next decade. For those of you who still think that the environment comes first, let's see how's that working out for you when your company abandon California and you're out of work. Let's see how important "global warming" is at that point. While I'm all for trying to be responsible with the environment, I don't believe that anyone have the right to dictate to anyone else on how they should live and definitely not at the cost of people's livelihood. If I had my way about it, I want legislation to disband all governmental board that are appointed by politicians and I want all public entities to be accountable to their citizens. I have been a California resident for over 30 years and I have seen this state go down the toilet. California was the motion picture capital of the world, a manufacturing hub (especially for aerospace), and the birth place of a lot of technology. Now, we can hardly get much film production work, manufacturing is virtually nonexistent, and most technology innovation is gone. The culprits are: high taxes, hostile business environment, greedy public unions, and crazy liberal agendas (the first three culprits are directly related to each other).

Celebrities such as Edward James Olmos, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and "Avatar's" James Cameron urged a "no" vote.

Hmmm... $9/gal for gasoline doesn't mean anything to those people.

How do you afford all those entitlements and programs... If all the businesses flee to Texas?..... Maybe Obama can make the whole state of California a national park....

Just wait until everyone wakes up on 1-1-11 and gas is $7.00 to $8.00 OR MORE a gallon your utilities are going to increase 50% your natural gas bill is going to increase 50% ...... The California Carb board has 1000 pages worth of regulations they intend on gifting to the people of California. These are the same people that wanted to regulate the air pressure in your tires, wanted to control and ban any cars paint jobs considered "dark" black, brown ect.

When the person next to you starts screaming ask them on question. Did you vote NO on proposition 23. Then let them know this is what they signed up for when they voted no. Get back to me with their answer.

Go here very to see what we are in for

The fact of the matter is that even if this does clean the air in California (which incidentally already has some of the cleanest air in the world) it won’t matter in the global community as China's opening something along the line of 10 coal powered plants a month. If you think for a moment that China, India or even the majority of the United States will follow in this "parade towards green technology" you’re dreaming. China's dictator like communist government does not care about worker or human rights let alone the air. India is worrying about having more starving people in a single state than all the starving people in Africa combined, again I am sure the air is a pretty low on their list. just to reiterate California’s slightly cleaner air will amount to next to nothing to the huge amount of pollution in the rest of the world.
Also one more quick point I'm trying to understand. How would prop 23 kill jobs? Studies show that only 3000 green jobs are created each year in a state of 30,000,000 people. In Spain the push for green jobs led to 2.2 jobs being lost for every job created due to increased regulation and fines on business. I would submit that the push for green jobs would have similar affects in California. I understand and know that green technology is the future. We have always advanced ourselves and our technology, but the government needs to leave it to the people, the free market and supply and demand style economics to invent it. This is the way to create green jobs not through government regulations. When the need is present businesses have and will fill it, helping people and the economy along the way.

California, home of the rich and those who serve them!

Outspent and out-lied. Commercials on TV of factory smoke stacks billowing black smoke if Prop 23 were passed?! When was the last time you saw that in CA?

Commercials about the evil oil companies to protect their profits? What about the evil investment companies that put millions into the NO on 23 campaign to protect their plans to steal millions from the taxpayers for the crazy green jobs that will be hugely subsidized by us all?

Fact is AB32 will do nothing to curb global warming but will hurt our CA economy. Other European companies have tried it and it doesn't work. Oh, but our state elected pukes are so much smarter than Europe's, right?

Hey Glenn, That's quite a list you got there but the lady Belle cited the enviroment as the parameter and you didn't list a single company that cited environmental law as the reasons for their move. Score the win for Belle. Thanks for playing Glenn.

We all know that companies will factor numerous considerations about doing business in CA or locating elsewhere. But the bottom line is that CA has the leading economy in America and in fact is one of the leading economies of the world. CA will continue to be a leader with or without you Glenn. Thanks for being a sore loser.

Hey Bob:

You said the clean air act was 300% answer so what. We need to favor earth once. - and I highly doubt your source.

Heaven forbid we live closer to work and not DRIVE there when we also have an obesity problem to solve. Oh no you won't have to commute. It takes this kind of planning to survive with more and more consumption get over it.

Where does it stop????? BOB YOU DO RESEARCH and stop listening to the idiot right wingers. BOB DO YOU BELIEVE THAT CHINA CAN LIVE THE WAY WE DO WITH THAT MANY PEOPLE? They want to. That is why we must model what needs to be done. If China equals us in cars (most people get one) then the amount of highway they will have to pave will cover ALL their rice patty's. Cars are not the answer which tells me you need to reconsider your offer that living near your job is bad.

I don't care who profits from green jobs do you? If you care so much then start a company that makes solar panels. A lot of companies are doing just that here in California thanks to AB-32 and the no vote on prop 23.


So happy that stupid prop didn't pass. Ironically it would have depleted more jobs than created and would have given us dirty air. So a NO vote was a win win situation....even if had given us more jobs (which it did not) AIR and ENVIRONMENT come FIRST.

Cannot WAIT to retire and get out of the this state where I was born and lived all but 3 of my 61 years. Not only are hundreds of corporations going to be leaving, but thousands of families will be forced to leave as well, unable to survive here with yet more taxes, even higher fuel/utility rates, and continued job loss. This state has become a joke and is definitely not the "Golden State" that many of us once knew and loved. You can have it -- I can't bear to watch. Another year is all I'm going to endure, and then I too will be part of the exodus.

no on 23 and yes on 25. good job californians. more regulation, more unemployment, more deficits, more taxes, etc. congrats. now if we can just get kamala harris to win, we might finally get more crime again.

Hey Belle, you want a list? Here ya go. And it's only a partial:

Abraxis Health, a unit of Los Angeles-based Abraxis BioScience Inc, opened a new plant that will create 200 jobs in 2010 in Phoenix . This follows the company's Phoenix expansions that occurred in 2007 and 2008.

Alza Corp. In 2007 eliminated about 600 jobs in drug R&D while also exiting its Mountain View, CA, HQ. At the time the company said that its 1,200-person Vacaville facility will continue to operate. But the Vacaville Reporter on Oct. 23, 2009 revealed that the plant is being offered for sale by J&J, its parent company. It's unclear if more layoffs are in the facility's future.

American AVK, a producer of fire hydrants and other water-related products, moved from Fresno to Minden, NV.

American Racing moved its auto-wheel production to Mexico, ending most of its 47-year operation in California .

Apple Computer has expanded in other states, most recently with a $1 billion facility planned for North Carolina .

Audix Corporation relocated from Redwood City, CA, and to accommodate growth moved to a 78,000-square-foot facility in Wilson, OR .

Apria Healthcare Group of Lake Forest is shifting jobs from California to Overland Park, KS, a Kansas City suburb.

Assurant Inc. Cut 325 jobs in Orange County and consolidated positions in Georgia, Ohio and South Carolina .

Automobile Club of Southern California placed 1,100 jobs in Texas.

Barefoot Motors, a small "green" manufacturer, moved from Sonoma and will expand in Ashland, OR.

Bazz Houston Co., located in Garden Grove, has slowly been building a workforce of about 35 people in Tijuana . In early 2010 the company said it expects to move more jobs to Mexico, citing cost and regulatory difficulties in Southern California .

Beckman Coulter, a biomedical test equipment manufacturer headquartered in Brea, relocated part of its Palo Alto facilities to Indianapolis, IN, two years ago. In early 2010, it's making a multimillion-dollar investment to expand and create up to 100 new jobs in Indiana . The company said the area offers a "favorable business environment and lower total cost of operations, plus a local work force with strong skills in both engineering and manufacturing."

Bild Industries Inc., which specializes in business news, directories and market reports, moved to Post Falls, ID, from Van Nuys, a part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles .

Bill Miller Engineering, Ltd., suffering under the "hostile business climate" in California and Los Angeles County, moved from Harbor City to Carson City, NV.

BMC Select has conducted an unusual relocation. The company, which had shifted its headquarters from Idaho to San Francisco , relocated its H.Q. Back to Boise in January 2010. The building materials distributor said that regaining its footing in Boise retained access to high-quality employees while reducing wage and occupancy costs.

BPI Labs, which formulates, manufactures, and fills personal care products for the health and beauty industry, relocated from Sacramento to Evanston, WY, a move the company's owner called "very successful. It felt good and we never looked back.

Buck Knives after 62 years in San Diego moved to Post Falls, ID.

CalPortland Cement has announced in late 2009 closure of its Riverside County plant because of new environmental regulations from a state law (AB 32). The company's CEO wrote, "A cement plant cannot be picked up and moved, but the next new plant probably won’t be built in California meaning more good, high paying manufacturing jobs will be lost to Nevada or China or somewhere."

California Casualty Group left San Mateo for Colorado, cutting operating costs to remain competitive.

CalStar Products Inc., headquartered in Newark, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area, in January 2010 was awarded $2.44 million in Federal clean energy tax credits. The company said in the future it expects to build additional plants in the Mississippi Valley and the East Coast. In late 2009 CalStar opened a plant in Caledonia, WI.

Checks-To-Go moved to Utah where workers' comp rates helped make the troubled company healthier.

Chivaroli & Associates, a healthcare-related insurance service based in Westlake Village, CA, moved a regional office to Spokane, WA.

CoreSite, A Carlyle Company, is delaying a Santa Clara project while it expands its data center in Reston, VA.

Creators Syndicate may flee Los Angeles because it operates like a Banana Republic.

Creel Printing Left Costa Mesa for Las Vegas and Southern California lost 60 more jobs.

Dassault Falcon looked at building an aircraft services facility in Riverside County, but instead located in Reno, NV.

DaVita Inc., moved its HQ from Los Angeles to Denver; and expects to see millions of dollars in savings over time.

Denny’s Corp., the large restaurant chain once had its headquarters in La Mirada, later in Irvine, CA, and then moved to Spartanburg, SC. In fairness, I note the move occurred in the early 1990's. However it's noteworthy because the company was founded in California and its growth over time created HQ jobs in another state.

Digital Domain, the Academy-Award-winning visual effects studio based in Venice, CA, placed new studios in Vancouver, BC, and Port St. Lucie, FL, which combined will have about 500 employees. The facilities will allow the company to reduce costs while continuing to deliver cutting-edge work.

Ditech, headquartered in Costa Mesa, announced in January 2010 a 269-job cut and is moving most activities to the GMAC Financial Services (parent company) headquarters in Fort Washington, PA. In 2007, Ditech relocated some workers from Costa Mesa to Phoenix. A once robust Costa Mesa facility employing hundreds will be down to 20 or 30 workers.

DuPont Fabros Technology suspended a $270 million Santa Clara data center project in favor of one in Ashburn, VA.

eBay, based in San Jose, will create 450 jobs in Draper, UT, in a new $334 million operations, customer support and data center.

EDMO Distributors, Inc., a world-wide wholesaler of aircraft avionics, test equipment, and pilot supplies, moved its HQ from Valencia, CA, to Spokane Valley, WA. Since, it has built a larger headquarters in the city's Mirabeau Point community complex.

Edwards Lifesciences based in Irvine will expand with 1,000 employees not in California but in Draper, UT.

EMRISE Corp. completed its HQ move from Rancho Cucamonga to Eatontown NJ, in May 2009. The company said the move "will result in additional annualized cost savings of approximately $1 million and facilitate improvements in operating efficiency." The cost savings associated with relocating our corporate headquarters will start immediately. The aggregate total of these expense reductions will increase our profitability and cash flow in this and succeeding years and, over time, substantially improve our ability to further reduce our long term debt.

Facebook, based in Palo Alto, will expand in a major way in Oregon by locating a custom data center in Prineville. It will be a 147,000 sq.ft. facility costing $180 million and will employ 200 workers during construction and another 35 full-time once operating in 2011.

FallLine Corporation Left Huntington Beach, where they were being "hammered" with multiple governmental regulatory fees for Reno, NV.

Fidelity National Financial left Santa Barbara for Florida, spurred by California 's "oppressive" business environment.

First American Corp., based in Santa Ana, will open a call center in March 2010 not in California but in Phoenix, where it expects to employ about 400 people within two years.

Fluor Corp. moved its global headquarters from Aliso Viejo to Irving, TX, with about 100 employees were asked to relocate while the company planned to hire the same number there. In 2006, when Fluor moved into its new headquarters building, a company statement said: "The official dedication had a decidedly Texas theme" as a horseshoe was raised on the building, a time-honored Texas tradition.

Foxconn Electronics, a large contract electronics maker, moved some of its Fullerton operations to Dallas, TX .

Fox Family moved its farming operations to Cookeville, TN. All their employees moved with the firm.

Fuel System Solutions moved its headquarters from Santa Ana to New York .

Gregg Industries, owned by Neenah Enterprises Inc., in Wisconsin, closed a 300-employee foundry in El Monte under pressure from the South Coast Air Quality Management District to make $5 million in upgrades. The company didn’t want to make the investment in the difficult economic climate so it decided instead to leave the state.

Helix Wind Inc. may move its research and development, engineering, and testing departments from San Diego to "a more supportive" Oregon.

Hewlett-Packard, Headquartered in Palo Alto, at various times has moved jobs to Tennessee and Texas .

Hilton Hotels Corp. in 2009 is moving from its longtime corporate H.Q. in Beverly Hills to a new office in Tysons Corner, VA.

Hino Motor Manufacturing USA moved from California to Williamstown, WV, in 2007, where it now employs about 100 workers. The company has growth plans to "Raise Hino’s presence from medium-heavy/heavy-duty trucks to all ranges of trucks" and an aggressive program to improve fuel economy and emissions. The company builds trucks under its own brand and also manufactures Toyota-branded vehicles.

Intel Corporation, Headquartered in Santa Clara, has chosen to expand operations in neighboring states

Intuit of Mountain View created a customer support office (110 people) not in California but in Colorado because of lower operating costs.

Intuit placed a data center near Quincy, WA.

Intuit also located Innovative Merchant Solutions LLC in Las Vegas as part of a $1.8 million investment in Nevada .

J.C. Penney closed it’s Sacramento call center and moved the work to five out-of-state centers.

Kimmie Candy Co., a manufacturer that was started in 1999, moved from Sacramento to Nevada in 2005. "I really don't have a lot of regrets about moving up to Reno," said owner Joe Dutra.

Klaussner Home Furnishings in closing its La Mirada manufacturing plant will maintain it’s North Carolina and Iowa operations.

Knight Protective Industries moved to Oregon "where 4-day work weeks were permitted by the state" and wanted by the employees.

Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc. announced in February 2010 that it is closing its Irvine plant, laying off 56 people, and will shift the work to Malaysia and Singapore . The facility had been owned by Orthodyne Electronics Corp., which Kulicke & Soffa bought in 2008.

LCF Enterprises, which makes specialized high-end amplifiers used by researchers, medical professionals and others, moved from Camarillo, CA, to Post Falls, ID.

Lennox Hearth Products Inc., in Orange, CA, will lay off 71 workers and by March 2010 will transfer the jobs to Nashville and Union City , Tennessee, "to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies."

Lyn-Tron, Inc., a supplier of electronic hardware, moved from Los Angeles to Spokane, WA. Their website has a rather California(stylish) statement: "Our commitment is to maintain a manufacturing environment that is progressive and safe, where our employees are able to achieve their personal objectives, thereby adding to their quality of life and to the community in which they live."

Mariah Power, a "green" manufacturer of small wind turbines, moved from California to Nevada and in 2009 teamed up with another company to begin production in Manistee, MI.

Maxwell America, a boating equipment maker, in February 2010 closed its Santa Ana offices and moved them to Hanover, MD. One reason given was the indirect impact of California environmental regulations. A company official said over the years many California boat builders relocated to the Midwest and East where they don't face the same restrictions.

MiaSol©, based in the Silicon Valley, was reported in January 2010 to be planning a 500,000 sq. ft. plant, which could be one of the largest solar factories in the United States . The location is not near its in Santa Clara headquarters but in the Atlanta, GA , area where its workforce eventually could exceed 1,000. The news came one week after MiaSol© received $101.8 million in federal tax credits.

MotorVac Technologies announced in February 2010 that it's leaving Santa Ana for Ontario, Canada . MotorVac's CEO said he "really fought hard to keep MotorVac here, but unfortunately the numbers didn’t support it. "The move cuts costs because it's new owner, UView, has its own plant with excess capacity in Canada . And the general cost of doing business in California is much more expensive.

Nissan North America moved its Los Angeles headquarters to Nashville, TN.

Northrop Grumman by 2011 will relocate its Los Angeles headquarters to the Washington, DC metro area. It's the last major aerospace company to leave Southern California , the birthplace of the aerospace industry.

One2Believe, a specialty religious-toy maker, left California for East Aurora, NY.

Patmont Motor Werks, Inc., (GoPed manufacturer), after being hit by California regulators for hundreds of thousands of dollars in small fines even though his company has a stellar safety record, moved to Nevada.

Paragon Relocation Resources moved from Rancho Santa Margarita to Irving, TX.

Pixel Magic, headquartered in Toluca Lake, CA, ( Los Angeles metro area), is locating a studio in Lafayette, LA, where it will create 40 new jobs between 2010 and 2013. The company, which provides digital effects for motion pictures and television, said the Louisiana people they were in contact with have an immediate understanding of technology and data handling.

Plastic Model Engineering, Inc., a custom plastic injection molder and mold manufacturer, moved from Sylmar, CA, to the "Inland Northwest," notably Post Falls, ID.

Precor will stop manufacturing fitness machines in California and re-open in North Carolina .

Premier Inc., the largest healthcare alliance in the nation, will move its HQ from San Diego to Charlotte, NC, involving an investment of $17.7 million and adding 300 jobs in North Carolina. The announcement was made Oct. 14, 2009.

Pro Cal of South Gate, in Los Angeles County, a unit of Myers Industries, expanded its Sparks, NV, operations to become the company’s primary West Coast production and distribution facility. Pro Cal is a plastics manufacturer of nursery containers and a big recycler.

Race Track Chaplaincy of America started 2010 by shifting its headquarters from Los Angeles to Lexington, KY. The non-profit group said it had wanted to relocate from the Hollywood Park Race Track for several reasons, one of which is the significant cost of doing business on the West Coast.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company left Fresno for Minden, NV in 2007 because of California’s myriad fees and regulations that meant "death by a thousand cuts."

SAIC will move its headquarters east, from San Diego to McLean, VA, which the Washington Post called "Another Coup for Area." The announcement was made onSept. 24, 2009; it is unclear how many employees will move east in 2009 and 2010.

Scale Computing, a data-storage developer and manufacturer, is leaving Silicon Valley for Indiana .

Schott Solar Inc. will close its sales and customer service office in Roseville and will relocate the office to Albuquerque, NM.

SimpleTech transferred its manufacturing work from Santa Ana to Asia more than a year ago.

Smiley Industries, an aerospace manufacturer, moved to Phoenix, where productivity improved.

Solaicx, based in the Silicon Valley, said in early 2010 that it will expand its manufacturing plant in Portland, OR, Solaicx received $18.2 million in Federal tax credits as part of the government’s efforts to advance green energy.

SolarWorld, a maker of solar technology founded in Camarillo, consolidated manufacturing in Oregon after that state offered property tax abatement and business energy tax credits. The company will employ about 1,000 in Oregon by 2011

Special Devices Inc., brought 250 jobs to Mesa, AZ, from Moorpark, CA.

StarKist headquarters is leaving San Francisco for Pittsburgh, PA (Pelosi's Husband's Company).

Stasis Engineering moved from Sonoma County to West Virginia, a "friendlier business climate."

Stata Corp., which specializes in data analysis and statistical software, moved from Santa Monica, CA to College Station, TX.

Tapmatic, a metalworking firm whose owners were "fed up with the onerous business environment," moved from Orange County, CA to Post Falls in northern Idaho.

Teledesic moved to Washington state in anticipation of better capital gains.

Telmar Network Technology Inc., moved from Irvine to Plano, TX, consolidating some 150 workers there.

Terremark postponed a Santa Clara project earlier this year to invest $50 million in a Culpeper, VA project.

Terumo Cardiovascular Systems is moving R&D from Orange County to Ann Arbor, MI, involving 65 jobs and $3.5 million in investments.

Toyota will stop assembling cars in Fremont, CA, and will idle 4,700 workers, and move the work to Canada and San Antonio, TX .

True Games Interactive Inc., will its H.Q. from Irvine to Austin, TX, where it expects to have about 60 workers by the middle of 2010.

TTM Technologies will leave Los Angeles and Hayward and move to other states and China to achieve big cost savings.

Twentieth Century Props of Los Angeles has gone out of business as film-making has moved to lower-cost states moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Reno, a loss for California in that the company is a leader in web-based patient education content and shows strong growth. The company was named 2007 Innovator of the Year by a Northern publication and the company's founder and received a media and Reno-Tahoe Young Professionals Network 20 Under 40 award and was selected as a 20/20 Business Visionary by Nevada Business Magazine.

US Airways is realigning operations and California is no longer considered part of its "core." The airline is closing its John Wayne Airport maintenance station and in early 2010 will redistribute the mechanics across its system.

US Press shifted work from Los Angeles and San Diego to Portland, OR, "where union rules were almost rational."

USAA Insurance closed its 625-person Sacramento campus in favor of other states.

Yahoo opened a data center in Quincy, WA, a community that now hopes to land high-tech manufacturing.

This is an outrage. California has enough environmental regulation that has caused private business to leave the state or shut down factories. I used to work in a high paying factory postion in the late 90's for a manufacturing company. The company shut the plant down due to regulation and the high cost of doing business putting 600 people out of work. Now you expect these "green jobs" to start rolling in and lower our 12.5% unemployement rate?? Learn from this; old type incandescent light bulbs (made in this country by u.s. citizens) are being phased out and will put thousands of Americans (including recent immigrants) out of work. In it's place are compact "energy saving" florescent light bulbs. Guess where the majority of these bulbs are made and are going to be made? Overseas, in Asia!!!! So much for creating green jobs here in the U.S. or even in California!!!! Oh by the way global warming is a farce and we only need to look at its greatest advocating hypocrite, Al Gore who's only concern for green is the green in his wallet!!!!!!

It is unfortunate that even this news article seems to express an OPINION. What happened to the facts?

The clean air act was based on false data that estimated the diesel emission level to be 300+% more than they actually are. Even the guy who did the research was found to have a fake degree, I think his name is Hing Tran.

This does not directly have anything to do with where we get fuel. It only deals with CO2 emissions.

Do some more research and you will find that the next step is $9 a gallon gasoline....... Mary Nichols (CARB) admitted their goal is to MAKE everyone live in localized housing complexes closer to work. So now they want to tell you how and where to live.

Where does it stop????? People need to do research instead of just listening to the TV or your favorite politician.

FYI - do all you anti-business folks think that corporations like GE and Chevron aren't going to profit from the so-called green job initiative ? Both are heavily investing in the solar panel and alternative fuel business.


You know what? Those stupid Californians you speak of Reuben, are going to laugh all the way to the bank thanks to votes like yesterday's crushing of Prop 23. Getting off of limited and expensive supplies of fossil fuels is the smartest thing we can do for both our environment and our economy.

someone always says that if we pass laws aimed at cleaning the environment companies will leave the state. But they can't name which companies will leave or which companies have left over environmental issues.

The green energy technology has invested more in California than the two texas oil companies.

You guys are money hungry jerks,the environment is much more important than monetary gain.

Say goodbye to many of your largest employers, California. And forget any meaningful new investments by any firms based outside the state. You have just tossed your competitiveness as a place to do business right out the window.

But look on the bright side: you'll all have to pay higher taxes and enjoy higher unemployment as business activity, much like potable water, evaporates in the state of California. Maybe you can all get jobs in the movies.


we are doomed!

O k. I live here. LA County. Now, let's see what happens. The social media won, and business will likely leave the state. We have gov Moonbeam back. Oh fun, oh joy.

What was the Chinese dictum, a curse?

Ah, yes.

May you live in interesting times.

Looking for houses out of state (CA) starting today.. Have fun CA!

Just goes to show how stupid people in CA are. If you tell them Texas wants something, CA is immediately against it and closed for debate regardless of how it will increase the price of fuel and add to unemployment.


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