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Two more hikers missing after Mt. Whitney snowstorm

Whitney Searchers who on Thursday morning rescued three mountain climbers stranded on Mt. Whitney expanded their operation to include two additional missing hikers believed to be in the area.

Still missing were Sinh Baghsohi, 27, and his father, whose first name was not available. They had planned a three-day, 36-mile, cross-country hike starting and ending at Whitney Portal, on Mt. Whitney’s eastern flank, said Dana M. Dierkes, spokeswoman for the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Dierkes said the two men had hiked in with a friend, who became ill and returned alone. The two remaining hikers had planned to return Tuesday.

More than 45 people, including the Natonal Park Service, Inyo County Sheriff’s Office personnel, the California National Guard and Yosemite Search and Rescue have been assigned to the effort, which continued to be hampered by driving winds and snow accumulations of up to 3 feet.

Earlier in the day, three mountain climbers who had been missing since Tuesday on Mt. Whitney were found in a stone shelter on the mountain, and were transported to a regional Inyo County hospital for medical examinations.

“All three men were able to walk and move around during a quick health assessment by park personnel,” Dierkes said.

-- Louis Sahagun

Photo: The summit of Mt. Whitney in summer. Credit: Anacleto Rapping / Los Angeles Times

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Been to the summit three times. Turned back twice by weather. Even in July it can snow. Those people had no business on that mountain. Hope the rescue tabs on them.

This time of year aways take snow shoes with extra fuel and food. You can be stuck for a few days untill the weather clears.

Get Planted,
Maybe you ought to be more concerned about all the money that goes to "dumb mistakes" that people make on the freeways, in suburbia, etc. Quite a few of those helping locate the missing hikers are doing so on a volunteer basis- at no cost to you. And for all we know, the fact that these hikers are missing may be neither a "dumb mistake" nor related to the snow.

There was advance warning about the incoming storm and all of these hikers should have been prepared for deep snow.

I hope they will pay the costs of their rescue and not saddle us who, decided not to hike in that weather, with expenses for their dumb mistakes.


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