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Gulf oil spill: No oil gushing from well for the first time since April

For the first time in months, no oil is flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from BP's troubled well.

BP Senior Vice President Kent Wells said Thursday afternoon that the last of a series of valves on a cap atop the well was fully closed around 12:25 p.m. PDT, shutting off the flow.

The total seal is a temporary measure while BP tests the integrity of the well to determine if the pipes below the sea floor are in good enough shape to allow the seal to stay in place. 

The test could also show that the well is too compromised to withstand the seal. In that case, the valves  would be opened, releasing oil into the ocean again. BP would use a series of pipes and ships to suck up some -- and perhaps all -- of the leaking oil, estimated to be 60,000 barrels per day.

"As you can imagine, it felt very good not to see any oil going into the Gulf of Mexico," said Wells, who has been a prominent face of the beleaguered oil company since the April 20 blowout of the Deepwater Horizon rig. "What I'm trying to do is maintain my emotions. Remember, this is the start of our test."

-- Richard Fausset in Atlanta

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I've researched the Gulf Oil Spill extensively and posted my finings on my blog.
I believe I've documented an unnecessary 71 day delay in stopping the flow of oil into the Gulf.
Public documents and news reports show the Obama Administration had the plan, the people and the equipment used to "repair and seal" the well "on site" by May 2, 2010, day number 11 of the "Spill". The well should have been repaired by Day 15.
Example: The New York Times interviewed a BP Exec, the Times referred to the "repair plan" as “audacious” … on May 2, 2010.

CT, people have been pumping oil out from under the sea for a very long time, and while there have been many leaks, I have yet to hear of a disastrous collapse of the sea floor. In this case, even though the sea floor is ~5000 ft below the surface and so under a lot of pressure, the oil is ~13,000 ft below the sea floor. The oil will be replaced by water. If there is some settling, it will probably be of little consequence.

You might have more fun worrying about Beverly Hills High School being swallowed up by a giant sink hole.


Thank god they fixed this before it became a big problem!

LOL, now if they could just make a containment cap for Obamas mouth! LOL


Oh I should have put in my previous post that they are going to drill 4.3 miles DOWN off shore .
The last oil spill on land was from petrobras 10 years ago. It is still NOT CLEANED UP!!!

Stopped for now, but we will see what happens in the next few days.
Now we will see if bp lets this happen up in alaska when they go down 2 miles and sideways 6 -8 miles in earthquake and volcano areas of our pristine wilderness!!!
Then off to the pretrobras offshore that WE ARE ALL FINANCING thanks to OBAMA!!!
They are going to drill 4.3 miles offshore of BRAZIL and our president paid them 2 Billion dollars to support the project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alternative energy my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl, spare us the dramatics. If you really believe that then may I suggest you learn a bit more about the ecosystem?

Define "well" . . .

What about the second major blow-out miles away from what we are being shown, mentioned on CNBC-Dylan Ratigan?

Snowberl, are you for real? The GULF will never be the same and it WILL NOT come back as good as new!!!! Nice enough thought, but you are sadly mistaken. We are in a serious crisis and in this life time the gulf is dead and it cannot recover. Maybe in another life time, but not this one. It breaks my heart to say that too.

I think that since the oil stopped that the gulf will come back as good as new!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever, Hammer. What, should good ol' Tony and BP pat themselves on the back for this small progress? Get real.

This is a good start, but as the article says, it's only a start.

Countdown to people blaming Obama in...oh already happened. Thanks Hammer!

Countdown to Obama taking credit in 5...4...3...

Yeah, pull out what remains of the only thing holding the gulf floor up. Stupid dog.

Pump the oil out as fast as possible. The damage has already been done. Might as well get some benefit out of it.


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