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Gulf oil spill: Sand berms approved by federal officials

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Thursday approved a permit for Louisiana’s plan to build 45 miles of sand berms on a number of barrier islands in an effort to prevent oil from reaching the state’s sensitive marshes and wetlands.

The agency approved only a small portion of the state’s proposed dredging project, citing a host of environmental and practical reasons, including questions as to whether the unprecedented reconfiguring of the coast could be accomplished in a reasonable time frame.

Local and state officials, including Gov. Bobby Jindal, have been campaigning for the right to protect the Louisiana coast, already ailing from storm damage and wetlands loss.

The projects still require additional approval and review, which could take a week or more.

--Julie Cart

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bring in a flotilla of super tankers to suck up the oil at all depths, transport it to a coastal refinery and separate the oil from the water. Purify the water and return it to the ocean and give the oil to Chevron. (just kidding)

This is a dumb idea. While they dredge and build mounds, oil will get behind the mounds and be trapped making a worst situation more worse. Better to leave the oil move where tide will take it. They should just spend the money to relocate all people from the state of Louisiana to different states and demand oil companies to pump oil from there, taking 70% tax on all oil taken. Louisiana is over, so is the wildlife. It's over, now make the oil firms work for what they've ruined for hundreds of years. All those idiots at FED who where watching porn, not paying attention to our nations security should be fired without their retirement benefits. Do it now!

Ken Salazar was working on the Cape Wind commercial wind turbine permit while the Gulf oil platform was on fire! Soon after the platform sank into the Gulf Ken traveled to Massachusetts to announce that he had approved the Cape Wind permit!
Where was Obama ?

Keep in mind the residents around Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts are still upset and angry about the 2003 Bouchard B 120 oil spill . No one was in charge there either !

On April 28.2010 Ken Salazar announced his decision at a joint Massachusetts State House news conference with Gov. Deval Patrick voting to go forward with the Nantucket, Massachusetts wind turbine project. The same day of this decision more than 5000 barrels of oil had poured into the Gulf of Mexico. (one barrel equals 42 gallons ) .
Where was Obama ?

Several days later the MMS was broken into several sections!

Do we trust our government? No one is in charge of anything except drugs, drinking, parties and payoffs at Mineral Management Services

In retrospect should congress review the Cape Wind permit given out during the failures of MMS?


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