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Billionaire Koch brothers back suspension of California climate law

Tea party

A company owned by oil billionaires Charles and David Koch has contributed $1 million to Proposition 23, a November ballot initiative to suspend California’s groundbreaking 2006 global-warming law.

The contribution came from Flint Hills Resources LP, based in Wichita, Kan., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, the nation's second-largest private company, with estimated annual revenue of $100 billion. It was posted online Thursday by the California secretary of state.

Prop. 23 was launched by two Texas-based refiners, Valero Energy Corp. and Tesoro Corp. which have been its primary funders. The involvement of the Koch brothers signals that the California initiative is likely to become the focus of a national campaign, now that climate change legislation has stalled in Congress.

The Koch brothers (pronounced “Coke”), who operate oil refineries in Alaska, Texas and Minnesota, have sponsored a web of groups involved in campaigns to deny the significance of climate change and the need for renewable energy. Koch-funded groups have trained and organized "tea party" activists across the country.

"If you combined BP’s approach to safety with Enron’s greed, you would have Koch," said Steve Maviglio, a spokesman for the "No on 23" campaign. "With this contribution, the out-of-state oil companies trying to put their profits before California jobs just got a lot dirtier."

A spokeswoman for the "Yes on 23" campaign was unavailable for comment Thursday night.

The Koch contribution came as California tea party activists indicated that they will campaign for Prop. 23. They have scheduled a rally in Sacramento on Sept. 12.

In March, Greenpeace issued a report critical of the brothers' activities, titled "Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine." Last week, the New Yorker magazine published a 9,990-word article, "Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama" by Jane Mayer.

AB 32, California's 2006 climate change law, would slash the state's emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases down to 1990 levels by 2020 -- a cut amounting to about 15% below today's levels. The law, which would curb emissions from industry and transportation, is strongly backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Scientists say that global warming is already affecting the state, melting the snowpacks that provide water for its large agricultural industry and its fast-growing cities.

Prop. 23 would suspend the law until unemployment in the state, now above 12%, drops to 5.5% for four consecutive quarters, a level only seen three times in the last three decades.

So far, the Prop. 23 campaign has raised $8.2 million. Opponents of the measure, who have raised about $6.6 million, got a boost last month with a $2.5-million donation from San Francisco hedge fund mogul Thomas Steyer, the first installment of a $5-million pledge. Steyer, founder of the $20-billion Farallon Capital Management, assumed the co-chairmanship of the "No on 23" campaign, with former Secretary of State George Shultz..

UPDATE: Sept. 4 story in the Los Angeles Times on the Koch brothers contributions.

-- Margot Roosevelt

Photo: Billionaire David Koch funds groups that have helped tea party organizations across the U.S. At the Orange County Tax Day Tea Party in Irvine on April 15, Rich Donaghy said he was "tired of what I'm seeing in America and afraid for my grandchildren." Credit: Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times

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You LA Times liberals have all drank the KoolAid. The cat's out of the bag. Climate change is based on false science. The secret emails have proved it. That's why they changed the reference of "Global Warming" to "Climate Change." The climate has actually shown a sustained cooling, not warming. Any climate change is based on solar cycles and not any greenhouse gas emissions created by humans. How arrogant you humans are to believe that anything you do can change an entire planet. However, if any of you liberals still believe in climate change being caused by these emissions you can stop breathing to reduce the carbon dioxide and curtail your verbal flatulence to reduce the methane.

Tea party should be aptly named as Big Business Party or Big Oil Party. While the original Tea party heralded such intellectual stalwarts like Thomas Penn, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, the current so-called Tea party, funded by big oil, boasts of political midgets like Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell.

God save America.

Koch Industries wrote:
"This story doesn't contain the full statement and information from Koch Industries. Please visit to learn more.

Posted by: Koch Industries | September 09, 2010 at 12:36 PM"

When you catch the fox in the henhouse, ask him if he is there for the health of the chickens!!

Coincidence? Feb 2009: Tea Party is launched. By whom: Dick Armey and the Koch Bros. What these gentlemen have done by channeling new organizations is exactly what the Iranian republican guards have done. Create hundreds of "organizations" throughout the world so that nothing can be traced back to them. Oh yes, President Obama was sworn in Jan '09. And they have been doing what they set out to do.
A little story: back in the times of Roman emperors, one came up with the idea of taxing outdoor urinals. His son asked:why. Papa answered: money has no ODOR.

I believe that a no on this measure to help protect ourselves from Texas moguls. We need to look at how big oil companies will just pocket the profit made from not having to follow the 2006 climate change laws and only turn around and raise the costs of electricity and will not hire, because they are already raking in the money while having to follow the law why should they lose more money when they dont have to follow the law. We need to fight against big oil companies and take control. before they take full control over us.

go oil!

Recent efforts to reduce the carbon content in fuels and to improve their energy efficiency can certainly help to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. However, large-scale carbon sequestration will definitely be required to achieve the U.S. national goal of reducing green house gas emissions from 1530 million tons of carbon equivalent (tce) in 2002 to 1255 million tce in 2012.

This story doesn't contain the full statement and information from Koch Industries. Please visit to learn more.

"Koch-funded groups have trained and organized "tea party" activists across the country." That's what the tea party is - an uneducated minority spoon-fed the agenda of the millionaire party (Murdoch, Beck, Glenn, all Republican members of Congress). Fox New et al got it down to a science: don't overtax the simpletons. Make it easy: unemployment? Mexicans are to blame. Personal insecurities? Islamists are living in our backyards, accessing our brains. Extend tax breaks for the super-wealthy? Great idea! And why is that exactly? For someone living in a trailer, revealing in postings to the comments sections of the 'liberal media' the lack of a GED? The tea party gospel is just that. A religious dogma. It's impossible to argue with, and excruciatingly annoying to see repeated in mainstream media, never a question asked. Koch is just funding the ministry.

Oh, its not just Monckton.
Republicans have called other "climate experts" to testify before Senate and House energy committee hearings.
Senator Inhofe favored Michael Crichton the science fiction writer a lot.

Senator Inhofe (R- Oklahoma) and his former aide Marc Morano came up with a list of 413 skeptical climate experts, which Inhofe presented to the Senate as proof that there was not a consensus on global warming.

Senator Inhofe's list of 413 skeptics included:
20 economists
49 who are retired
44 television weathermen
70 scientists with no expertise in climate study
84 scientists who are either connected with the oil industry or are paid by it.
Scientists who were included against their will, and who agree with the IPCC

Inhofe and Morano misinterpreted a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters. It should be pointed out that Morano is no more a scientist than Senator Inhofe.
They claimed that it showed proof that the sun was responsible for the warming that's been observed in the last 100 years. The paper they quote says exactly the opposite from what they claim. This has been verified by the author of the paper.

Christopher Monckton or the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley as he likes to be called. Monckton claims to have discovered the cure for many diseases. He is well known in the world of GW skeptics. He is a real slick showman who is constantly on the campaign trail spreading his psuedo science, and who lies, twists and distorts the science and is a complete fraud. Among real climate scientitsts he is something of a joke. He is considered one of the least credible of skeptics and that is saying a lot. Scientists consider him a joke, but are aware of the danger of men like this to the public's understanding of science. He is clever and knows how to persuade an audience, unlike most real scientists, who aren't very good at public speakng and being persuasive.

Monckton's claim to nobility has long been suspected of being false. That was recently confirmed by an inquiry to the British House of Lords, who said: "Christopher Monckton is not and has never been a Member of the House of Lords. There is no such thing as a 'non-voting' or 'honorary' member."
Despite this, Monckton has insinuated himself to the U.S. Congress as an envoy from the British Parliament. He likes to embellish his temperature graphs and such, press releases, etc. with a very close approximation of the crowned portcullis, symbol of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. He's balmy, I tell ya.

Monckton has no scientific background, his only higher education being in journalism. Yet, he is Chief Policy Adviser at the Science and Public Policy Institute a global warming skeptics group.

And this guy is who Republicans call a climate expert.
Vote them out,
and no tea bagger candidates.

And why did Rep Joe (apologize to BP) Barton of Texas call as the Republican's only expert witness in a recent House committee hearing on energy and climate, non other than Christopher Moncktonk, who has not training in science, only journalism, and who is well known as a complete fool and charatan. Monckton is a complete joke to any real scientist. But for the GOP he's a climate expert.
Monckton has been debunked dozens of times. First he says the earth is cooling, he says the warming is from something other than greenhouse gases, and then he claims global warming will be beneficial. There are no honest scientists who believe that.
In November, vote all global warming deniers out of office. They are all anti science and anit reason. They are DEAD wrong on the most important issue in history of man.

Please watch this video of a presentation that Monckton gave at a university being completely dismantled point by point by a scientist. For one thing, Monckton's sources are shown in every case to be fabrications, misrepresentions of the sources he quotes etc. Often the papers he cites say the exact opposite of what he claims they support.

just add the http:// in front
(it doesn't appear that links are allowed here)

Watch the video and think about what that says about the Republican stand on climate change, since for them, Monckton is an expert.

Why all global warming deniers and those sold out to coal and oil must be voted out in

The scientific consensus on climate change is close to unanimous. There are multiple

lines of evidence all pointing to human CO2 emissions. All the arguments you have heard

have been disproven, a good many of them 10-20 years ago.

I have two lists here.

LIST # 1
Professional scientific societies that agree with the IPCC on global warming.
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)


Woods Hole Resesarch Center

US Geological Survey (USGS)

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS)

American Association of State Climatologists

Federal Climate Change Science Program, 2006 (the study authorized and then censored

by Bush)

American Chemical Society - (world's largest scientific organization with over 155,000


Geological Society of America

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

American Association of State Climatologists

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

American Astronomical Society

American Institute of Physics

American Meteorological Society (AMS)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Stratigraphy Commission - Geological Society of London - (The world's oldest and the

United Kingdom's largest geoscience organization)

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Royal Society, United Kingdom

Russian Academy of Sciences

Royal Society of Canada

Science Council of Japan

Australian Academy of Sciences

Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts

Brazilian Academy of Sciences

Caribbean Academy of Sciences

French Academy of Sciences

German Academy of Natural Scientists

Indian National Science Academy

Indonesian Academy of Sciences

Royal Irish Academy

Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Italy)

Academy of Sciences Malaysia

Academy Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Union of Concerned Scientists

The Institution of Engineers Australia

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS)

National Research Council

Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospherice Sciences

World Meteorological Organization

State of the Canadian Cryosphere (SOCC)

International Council on Science
Deniers would have you believe that somehow all these organizations and the thousands

of scientists from 120 countries, who have been doing the research for 20 years, and over

30 years for some, are all scamming you in some dark conspiracy. Wow, and they call the

scientists alarmists!

Okay. Are you ready for List # 2? Drum roll please.
LIST # 2
Professional scientific societies that Do Not agree with the IPCC on global warming.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Canadian Association of Petroleum Geologists (CAPG)
That is the whole list.


Are you getting it yet? Who do you think puts out all those skeptic ideas and arguments?

And who do you think funds the global warming denial PR industry.
And yes it is a PR industry. Which does no research in climate change.

Republicans only believe those in LIST # 2
Vote them out


I forgot these two books by Ross Gelbspan

"The Boiling Point"


"The Heat Is On"


"Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming"
by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway

"Climate Cover-Up": The Crusade to Deny Global Warming"
by James Hoggan with Richard Littlemore

"Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change"
by Clive Hamilton
He outlines the decade-long, coal-industry funded campaign in Australia to deny climate science.

"Science as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save Earth's Climate"
by Stephan H. Schneider and Tim Flannery

(note: I've changed from Richard to frflyer, because someone else here is already using Richard. And I'm from California too.)

Ever hear of Astroturf, industry front groups masquerading as grass roots organizations? It's how the industry gets its message out, and how they hide the money trail, wiping the oil off it.

At this next link you will learn how oil and coal industry money is funneled through different foundations to bury the money trail.
They set up organizations like Policy Communications, The Western Business Roundtable, Partnership for America, and Americans for American Energy, to make it seem like there is this groundswell of grassroots organizations opposing the scientific theory of man made climate change and opposing the move to sustainable energy. These are actually all the same people from the fossil fuel industry and mining industry. They are all staffed by the same executives.

"It's called 'astroturfing' - the setting up of fake grassroots organizations and it's one of the oldest tricks in the books."

"Policy Communications
An energy industry-backed astro-turf network concocted by a single PR/Lobbying firm that is working to undermine the efforts of environmental groups and organizations like the Western Climate Initiative (WCI). that are pushing for solutions to climate change."

More on the astroturf group Western Business Roundtable(aka Policy Communications) and what they're up to.

These 32 organizations have all been involved in the tobacco industry's campaign to deny the science showing the dangers of tobacco.
They are all now involved in the campaign to deny the science of climate change.

1. Acton Institute
2. American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
3. Alexis de Tocquerville Institute
4. American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
5. Americans for Prosperity
6. Atlas Economic Research Foundation
7. Burson-Marsteller (PR firm)
8. Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW)
9. Cato Institute
10. Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)
11. Consumer Alert
12. DCI Group (PR firm)
13. European Science and Environment Forum
14. Fraser Institute
15. Frontiers of Freedom
16. George C. Marshall Institute
17. Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
18. Heartland Institute
19. Heritage Foundation
20. Independent Institute
21. International Center for a Scientific Ecology
22. International Policy Network
23. John Locke Foundation
24. Junk Science
25. National Center for Public Policy Research
26. National Journalism Center
27. National Legal Center for the Public Interest (NLCPI)
28. Pacific Research Institute
29. Reason Foundation
30. Small Business Survival Committee
31. The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC)
32. Washington Legal Foundation

See #24? That's Steve Milloy's group, the aptly named Junk Science. Milloy is not a scientist in any way. He is a paid lobbyist for fossil fuels and a professional PR man. This is who Fox News calls a climate expert.

Notice all the Orwellian names, to make them sound benign and grassroots?

Just moved out the the late great state of California.
Do not miss it.
The people up here in Montana are ok and nice for the most part. The conservatives here however are some of the stupidest and most violent and loud mouthed people I have every met. They really think that those funding the Tea parties are trying to help them.
Sort of like the bootlickers for the Nazi party in late Germany were in awe of the parties lies.
You tea baggers in California, here and elsewhere need to do some simple reading and see who really stands to gain from your actions. It is most certainly not you that is for damn sure. It is for the rich.
Read please read.

Climate change denial is becoming something of a psychosis. Tom, you are flat out lying when you say that we are not influencing our climate. Take that argument into an scientific arena and they will set you straight. The Koch brothers do not have the people's best interest at heart even though they spend millions to make the Tea Party believe it.

I really do not understand the opposition to the 'green' movement. Worst case scenario is we have clean air and end our dependence on foreign oil. This is not a partisan issue: it is beneficial to every person on the planet.

I'm old enough to remember days upon days of stage 1 smog alerts. As a child in the 60's, i can remember watching the smog roll into the San Gabriel valley like fog at the beach. I'm proud that our state passed tough air pollution laws when it did and i'll be damned if I will allow some interlopers to reverse it.

If Houston had a mountain range around it, it would be the most unhealthful city in the country.

No on Prop 23!!!

R. Quint

Amazing to me that anyone could support this measure. Do we continue to degrade the environment in order to boost short-term gratification, or do we make difficult sacrifices for our children and their children?
There is right and then there is rationalization. No moral person could vote for this measure.

Boycott Valero!

"I don't care who is backing it; what matters is that California can't afford the losses losses of actual, existing jobs in exchange for the for the speculated/hoped for job gains from green enterprises. ... The climate will change whther we want it to or not - we can not influence it."
Tom, what you should be thinking about is your children and theirs. These "existing jobs" don't exist because oil companies are doing you a favor; jobs that poison the air and ground need to be shifted to jobs that find safe and renewable energy resources - your oil companies don't want that because it means less profit for them. If they were looking to the human race's future (which they'll only do if forced) that's where they'd be putting their money and these jobs you value so much. Pressure on the planet-rapers to become planet-sustainers (and by planet I mean the people; the planet will take care of itself) will ultimately mean solid business and sustained employment, as well as breathable air.

With people like this manipulating them, the tea partiers should really be afraid for their grandchildren.

behind every fortune lies a crime.
behind every great fortune lies a great crime.
How big must the crime be to generate $100billion per year?
$16.6 for every man woman and child on the planet every year!!!!.

Salary/income caps for all of them, these selfish greedy bastards who make such obscene profits from burning down the house that we all share, ripping us off while telling us what a great deal we are getting, what big favors they are doing for us, crapping in the water that we all drink, spewing their filth into the air that we all breathe and generally dumping on us from their ivory towers.
How pathetic some of the opinions on here are, that support such ugliness as the Koch brothers finance while not realizing how they are being ruthlessly exploited to act totally against self interest.
Nature will provide a reckoning soon enough.

People like the Koch brothers just care about profits. The environment..., of course not. And supporting the Tea Party, well, it won't take long before USA slips off the cliff this way. We, north of your border, feel great concerns about you, south of our border. We cheer Obama all the way. His thinking will save your country. Yes, believe it!

I am an owner/operator truck driver who spent $163,000 on a new2010 tractor to comply with California's new emission laws. I am proud of the fact that my tractor does not spew black exhaust from it's stacks. I'm also conscious that I and others will be breathing cleaner air.

I would like to someday be able to drive into the L.A. basin and not see smog, to be able to see the stars at night.

I hope they succeed. I hope the burn America to the ground. I hope the libertarians take over the government and abolish Social Security, ban the EPA and allow the oil companies to have free reign to drill anywhere.

I hope they bring back child labor and the gold standard. I hope they abolish the income tax and tax the poor the same rate as the rich.

I hope all the insanity these people advocate comes to pass.


I no longer live in America.

Regardless of this completely biased "reporting" by the LA Times, the facts associated are astonishing and are even hinted at in this article.

AB32's goal is to reduce CO2 production 15% below today's levels. As California produces a little under 2% of the worlds' CO2, the total reduction goal is only 15% of 2%. That is 3/10ths of 1% and here is the cost according to the states own reporting.

Full implementation will eliminate ANOTHER 1,000,000 California jobs. Does anyone think these jobs will simply vanish or will companies move to Arizona, produce CO2 there, and will do nothing to reduce global CO2 production. For those of you who are going to make the green job creation argument, there has been an average of 300 green jobs created per year over the past 10 years and few, if any, will be in California thanks to the extremely high taxes and regulations.

Full implementation will cost the average California family $4,000 in "expendable income." Mostly in fuel and power rate increases, there will also be increased taxes and borrowing to pay for "infrastructure upgrades."

"Scientists say that global warming is already affecting the state, melting the snowpacks that provide water for its large agricultural industry and its fast-growing cities." Crap. The water shortage is because some environmentalist nut judge stopped pumping water from the San Joaquin Delta to protect a 2-inch fish from getting sucked into the pumps. Never mind the fact this crippled the agriculture business for the entire San Joaquin valley and raised unemployment to 40% in some communities, as long as those nasty, useless fish were protected.

If anyone thinks completely crippling the California economy for 3/1oths of 1% is worth it, you can have California all to yourselves, because anyone with a brain will leave and pay no income tax in Nevada.

Well if I am going to get fired from my under paying hell job because of these lefty enviroterorists, did I get that right? I mean the enviroterorist green crazy people terminology, do I have the terminology right? These socialist trying to make MY air cleaner and stuff, who the hell are they to mess with my particulates? Sorry, got off the subject...anywho, if I am going to be homeless I have to begrudgingly admit I would rather sleep in cleaner air, but I digress yet again.

God bless these billionaires and although they never worked in retail, I am sooo sure that they can relate to me. This is why I have decided to fight the good fight for the Kocks. First they came for the really embarrassingly poor and I said nothing, then the pathetically poor and I remained silent, then the working poor and I was out walking my girlfriends shiba inu and kind of didn't give a crap bla bla bla, then they came for the billionaires and as God is my witness I say no, NO MORE! Billionaire bigotry must end now and foreva.

"Regardless of if you agree with climate change - prop 23 will create jobs and improve the lives of future generations"

Saw this in another comment, and had to share more of my opinion.

What KIND of jobs will be created? Those involved with oil? Because that will only last for a few generations, and will only help companies that are ALREADY wealthy.

"Green" jobs, on the other hand, will last into the future because they use resources that are not limited! As well as the long term future of jobs protected, protection of the climate law could potentially allow other kinds of energy companies to succeed.

This Prop 23 has got to be stopped! And, referring to the picture:


Of course. So they can make billions more.


Proposition 23 is nothing but yet ANOTHER attempt by rich corporate greedy polluting fat cats to sell our public health and our futures short at the expense of their profits. Yet, unfortunately, too many people are too easily manipulated to understand what is really happening with this ballot proposition.

Anyone who is ignorant and out-of-touch with reality enough to even suggest that Proposition 23 is a good idea should consider the following, rather than trying to construct yet ANOTHER false, misinformed argument in order to lie to their fellow voters about it's true impacts should consider the following:

-Proposition 23 is DECEPTIVE: While it's creators try and tell us that this would only "suspend" our air pollution and health regulations, the truth is that it would KILL our clean air standards by prohibiting their enforcement unless our unemployment rate dips to 5.5% for 1 year (this is a rate that has been achieved 3 times in the last 40 years).

-Despite improvements to our air quality in recent years, Proposition 23 will create more air pollution and health problems in CA-dirty oil companies will essentially be let off the hook for pouring dirty air and increasing risks to public health. I have asthma and it's bad enough-what will happen if we allow corporate polluters to take away our protections?

-Proposition 23 will KILL jobs, innovation, and billions of dollars of investments in California. Big oil is backing Prop 23 so they can squash competition and kill innovation in the clean energy sector-not because they care about people who are struggling in this economy. This one is a no-brainer people, seriously. Since 2005, California green jobs have grown 10 times faster than the state average.

-Prop 23 will keep us dependent on fossil fuels when it kills our clean air and clean energy laws, we will actually see an increase in household electricity costs in California by 33%, and these added costs will reduce economic output in California by more than $80 billion. This economic downtown will cost us approximately half a million jobs by 2020.

Wake up, stop the manipulative rhetoric of companies that are killing our planet and killing our economic growth and prosperity. Don't be a sucker, and vote NO on Prop 23!

i'm so sick of energy companies and their billionaire backers muddling in our politics. AB 32 was passed by California voters and its not right to have out-of-state billionaires try to influence our state politics to benefit their bottom line.
Here's the biggest hole in the Prop 23 agreement: Clean energy in California is already providing thousands of jobs and is on track to provide thousands of more. Cutting down a emerging renewable energy industry at its knees before it can even flourish will only result in more unemployment.

Here's an idea. Yes, let's send all the oil companies packing and then you liberals can walk to work. Funny how that won't happen due to you being too fat to walk a block. California liberals should leave the country as you are not Americans. AB32 is a terrible law destined to destroy the economic fabric of this state while a few in silicon valley make a fortune. Stop your socialist ideals and false science and be tolerant of people. None of you know one thing about environmentalism while you snort coke and pot and then say everyone should lose their jobs. Grow up.

God Bless the Koch Brothers, Valero, Tesaro and Occidental for helping us Joe and Jane Sixpack Californians suspend the anti-CO2 AB 32, which will otherwise put us in the poor house without jobs. With all the $$ millions being focused against Proposition 23 by billionaire cap and traders; by green gadgeteers feeding at the public trough; by a raft of enviro-kook organizations peddling George Soros money, and by funding from other clandenstine progressive-Marxist groups supporting the AB 32 scam on the people, we need all the help we can get. We know that this AB 32 gang has a powerful propaganda machine and will pour $$ millions into fighting Proposition 23, since if they loose they loose big time not only in California, but country-wide and even world-wide. Let this election be the beginning of the end of the CO2 scam foolishness and let ruling-class AB 32 supporters sweat on honest jobs like the rest of us, instead of picking our pockets, destroying our economy, and instituting yet more CARB tyranny.

Carly Fiorina was dead-on in her response at the debate. California's global warming scheme cannot work unless Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, amongst many others, concoct the same plan.

Yes on 23.

Good for George Schultz.

No one actually thought that the "tea party" was truly a grassroots creation, did they? Without massive funding how would it have boomed into the ultra-reactionary, right-wing, homophobic, anti-education, anti-environment organization it has basically overnight? These "tea parties" would have everyone believe there are huge numbers of members and supporters...nah...just a few WELL FUNDED supporters with an agenda that will terrify real honest true Americans when they realize it. Do your research Americans, don't trust the media or politicians to tell you the truth. Trust only what you find out on your own.

I'll drive past the Valero stations too. Not that it matters much, but sometimes you have to make a personal stand.

All you liberal wackos - this measure is a job killer - what are you going to do with all your illegals who are gonna loose their jobs?

Eric664, thank you for your comment. We asked Tom Steyer about your allegations re Farallon Capital and here is what he responded:

"Margot--XTO was an energy company which "acquires, develops, exploits both producing oil and gas properties and unproved properties, and produces, processes, markets and transports oil and natural gas in locations that include Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi." It is Not an "alternative energy" company. It was a gas company which Exxon acquired because it had expertise in the new horizontal "fracking' technology. We owned it for a short time as an arbitrage against Exxon's deal. We own hundreds of stocks across the whole spectrum of industries including--like this one--oil and gas. It actually proves the opposite point that the blogger's trying to make. We are not a significant alternative energy investor, as I told you. "

"Besides, the forces of weather and climate are too massive for us mere humans to measurably affect. The climate will change whther we want it to or not - we can not influence it."

It's not about influencing the WEATHER! It's about influencing the amount of CRAP cancer-causing particles shot into the sky. It's a way to ensure that we are moving away from reliance on fossil fuels. Have you looked east towards the San Gabriels? The sky isn't supposed to look like that. Yes air quality has improved but Prop 23, which is getting sponsored by large, out-of-state companies reliant on fossil fuels, isn't going to help it to keep improving.

Prop 23 is presented to us now because we're in a recession and this is supposed to be some quick fix. It's not! Don't be short-sighted. Think longer term and think about who really wants this bill to pass.

The worst form of human beings on the planet. THESE are the real terrorists, the real "vampire squids" of humanity (to borrow Matt Taibbi's great phrase). One can only hope the Koch brothers face a brutally painful and slow death - since that is what they are foisting on the rest of humanity.

Hopefully they'll be counting their billions on a years-long death bed.


That hedge fund manager actually lives and votes in California. If you think that Texas oil billionaires have the well-being of California at heart, you can watch as they laugh all the way to the bank. Same thing with the Mormon church donating millions to Prop 8.

The L.A. Times coverage of Prop 23 has been completely ridiculous. When the Koch brothers contribute $1 million to the campaign, the Times goes wild - because the Koch brothers, who have long been known for their support of free markets and the removal of barriers to entry, have investments in oil. When Thomas Steyer, on the other hand, gives $2.5 million and pledges to give $2.5 million more, the Times celebrates his generosity....yet their is no mention of the fact that Steyer's company (Farallon Capital) holds $730 million in XTO Energy stock (an alternative energy firm). The Times could try a bit harder to represent both sides of the funding issue.

No more Valeros Gas for me :)

"Koch-funded groups have trained and organized "tea party" activists across the country."

Well, so much for all that "grassroots" movement nonsense. Their farce is exposed once again......

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