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Fabio stars in electric vehicle PSA

Think electric vehicles are hot? Just imagine how steamy things could get with Fabio thrown in.

Nonprofit advocacy group Plug In America has done just that, casting the ageless male model in its newest ad touting the benefits of driving a battery-powered car, though his camera time is limited to fewer than 10 seconds and has no dialogue.

The video, “Hype,” deals with oil industry “greenwashing” its environmental agenda. The group has released two other ads called “Cell Phone” and “Ocean Crude.”

Want some more Fabio? Head over to The Times’ Technology blog for more on his EV debut.

-- Tiffany Hsu

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well, BP and Chevron are getting all sorts of love for investing in wilderness-killing Big Solar, so this definitely applies.

Big Energy is Big Energy. they kill our environment and monopolize our power supplies for money. that's all they do. why would we ever want them to be part of any kind of renewable revolution? stockholm syndrome?

grow up, america. it's high time that we take responsibility for producing clean power on our own rooftops and slashing consumption instead of being lazy and expecting Big Energy to save us from Big Energy. never gonna happen.

I thought Fabio moved on from margarine to gay porn. If he hasn't, yet, he may want to consider it after this dumb PSA...


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