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Gulf oil spill: Boat captain, despondent over spill, commits suicide

William Allen Kruse, 55, a charter boat captain recently hired by BP as a vessel of opportunity out of Gulf Shores, Ala., died Wednesday morning before 7:30 a.m. of a gunshot to the head, likely self-inflicted, authorities said.

"He had been quite despondent about the oil crisis," said Stan Vinson, coroner for Baldwin County, which includes Gulf Shores.

Kruse, who lived with his family in nearby Foley, Ala., reported to work Wednesday morning as usual at the Gulf Shores Marina on Fort Morgan Road in Gulf Shores, Vinson said. He met up with his two deckhands at his boat, The Rookie. One of the deckhands later told Vinson that Kruse seemed his usual self, sending them to fetch ice while he pulled the boat around to the gas pumps.

As the deckhands walked off to get ice, they heard what sounded like a firecracker, Vinson said. They turned around but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. So they proceeded to gather the ice and wait for Kruse at the pumps. "He never showed," Vinson said.

After waiting a while, the deckhands returned to the boat, which was moored where they had left it, Vinson said. They went aboard and found Kruse at the captain's bridge above the wheelhouse, Vinson said. He had been shot in the head. A Glock handgun was later recovered from the scene, and investigators do not suspect foul play, Vinson said.

Vinson said Kruse was in good health, did not suffer from any mental illness and was not taking psychotropic medications.

But he said it's not surprising the oil spill had weighed heavily on his mind, as it has on many local fishermen no longer able to support themselves with deep-sea sport fishing trips for marlin and the like, Vinson said.

"All the waters are closed. There's no charter business anymore. You go out on some of the beaches now, with the oil, you can't even get in the water," Vinson said. "It's really crippled the tourism and fishing industry here."

Vinson's office was to perform an autopsy Wednesday, and the Gulf Shores Police Department is still investigating. Det. Justin Clopton did not return calls.

Kruse's family was notified by Wednesday afternoon, Vinson said, and his deckhands were sent home for the day.

-- Molly Hennessy-Fiske

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They had already stopped granting new boat fishing licenses in Texas years ago.
You have to buy them from existing captains now. So, most of the new Texas boats then had to fish Louisiana waters.
I personally think this is just another accident they can use to their advantage to drive up seafood prices, distribute grants for "clean ups", wild life restoration, more wet lands acts, etc. etc. Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, now Gulf Oil Spill.
Economy, economy, economy!

The situation in the Gulf Coast is so unimaginable that it is hard to describe.
Entire pods of Bottle-nosed dolphins are gasping in the oil 20/30 miles out. As I write they are dying in brown, oily waters. Charter a flight with SouthWings and you can see this for yourself.
The physical destruction is unlike anything on this planet!
The media coverage in this country does not even begin to unveil the catastrophic conditions now created by this event.
Perhaps they are really afraid because as the countdown continues it is looking very grim,very,very grim.
The physical condition of the Gulf mirrors what is beginning
among ALL ages in this part of our country and the Captain is just the first in an unprecedented situation.
I believe if this had occurred on the West Coast at Torry Pines or La Jolla, BP would be in no position to tell our Goverment or the people of the United States anything because BP would be silenced!


Sounds like "foul play" to me, I believe BP and "any thing" tied to Dick Cheney (Halliburton) is capable of doing anything and whatever it takes to cover up every detail they can in the tragic mess they have created... remember Dick shot someone in the face, was it an accident???

If I was worried about how I was going to provide for my family, I certainly would not commit suicide life insurance policies will not pay benifits for suicide deaths, I would be able to do more to help them by finding another job someplace else, even if it meant leaving them to work in another city or state; It's not as if there would be one less mouth to feed but that I would want to be around to ensure that my family is going to make it through this difficult time.

OK now just how is BP going to fix this? They have decimated people's lives and destroyed a valuable eco system that may never fully recover. I seriously doubt that this will be the last of the suicides. This is about more than just the oil! This is about families, livlihoods and a way of life that may be forever gone. Go ahead BP, call them the little people one more time!
This disaster rests solely on teh shoulders of BP who repeatedly failed inspection after inspection by their own inspectors! I hope that after all the law suits are settled, right down to the kid who lost a lemonade stand, that BP will cease to exist and be turned over to a more ethical group of people.

It's Odumbas fault, all of you morons that are still blaming Bush, get a life.

Died because of the oil spill. Unlikely. He died because he was a selfish man. Had $70,000 coming to him for two weeks work and didn't want to fill out the papers to get it. Boat captains often had disaster to deal with. They have hurricanes that cut them out of work and other things. They have to plan for these disasters just as any self-employed person does.

I hope the investigators check deep into his story. He has a grown daughter, maybe she can shed some light on the life of her father. He had a younger wife and two younger kids. Maybe they were his problem and not the oil spill.

Peace to "Rookie."

Yes, oil spill is horrible tragedy, but is SUICIDE really the rational solution. SELFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! what about his wife he left behind, his family , his friends. He just left his wife to fend for herself. She will recieve no benefit cause this moran shot himself. I dont feel sorry for him. I think he is an idiot and took the easy way out. There is not another act more selfish or self-serving than suicide. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

This is what happens ignorant Southerners when you all keep voting for Republicans.

As a life-long Commercial Fisherman, I can understand his reasons ...

My heart is cracked and I pray to god everyday to bring some sort of peace to the gulf of mexico, the people that live there, their way of life and the animal species that are dying there. I know it is going to be a very long time before anything gets back to some kind of normal, years. I pray for everyone including the people that caused this horrible tragedy, even though some people might say they don't deserve it. I hope that BP realizes their mistake and become forth right in their place in history and do the right thing. So far I hate to say, but that isn't happening as of yet. They plan to go ahead with more dangerous drilling in Alaska. My heart goes out to the family and friends of William Kruse. I hope and pray there will be no others that will take their lives in the name of this tragedy. That in itself is another tragedy.

According to the mayor of Orange Beach, BP hadn't paid Allen for 21 days of work, something fairly common. They also changed his home port to a port hours away from his home and his usual port.

I've heard rumour that he was also afraid that they were going to fire him because he could no longer afford to maintain his vessel - because he hadn't been paid by BP. This is something that BP is doing with a bit of regularity.

If the LA Times wants to do something constructive, they could look into how BP is, at least according to what I've been hearing, destroying the lives of the boaters it hires under its vessels of opportunity program (I was going to say livelihoods, but BP has already done that).

By the way, he leaves behind a wife and two young children. Between the idiocy of BP and the willful destructiveness of the Obama Administration, I'm afraid they won't be the last.

I see the right wing whitetrashosphere is trying to blame Obama for his "slow response" and for "refusing foreign help" (whatever that would have done). Sorry, but neither of those accusations have any merit. Jindal, meanwhile, has refused to deploy his National Guardsmen, even though he was given full authorization from Admiral Allen. And the sand berm is a joke that will get washed away in hours - after it is completed in nine months.

Should Obama have purged the Bush-besotted MMS earlier? Absolutely. That's his biggest failure. Of course, had he done so we would have been treated to an endless parade of ex-MMS/oil execs on Fox News whining about "socialism."

The oil spill is the best evidence yet that big business - big oil in this case - requires more - and more effective - regulation than the Reaganites have given us for the last 30 years (and yes, that includes the Clinton Administration).

Do you idiots not understand....The current US Government people do not want this spill stopped or any part of the mess cleaned up. The bigger mess it makes the better. How can you outlaw oil use if there is not something to fool the fools with....How you people can not see this is beyond me. Get enough tree hugging fools screaming about the horrors of oil and oil products, then they can pass "laws" of restriction. Consumer pays always the tax, companies do not pay taxes, they just pass it on to the consumer. It is called economics 101...........

This lamentable act brought to you by the DNC, Soros and Co., and the devils in D.C. Just another ramification of BHO-ZO's stunning INCOMPETENCY AND EXECUTIVE IMPOTENCY. Barry is a third rate hustler and a spectacular fool; accustomed to "others" doing for him, while he basks in the limelight and postures for the cameras. He forgot that in a crisis, the POTUS is the ONLY guy in charge--not a committee of "experts", inept cabinet members, misanthropic czars, community disorganizers, and effete marxist academics. The buck stopped with Obama, and he pocketed it for change. WHAT A COMPLETE, INCOMPETENT EMPTY SUIT. EVEN HILARY HAS BIGGER TESTES THAN THIS SECOND RATE MACK-DADDY. Hey Barry, I have a dream: TAKE BACK AMERICA-- NOV. 2010!! Remove the treasonous rats from power and re-establish our wonderful republic. RED, WHITE & BLUE: THESE COLORS DON'T RUN...

can't blame obama for this guy shooting himself but it starts with obama in a way for allowing off-shore drilling.

All I have to say is that I'm sorry for the man taking his own life because of this terrible environmental disaster, but the bottom line is this: If this President, Barrack Hussein Obama doesn't get off his butt and WAIVE THE JONES ACT IMMEDIATELY, then kiss the entire Gulf Coast good-bye. What a disgrace of a President for not waiving the Jones Act in the very first two weeks of this disaster. Incompetence can't describe what goes on in this Man-Child's head of his, but it is not for the protection of the American people I can tell you!!!!!!!

While BP and Trans-whoever are responsible for not having functioning equipment to control a blow-out, OBAMA himself is directly responsible for the damage the oil is doing to the coastline because he OBSTRUCTED all efforts to stop it from reaching the coastline as well as OBSTRUCTED efforts to minimize damage to the coastline IF it reached the coastline.

He refuses to waive the Jone Act.
He refuses to accept foreign help like Dutch and Belgium skimmers
In many instances he has refused/delayed allowing individual state agencies take pro-active measures and clean-up efforts on their own.
He has intentionally turned should have been a CONTROLLABLE gusher problem WAY off shore into an ecological disaster for his political agenda to shove 'green' energy legislation down our throats and that will totally bury our economy like it did to Spain.

Obama is a born DICTATOR. He hates our Constitution and is doing everything he can to make this disaster as bad as possible in order to claim he has a reason to take total control over our cheap energy resources - what built our country. As revealed by a federal judge, he shut down deep water drilling totally by fiat, (not ONE expert recommended a moratorium on deep water drilling!), and for that he should be impeached. I can see this November from my house...

Deepest condolence..though everyone is touched about the spill.

Now that the United States of America knows what a catastrophe (caused by an international company) is like on home sand, perhaps you'll be more contrite about the spillages & catastrophes elsewhere, caused by US-owned corporations - such as in the Niger delta.

So, take your existence more seriously.

Get your heads down into clearing up this mess just like you expect other nations to cope, but by all means send the bill to 40% US-owned BP.

This planet is often made to suffer for the US economy, your plastic products and your highly-caloried diet. So, perhaps you could also get Obama to stop embarrassing himself & your nation, by being more constructive about the clean-up and be more respectful of his Presidency.

At last, a solution to the oil spill that puts money in people's pockets!
Great idea guys!

We should have given it 110% right since day one.

It really angers me, and blows my mind that people still defend Obama, Bush, or any other criminal in charge. EVERYBODY IN THAT PLACE IS THE ENEMY!

My G-d, what will it take to finally get it through your heads? You all need some serious help. But what's the point of even wasting my words. Good luck to you, you deserve what you get and if you think ignorance is bliss, you'll be the most surprised.

I am ashamed and embarrassed by most of these so called citizens. I loathe the mentality of you, and the worst part is that you'll find a way to support this madness even as you draw your last breath.

I hate to admit this but, as a people, we deserve to be eliminated. Ignorance is an epidemic worse than any virus or plague in history, and it is spreading across the land like a tsunami from hell.

Either educate yourselves or eat a .357 sandwich like the poor boat captain which nobody seems to empathize with. Most of you aren't worth the cost of a bullet. You disgust me. so long suckers!

How awful and very sad for the family. I fear this is just the beginning, just proving that we all MUST keep the focus. No finger pointing, no harassment in any one direction. If we all can use our strength to shut off the oil, FIRST. One new plan is to use the Navy to blow up the well. Please, unified strength instead of contributing to the chaos.

First: This article is about a man who committed suicide not Obama. My heart is extended to his family, friends, crew and other fishermen in the same situation.

Second: There have been times over the last several years where I too have felt backed into a corner financially, in relationships, government etc. I don't think there are too many Americans that differ from that. (2% of the population aka the wealthy don't.) Most of you who will read this can agree! Look at the job rate etc. This (the oil spill) is going to be the icing on the cake for a lot of troubled individuals in this HARD time.

Third: At this point what does it matter if it were Obamass or Bushyass who "caused" the problem. Further yes while they (our president) has a substantial say in what happens with our country they are NO different than the Queen of England. They (the president) is a figure head, the representation, the one person who speaks for us all. NOTHING more. Get a clue and start voting the right senators, congressmen, representatives etc. THEN you will start to see REAL change.

Last: FORGET the politics of this issue and think about our soil, children and their children. We need to change our focus from what side is better than the other (Repub/Democ) or right vs. wrong. We need to focus on preserving what we have and that is LIFE on EARTH. We can do ANYTHING we put our minds too, including fixing this spill.

This is a heavy duty spill. How can BP deny it. If you or anyone you know is feeling overwhelmed and/or helpless and/or not being in control remember it is not your fault. Talk, post, take a walk or get out of there but don't contemplate suicide. Get help...we all need each other.

All of you are fools! Bush was and is a retard. Cheney & Bush own stocks in Halliburton and oil companies BP included. All politicians are crooks and the American people have to pay for it. Wake up people, both parties are corrupt. Americans need to re-educate themselves to ALL the facts not just simple minded left or right. The house is on fire and you are standing there arguing over should we pour hot water or cold water on the fire. WATER A holes!

Never in my life have a seen such a pathetic group of people. Do you people REALLY think it's ok to pass judgment on people that you don't know because of one comment they left on a news post? Really? And when did it become ok to call people names like "idiot", "moron" & "stupid" just because they don't agree with YOUR political views? This country is screwed & it's not because of our president (or past presidents) it's because of our residents. We, as a country, are so greedy, spoiled, rude & ungrateful it's rediculious. Do you guys really think the answer to our problems is to go online, find an article about the oil spill and find people that disagree with you & then proceed to tell them that they're a "moron" for thinking what they do & that they should "shut up"? You really think that's going to solve our problems?! Wow. And do you really think that you, or anyone else you know, really knows all about the innerworkings of being THE PRESIDENT?! you really think he's just hanging out watching tv & eating cheetos while oil is gushing into our oceans?! You people need to grow up & remember that you DONT know everything...stop pretending that you do. Stop being so judgmental & stop pushing your opinions on other people. Opinions, after all, are like as*holes. Everybody has one. But opinions are not FACTS, so yours is no more important than the next guys. If you feel the need to share your opinion, keep it civil. Remember to be kind & respectful. It's not hard. Nor is it a lot to ask. It shouldn't even be an issuem, but somewhere along the way we as a country decided that it's ok to treat our fellow countrymen like crap, like they're beneath us & that's really not ok. This is an article about a man that killed himself & it's turned into a petty name calling argument a fourth grader would have. Let's grow up, people.

I 'll explain it to you. The previous administration allowed all kinds of loopholes of safety requirements for the oil and gas industry as well as billions in subsidies to allow these companies to drill baby drill before the subsidies ended. The Obama administration allowed all of this to continue, knowing full well that these companies were reckless and had NO PLANS in place for what to do if a spill happened. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was not taking charge of the spill from the beginning in order to coordinate efforts to mitigate the damage to the coastline instead of mitigating damage to BP's PR. Mistake number three is not overriding the recent ruling on the drilling ban with some other mechanism to force these companies to establish EFFECTIVE mitigation plans in case of accident. Mistake number four not repealing the energy act of 2005 which created all the loopholes for the oil and gas industry to begin with. There is a bill currently in the Congress called the FRAC Act, that would repeal many of these safety exemptions and subsidies for the oil and gas industry. The Obama administration has dragged its feet on this legislation, and therefore is just as culpable as the previous administration in continuing the policies and practices that allow the oil and gas industry to deface and destroy our environment at will without any recompense, IMHO.

To innerty,

How about doing a little home work for yourself and not relying on some profit driven (right or left wing) media outlet. Obama received money from BP employees only. Like a said a little homework done by you would have revealed that. Also, guess where BP's US headquarters is? Answer: Chicago, so maybe he got these monies from local folks who work for BP? Fox News, CNN News, or any other source like them are all the same. They are not sources for news they are part of the entertainment industry. Their goal is to entertain you. That doesn't necessarily mean make you happy, but could mean figuring out what issues piss the public off and misrepresenting those issues.

" I think it is a tragedy in the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown -- in this case a $20 billion shakedown -- with the attorney general of the United States, who is legitimately conducting a criminal investigation and has every right to do so to protect the American people, participating in what amounts to a $20 billion slush fund that's unprecedented in our nation's history, which has no legal standing, which I think sets a terrible precedent for our nation's future."
Joe Barton

"I think the people responsible in the oil spill--BP and the federal government--should take full responsibility for what's happening there," Boehner said at his weekly press conference this morning.
John Boehner

“You lie!”
Joe Wilson

"The ACLU has a long and proud history of defending the First Amendment, and while I haven't seen polling on this, I'd bet that most Americans are fairly pro-First Amendment. But, thanks to a generation of conservative activism, the ACLU is now best known as "those guys who hate Christmas."

By defining the terms of constitutional debate such that it doesn't involve the lives of ordinary people, conservatives have disconnected Americans from their legal system. And that leaves room for lots of shenanigans.

By controlling the conversation, the Federalist Society has moved the Supreme Court sharply to the right.

The Roberts Court has systematically dismantled the legal protections that help ordinary people find justice when wronged by the economically powerful.

If you have a credit card, if you watch TV, if you file insurance claims, if you work - in other words, if you participate in American daily life at all - then you interact with corporations that are more powerful than you are.
The degree to which those corporations' rights are protected over yours, well, that's extremely relevant to your life.
And in case after case after case, the Roberts Court has put not just a thumb, but a fist, on the scale in favor of those corporations.
What conservative legal activists are really interested in is this question: What individual rights are so basic and so important that they should be protected above a corporation's right to profit?

And their preferred answer is: None of them. Zero."
Al Franken

Suicide? I'm thinking no about that. There's more afoot here than we'll ever know in this lifetime. They're hiding something, and God help us all.

Hey idiots at least kill the Brits before you go
Hang Hayworth

I blame Obama because he prevented other countries that volunteered within 3 days after the spill began, to send in their skimmers to help clean up this mess. There are many other ways that Obama has prevented people from reducing the environmental impact of this spill. Obama wants the environment damaged and jobs lost. It will further his agenda. Unfortunately, that is all Obama cares about. The White house knew as early as Feb. that there were significant problems with the rig. That is why Obama and Soros sold off their BP holdings in March at a significant profit. Anyone else would be charged with insider trading.Do some research. You'll find what I say is true.

The differences between Bush with Katrina and Obama with this gusher are GLARING.

Bush followed the rule of LAW and did not launch a FEMA response because the LAW states that the governor of the affected state must REQUEST federal help. Kathleen Blanco sat on her a** for days until finally requesting help. She even turned down help offered by neighboring states. Bush also waived the JONES ACT right away to allow foreign ships to assist us in the area - help that was VERY appreciated at the time.

Obama said he was at work from 'day one' but can anyone point to one specific thing that he did to help mitigate the disaster? He has done the exact OPPOSITE! He has staunchly defended the unions and refused to lift the Jones Act which prevents the use of foreign oil skimmers. The Dutch offered four sets of skimming equipment within a week of the well blow out. The help was REFUSED by Obama then and two months later is STILL refusing to allow their help! Why?

LA governor and many other LA officials desperately attempted to defend the ecologically sensitive marsh areas BEFORE the slick reached them and what did Obama do to over-ride the federal agencies obstructing those efforts? NOTHING! (Besides go play golf...) Why?

Obama put all deep water drilling on hold on the basis of a report that has been revealed by a LA judge to be FRAUDULENT. None of the experts impaneled to review deep water drilling safety signed off on the idea of stopping drilling - Obama just DICTATED that via Ken Salazar . Why?

He's a community organizer not a president. He ONLY thinks about the potential political advantages of what it might do for HIM and nothing about the impact it might have on US.

Obama simply does not care about the USA or its citizens beyond getting them to vote for him. His INACTION and obstruction during a time of national crisis easily shows that he is not fit to be President of the USA and should be relieved of command..

If I knew Obama was going to be this bad I would have switched parties and voted for Hillary in the primary instead of holding my nose later to vote for McCain.

Obama is a thug and the WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

Innercity, it's not the accident, it's the NON-RESPONSE TO IT, you bonehead. The Obama administration has done everything possible to impede any progress at stopping this oil from reaching the shore. Halting skimmers built by the Cajuns affected by this, to check for life vests and fire extinguishers. Stopping the building of sand berms because of ENVIRONMENTAL REASONS. Are you fucking serious? Enacting a drilling moratorium at the behest of the Center for American Progress, reported on by multiple sources including the Wall Street Journal, for the benefit of George Soros, a major investor in Brazilian oil drilling. Why would we stop US drilling, but give Brazil $2 billion dollars to drill TWICE AS DEEP as the Deepwater Horizon?

I want to be able to express my opinion freely, so I don't bother posting on moderated boards.

weird how the obama haters have totally turned a blind eye, as far as oil contributions go, to the man in the pocket of the oil companies- TX (R) Representative Joe Barton. But he's one of them so I guess he doesn't count. Anyone know who Barton's #1 campaign contributor is? Oh.. well whaddaya know- it's Anadarko Petroleum, which had a 25% ownership stake in the Deepwater Horizon. #1 in campaign contributions from oil and utility companies among US Representatives. Oil apologist of the first order! In office since 1985! But keep blaming Obama!

This is so sad. Our economy is going to suffer genocide. WHY has our government NOT invoked the laws under the National Response Plan and National Contingency Plan? Why have we learned nothing from the Exxon Valdez spill and continue to let our government and BP control the information, the response? How many species of wildlife is "enough" to make extinct? How many people such as Allan must become so despondent over the situation will it take? Can our government and BP at least give us a "number", so we will know where THEIR "line in the sand" is?

Condolences to the family of this fisherman. I fear this won't be the last such tragedy. No doubt the man was overcome by the overall hopelss feeling of the massive death and destruction of these beautiful waters as far as the eye can see. It is a most horrific scene and one I can imagine too much to bear for many, hoping only that few take such a route.
As for the relentless political 'blame game' goes, this whole cake was baked up way back during the Reagan admin. with all the deregulation that took place sprinkled right in. Bush and Cheney iced that cake and hence; the fuse was lit.
As for Katrina, most survived the hurricane just fine. It was the failure of the leveies that caused the nightmares of the days that followed. Indeed Bush's administration ignored all aspects of maintenance throughout our country, the upkeep and upgrading of these levies included. It was nothing short of a 'they should be OK' interest that Bush took and lest we forget; "way to go Brownie" as seniors were abandoned in wheelchairs on hot bridges with no water or any relief for days on end. This horrific suffering was barely even recognized by president Bush though 'inflicted' by pure governmental apapthy.
The bipassing of The Clean Water/Air Acts for Oil and Gas exploration etc. was a direct result of Dick Cheney's 'influence' which just happens to be called the 'Halliburton Loophole'. Obama didn't 'cause' any of this. It is all fallout from decades of deregulation that are now offering us up one crumbling economy and dying world. This cake was already baked when they left it on Obama's desk. Wake up people! If you weren't there, study harder!

Bush and Obama are blamed because their inaction and inappropriate action before and after the calamities was so horrendous, some people believe our government no longer has our best interest at heart.

Go to YouTube videos. Search out videos by Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman. Expand yur horizons.


Alternative Energy Manhattan Project NOW!!! I second that, everybody needs to get on top of this.
It is already too late.....

Insult Obama and you meet him the very next day (General McChrystal). Spill millions of gallons of crude in the Gulf of Mexico and you meet with Obama after 54 days (BP CEO Hayward).

People are getting upset at the blame pointed at Obama because...???

I feel very sad for the man who took his life and especially for his family. That said, if he left immed. family was a gutless move. Oil is needed and that is a simple fact of life. The blame lays directly at the feet of those who drove oil companies out into the deep waters. If this issue had happened in shallow waters the problem would have been solved a long time ago. Before anyone excuses Obama from being held responsible, look at the fact he was give more campaign $'s from BP than any other candidate. Also why were so many exclusions given to BP from a environmental standpoint. BP should be held accountable, but all need to remember, BP feeds many other mouths here on dry land in the US. Boycotting them only unemploys fellow citizens and we certainly don't need that.

Leave Michael Jackson ALONE!

Very sad. I went out on the gulf with this captain a few years back, it was a great fishing experience. The whole thing is sickening, hate that it (along with the weather and everything else) has become so politicized.

Obama doesn't want the leak to stop.. he doesn't want the mess to be cleaned up... He wants more damage.. Obama knows the worse the damage from this disaster the better chance he has of passing his cap and tax bill... disgusting political opportunist.. he cares not for America, just his vision of control.... f this commie.

Now, you really believe this bs? I smell the scent of a Chicago thug in this.

"Everyone who wants to blame Obama for this disaster: could you please explain how the president had anything to do with the inner workings and decision-making of a foreign owned oil company?"
Good question..Now here's mine..could somebody please explain how the president had anything to do with the arrival of Hurricane Katrina? Lets not forget how the press and the dems in this country took "W" to the tool shed on it. He offered assistance to Louisiana, but it was rejected. The Government dependent citizens of the area would not leave when told to and ended up suffering for it. A reporter asked a large black women why she isn't leaving as instructed, and her response was "my government check comes in on wed". The people responsible for evacuations, like Mayor Ray Nagan, who did nothing but blame Bush, he actually said in a church service that Katrina was punishment from God over the Iraq war...and he was re-elected by the same people who he abandoned!. Gotta keep New Orleans the "Chocolate City".
But this disaster is different. It continues every day. There is no rebuilding, and there's no end in sight.
Was "W" on the golf coarse everyday during Katrina? Was he throwing elaborate Hollywood parties every other week? Did he blame Clinton? The correct answer is no. People could say what they wanted about Bush, but at least he surrounded himself with highly intelligent people, unlike Obama who has advisers that are giving him poor advise. Examples: "The Cambridge Police acted stupidly" Bringing a teleprompter into a kindergarten. Putting a tax cheat in charge of taxes. Giving back a bust of Winston Churchill that was given to Bush after 9/11 from Tony Blair. Bowing to all heads of State. Allowing the press to record him every time he played golf during this crisis. Finally giving an Oval Office speech about the oil spill that offered no specifics on how he was going to achieve these goals to stop it..and then goes on a 6 minute babble session pushing his agenda for clean energy. Thats like explaining to a person who is suffering a heart attack about the benefits of long term nutrition.and I could go on and on.
At least with Bush you knew what you were getting..with Barry, everything is a mystery...He may not be responsible for the Gulf disaster, but he is not showing the world that he is very serious about stopping it. Its almost like he wants it to keep leaking so he can do what he does best...sue. The man has no spine...he's no Commander and Chief.

At least he's getting all the gay legislation through. Thats what really matters gays have been oppressed for too long.No he doesn't have an obsession with all things gay,it's just that he recognizes things in an order of priority.I don't care what anyone says about Obama he's the greatest President we have ever had.
This oil thing is overblown and people pay too much attention to it.
June is LGBT month ! Lets have a good time celebrating it instead of all the gloom and doom over this little problem in the Gulf Of Mexico.
He's doing great!
The refugees of the drug war have the USA to emigrate to where they can get paid a fair wage and good health care.People don't look at the good things he is doing.I am sure he will use the money he gets from BP to keep up the other more high priority issues that face us today.Great job Mr.Obama! I am proud to be an American ...finally! Don't let these whiners get you down and keep on making this the greatest country in the world! Yes We Can ! Yes We Can ! Yes We Can!

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