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Gulf oil spill: Obama plans third visit to Gulf Coast

President Obama will head to the Louisiana Gulf Coast on Friday for his third visit to look at efforts to fight the massive oil spill in the region, the White House announced Thursday.

The visit comes as oil company BP continues its efforts to stop the leak at its well about a mile below the surface of the ocean. The disaster, which began with the explosion and sinking of a deep-water rig on April 20, has already spewed millions of gallons of oil into the gulf and is considered the nation's worst oil disaster.

Seeking to contain the political as well as the environmental effects of the leak, the Obama administration has stepped up its tempo in recent weeks, making officials, including the president, more visible and taking a tougher approach to dealing with BP.

In his recent appearances, Obama has insisted that dealing with the disaster is his administration's top priority. On Wednesday, he again pledged to fight the leak and its effects in a speech in Pittsburgh, where he called on the Senate to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation.

Despite the administration's efforts, which include more than 20,000 people along the gulf fighting the encroaching oil, local officials have complained that the administration has moved too slowly to deal with the spill, which is expected to continue to be an issue beyond the November elections.

-- Michael Muskal

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more photo op ? do us a favor and stick your head in the pipe... (obasmass katrina)

When he goes down there people complain, when he's back in Washington the same people complain. This is so unconstructive.

"Comprehensive climate and energy legislation?" I'm sure that will stop the leak. I'm sure that will clean up the beaches. Is that his response to everything? "We need comprehensive (fill in the blank) reform." How about doing something real to fix a problem right now?

This president is a comprehensive gas bag.

What more do we want him to do? Put on a scuba suit and plug it up himself???

Obama has already blamed Bush, BP and everyone else, so I guess this is just another photo op where he can say he cares.

What's the matter Mr. President, can't get a tee time for Friday?? So it's off to the Gulf for a photo op. I don't want to hear anyone ever say anything about Bush's response to Katrina after this guy sat on his hands for 5+ weeks!!! It's amateur hour!!

i love this website it gives me a chance to look out and seee the new news and aspects on of what has happend weather it was last night this morning 2 days ago or right now,
if imn not out im on la news looken at all the gossip(;
la news is something also on t,v, that i love watchen as well(:
well duces,

Maybe President Obama won't be wearing a suit down on the beach and will act like he cares this time. President Obama, please stop grand standing and take charge as a President should. Threatening to sue BP will not help the oil spill


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