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Gulf oil spill: Jimmy Buffett tells Florida beachgoers to stay upbeat

Musician Jimmy Buffett, wearing his Margaritaville-brand flip-flops, stood Saturday on a pier at tar-ball blotched Pensacola Beach and led a pro-beach rally, urging Floridians to "not get a 'sky is falling' attitude" over the looming oil slick.

Buffett said he has survived hurricanes, getting shot at in Jamaica and a plane crash, and he insisted he's ready to ride out the oil-spill disaster that in the last two days has hit the white sand beaches of the Florida Panhandle.

"This is an environmental disaster nobody asked for, but Floridians are a tough people," Buffet said to the crowd of 1,000 beachgoers.

Tar balls swept along by strong winds hit more of the Panhandle coast Saturday, including Perdido Key at the far west end of the state and Grayton Beach, about 60 miles east of Pensacola Beach. A dozen tar mats — slabs of thickened crude as long as 30 feet  — were found near Navarre Beach.

As spill-response workers collected oil blobs in the background, Buffett was joined by Gov. Charlie Crist. Although the expanding slick is largely offshore, it continues to drift east and threatens to devastate the state's crucial tourism industry.

For Crist, a sharp decline in visitors could drive up coastal unemployment and drive down state tax revenues. And for Buffett, crude oil washing ashore could spoil summer revenues as he opens his $50-million Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola Beach.

"People ought to come out here — it's beautiful," said Crist, putting up with an already hot and humid morning and sweating through his shirt. "Jimmy's opening a hotel here next week."

"Just batten down the hatches," Buffett said.

--Kevin Spear, Orlando Sentinel, reporting from Pensacola Beach, Fla.

Photo: Musician Jimmy Buffett, left, with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. Credit: Associated Press


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Look, Jimmy Buffett isn't a bad guy. He and his whole Margaritaville franchise are a little corporate, and I will admit that he IS trying to get people to come to his new hotel (which look tacky and cheap) but he does great stuff for Florida and it's wildlife. He's also inspired Parrotheads to do charity work for animals. Man, I don't live in Florida, nor have I ever been, but this guy isn't doing bad. This article clearly says that Buffett has said absolutely nothing bad. Infact, he says that Floridians are strong and that they just need to buckle down and help out with this wich is actually a good message. Good job, Mr. Buffett

For 60 days we have watched our neighbors on the Gulf Coast lose their coasts, beaches, marshes and wildlife, while proven solutions for actually CLEANING UP THE OIL are being stopped by government regulators.

I can't imagine an excuse that justifies the devastating loss or the total lack of co-operation from the government to CLEAN UP the Coast.

Deborah Oyler and Brenda Robinson, find themselves lost in a maze of federal bureaucracy, with no end in sight.

Their firms, Green Earth Naturally, LLC (GEN) and Environmental Solutions, Inc. (ESI) respectively, leading a team of small businesses from five states, at their own expense, have invested extensive time in the Gulf region studying the devastating environmental impact of the spill. The goal? To design a clean up that: 1) minimizes the impact of the encroaching oil by capturing the spill and degrading it before it ever reaches land; and 2) prevents oil from adhering to trees, shrubs, rocks, and wildlife on the beaches, marshes and other coastal areas.

They succeeded. Through a series of comprehensive tests in the Gulf region for more than a month they have validated a technology process that can effectively address the oil encroachment facing Gulf region states.

Help Us Clean the Gulf and Stop the Federal Stonewalling!

[email protected]

[email protected]

Obama said that the Oil spill won't be cleared up until august!

I live in Pensacola. People are responding negatively to this story and to similar stories in our own local paper. What many don't realize, even though it was widely reported on local news, is that the new hotel Jimmy Buffett is opening was ALREADY built and another hospitality company pulled out of the deal at the last minute. Jimmy's company came in to the deal well AFTER the spill and decided to buy the property and make it the first location of his new chain of hotels KNOWING that the oil was coming. That is saying something about him. He's a business man and that was a bad business decision but he made it all the same and is standing with us here in the panhandle. Like his music... hate his music, his actions are stand up. If he had built the hotel from the ground up, then I could understand the "phoney" comments. He didn't. He basically stepped up to the plate when the the prior committed company got scared off. Thanks Jimmy! Some of us really appreciate it. And some of the fools responding are just, well, they're just idiots.

I take issue with Jimmy's comment that "we're all guilty" for using oil. I didn't ask Ford, Firestone and Standard Oil to run the trolley cars out of business back in the 20's. Since then it's been the United States of Oil. Back in the 70's, with the gas lines, we had a chance to move forward with solar energy and electric cars (watch the movie Who Killed The Electric car) but lobbyists and Reagan derailed Carter's programs. Then the ignorant American public sat back when the Supreme Court elected "Dubya." Obama could restore faith in the government by bringing back the Civilian Conservation Corps, recruit some of the thousands of people out of work, bankrupt and near homeless, and send them to the Gulf to clean up the shoreline and save as many species of plants and animals as humanly possible, right now. We should all have solar panels on our houses and drive electric cars that we recharge from making our own energy.

Hmmmm... He has a lot of influence and I respect him greatly, but I'm a little disappointed he's not seething in anger.

No. This will not pass anytime soon.


I am not surprised by Jimmy Buffett's comments regarding the oil spill on our beautiful Gulf Coast. After all, he has a hotel opening up in a week on these beautiful beaches, and money speaks louder than an little ole oil spill. Maybe he can cut a new song called, "tar balls and paradise"..Anything to make a buck. Right Jimmy? Where were you after Katrina and Ivan. I didn't see you walking the beaches of your beloved native State of Alabama telling us that you were there for us. That's right. No benefit concert, no donations to help the homeless recover. Nothing. You have used and abuse us with your commercialism. Take your cheeseburger, and shove it where the sun don't shine..

June 6th, 1944:
Allied Forces commanded by General Dwight Eisenhower began the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany.

June 6th, 2010:
Today, we are not fighting the German Army, but we are under attack by a more formidable enemy that the great general warned us about in the last days of his unblemished presidency: The Military-Industrial Complex.

These boys have corrupted our political system to the point that this Gulf S*it
Happens. Vote ankle-bracelets for lobbyists . This is not a joke. It can and will be initiated constitutional amendment to the Florida Constitution. LAVA. Lobbyist Ankle-bracelet Voter Amendment. Get with it.

i was gobsmacked when i read some of the cali comments

Buffet made some stpuid, insensitive remarks. He needs to open mouth, insert foot, or open behind, extract head. I don't care which. This is a disaster of global consequence. The sooner people get determined and stop being in denial? The better.

Buffett? When did you sell out? Were you always a sellout, and we were all thinking you were too drunk to do such a thing all this time? Your comments offend me to the core, not for myself, but for all the slowly dying birds and fish and critters who are in ocmplete agony with no relief in sight. I am offended on behalf of the dead wetlands, and dying wetlands. I am offended for the waters of the fulf, and shores of teh gulf, tainted by this poison forever. I am offended for the earth, bleeding and mostly ignored. You suck.

The real truth will eventually emerge from the eco crime in the gulf - connect the dots here - there is much more, but this is for starters:

Peter Sutherland stepped down as chairman of BP in January this year after 13 years in that position. He is still chairman of Goldman Sachs International. Goldman Sachs sold around 44 % of their BP holdings shortly before the explosion. Halliburton and Schlumberger personnel (both joined at the hip with others here) were on the rig hours before the explosion, but had left in time.

Jimmy Buffett is a native of the Alabama/Florida panhandle. His career and emphasis on Florida in his music over the last 30 years has made marked increases in the Florida tourism industry from Pensacola to Key West . He owns numerous shops, restaurants,a stadium, and yes now a hotel which will again pour millions into the Florida economy and create jobs. Sure, he makes money but he could have chose to build in California or even in the Bahamas or Mexico where he has other businesses, but he didn't.

Jimmy Buffett doesn't love animals???!!! For YEARS he has given MILLIONS to save the manatee, a mammal that lives in the Florida everglades. The species has been threaten by boat props and fishing nets. He has done numerous fund raising events and given portions of various project proceeds to reclaiming habitat and educating the public.

This is where the man LIVES! He cares about Florida, the people, the wildlife, and yes the economy. Before you shoot off at the mouth about something you know nothing about, get educated!!

I have lost a lot of respect for Jimmy Buffett after listening to his comments on the beaches. He kept plugging his new hotel and stating that it will be all ok and my hotel will be open on schedule so come on out! All about the money. Sickining!!

JIMMY BUFFET is almost a billionaire - he owns a baseball team, and makes millions from his records. He sunk in $50 million in this hotel business which is all he cares about - you spending your loot on his hotel resort. Now with all of his multi-million dollars he can't build a single sanctuary for all of those poor turtles, and birds covered and dying of crude oil poisoning. Please boycott Jimmy Buffett and all of his products. What a phony baloney he is.

Jimmy Buffett wants you to visit his hotel which he spent $50 million on. That's all he's worried about. What a FIRST CLASS PHONY!

BOYCOTT Margaretaville!

Oh and those cheeseburgers in paradise are full of artery clogging cholesterol

All Jimmy Buffett is worried about is his $50 million investing in this hotel business. What a phony. He would care less about the wildlife. He won't even help the dying animals. What a phony piece of poop!

I live in Pensacola, Fla. At first I thought Jimmy Buffets comments were insensitive to "locals" feelings. We were gripped with gloom & depression over the future prospects of destruction of our beloved area. But, I am now feeling that his statements were meant to "kick us in the ass" , get us helping, get us voicing our opinions, get us doing whatever it takes to get past this oil disaster. I trust we are up to challenge...with the countrys help.

The arrogance displayed by BP, in what now is termed the greatest ecological disaster in history is a phenomenal response in terms of lack there of.

This oil slick will eventually get into the Gulf Stream and eventually on our shores on the East Coast. The heartache of watching oil slicked marshes, oil covered pelicans attempting to fly continues on a daily basis.

The Coast Guard and industry lobbyists continue the legal fight against the Massachusetts Oil Spill Prevention Act. Attorney General Martha Coakley is fighting federal regulations to try and end a turf war. It took eight years for a jury to award damages in the Buzzards Bay spill.

On April 27, 2003, eight years ago the Bouchard Barge B-120 hit an obstacle in Buzzards Bay, creating a 12-foot rupture in its hull and discharging an estimated 100,000 gallons of No. 6 oil. The oil is known to have affected an estimated 90 miles of shoreline, killed 450 numerous bird species, and recreational use of the bay, such as shell fishing and boating.

Do not forget the massive spraying of toxic dispersants over the gulf. Clean up crews got sick while working in the vicinity of the sprayed areas, and these toxic chemicals will find their way through the water and possibly come in contact with swimmers. This particular dispersant has been banned in Europe. Oil and a toxic brew of chemicals do not bode well for beachgoers, wildlife and eco systems in the gulf - a jewel in this troubled land.

The Washington Post just published an online article about the Gulf Oil slick a couple hours ago. It discusses the short and long term biological ramifications there and compares it to studies of other "spills" like the Exxon Valdez or the Gulf Ixtoc 1 in 1979. Missing from most media reports and for sure missing from the present Congress is an immediate call for placement of acoustic switches and/or other devices for emergency shut-off on remaining deep well rigs, production or exploratory. The ease of placement differs between these two types as explained by an 'expert' to me via phone a few days ago.

I am running for US Senate here in New York and am also dealing with the prospect of fracking here for natural gas in Upstate New York in the Marcellus Shale deposits. Anyone reading this post, as has been done on Kos before is welcome to send money bombs to my website donate link. I will explain further. I am trying to get on the ballot here in the next few weeks and need help doing do. Here's what is potentially at stake just in the two above situations alone.

If one more rig has a breach in the Gulf any time soon due to 'wear and tear', Hurricane damage, etc..kiss the Gulf ecosystem and economy further good bye. If a fracking (deep fracturing for natural gas) accident happens in the Upstate New York watershed and,it contaminates Downstate's water supply,namely 9 million in NYC, it will make 9/11 look like a scratch. We need to reboot this Congress and start at least doing a "stepping stone approach" without Lobby money to improve things in the US on many fronts; protecting the Oil Industry from installing these on remaining rigs is plain insane.

I need your help, as I stated...I can't go into all the different issues out there; I just focused on two on donate and make this a campaign for the people, not for another smiling politician anxious to move up in the ranks.
Scott Noren DDS
US Senate Candidate,NY 2010

Dear Jimmy... I will not hold it against you that you are proclaiming the beaches are still beautiful despite this horrific disaster which happens to be much more like the devil is spewing out the contents of hell rather than that of a 'spill' so that you may still be able to have a profitable summer. However, I do urge you to actually use this as an opportunity to draw in customers as well as help out! Use your hotel for good and offer a place for FREE or AT LEAST REALLY REALLY CHEAP to those that can aid in cleaning up and helping out.

The residents will have to hire their own attorneys . The government will not help you ! The example is the 2003 Buzzards Bay oil spill !

The residents of the Gulf should review recent Massachusetts law news.

A jury through an environmental class action suit has recently awarded Massachusetts property owners damages eight years after the oil spill ravaged Buzzards Bay, polluting residential beaches, devastating ecosystems and hurting local property values, according to lawyers for the plaintiffs.

On April 27, 2003, eight years ago the Bouchard Barge B-120 hit an obstacle in Buzzards Bay, creating a 12-foot rupture in its hull and discharging an estimated 100,000 gallons of No. 6 oil. The oil is known to have affected an estimated 90 miles of shoreline, killed 450 numerous bird species, and recreational use of the bay, such as shell fishing and boating.

Wasted away again in oil-addicted America...

Oh come on, how can beach-goers not be disturbed by globs of oil floating down their bodies as they swim on the beach with dead sea animals. There is a lot that needs to be done and done fast to mitigate any effects. The spill is going to have long term effects and they can be quite bad. See

"Because of the BP oil spill, now's the time to
replace our petroleum based economy with a
methanol based economy." 6/4/10
John M. Kocol Founder & CEO

Since the BP oil spill, as Founder & CEO of, I'm the first person in the world that is calling for replacing our petroleum based economy with a methanol based economy. Had methanol spilled, within just a few days, it would of completely mixed with water.

In other words,,don't buy into the fear mongering..


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