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Plastic bags banned in unincorporated Los Angeles County

Starting next July, residents of unincorporated Los Angeles County won't get the ubiquitous "paper or plastic" question when they check out their groceries, and if they request "paper," they'll pay a dime apiece for the the bags.

In a 3-1 vote, the Los Angeles County Board of Spervisors approved a ban on free plastic bags at grocery stores in unincorporated areas of the county, where as many as 1.1 million county residents shop.

With these words, “No store shall provide to any customer a plastic carryout bag,” the county joined a small but growing number of jurisdictions that have cracked down on plastic grocery bags, which often find their way into creeks and streams that lead to the ocean and don't decompose readily in landfills.

Bans have been enacted in San Francisco, Malibu and Washington, D.C., among other places. A statewide ban in California was defeated in the last legislative session, amid heavy lobbying from the chemical industry.

Merchants who choose to offer paper bags will have to charge 10 cents per bag, under the ordinance.

Plastic bags commonly dispensed in meat and produce sections will still be available.

Read more about the ban: "L.A. County passes sweeping ban on plastic bags."

-- Geoff Mohan

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OMG, John...the pliable, flexible, supple handles of the obquitous cloth bag (hemp, pineapple--renewable resources) knot and tie just as easily as PLASTIC...and can be used for many uses, and multiple tasks. any city/town/country or area that bans "plastic" ONE-USE items.

Our water shed is the world's largest ocean, and it's past time we did something about the trash we dump in it. Kudos, Board of Supervisors. Now, we need the cities on board.

wow something actually positive for hope and change.. of coarse the rich will bitch the loudest and longest about the nominal 10 cent fee charged for their dime bags filled with hand massaged pasture fed prime rib, caviar and the rare and fast diminishing earthly delicacy of blue fin tuna for their insatible sushi habits..i think people paying for groceries on credit cards should pay 5.00 a bag, and the poor people will be smart enough to BYOB without shame, or eat out of dumpsters out back.. now we need a 45 mile an hour speed limit on our roads or governors on cars.. that will calm down all the the hyper over achievers and busy consumers on the treadmill....

Well, those plastic bags are very handy. I knot them up when I ride my bike to the store and dangle my groceries from the handlebars. Of course, with plastic bags banned, I guess I'll just have to drive my car.

Hmm...won't driving use more carbon than biking?

Oh well...I guess the Board o Supes didn't think that far ahead.

This is a victory for all the marine life who annually are maimed and strangled to death on these lurking hangmen ropes.


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