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Gulf oil spill: BP's well gushing at a higher rate

BP's well appears to be gushing at a higher rate, and the cap containment system appears to be off. The oil company is not commenting. The feed from Skandi's ROV 2 shows a rapid and unabated stream of rusty-colored oil.
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Oil Containment Bladder

Lower a bladder (Ruber, Vinyl, Laytex…) down over the spill to contain the oil.

Leak spewing out at a rate of 5000 Gallons per day could be contained and collected by one tanker every 36 hours.
The bladder could be held in place with concrete weights and open at the bottom to allow water to excape but contain the oil which can be drawn off by an above tankers

The size of the bladder size needed is very small in comparison to the problem.
I did the math and I can’t believe it has not been done yet.


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