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Gulf oil spill: Obama to head to region on Sunday

President Obama will head to the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday to catch up firsthand with efforts to fight the massive oil slick that has begun licking the Louisiana shore.

The decision to go to the scene is hardly a surprise, though the White House had indicated just 24 hours earlier that there were no immediate plans for the president to visit the scene.

Why the quick change? Here’s where it gets sticky.

Obama was forceful in criticizing the Bush administration for its slow response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, which was a political disaster for the Bush administration. Local officials along the gulf have already been complaining about the federal response this time.

The presidential visit is just the latest move by the administration to escalate its presence.

Obama personally has spoken about the oil leak three times in as many days. Top Cabinet officials visited the region on Friday after top-level briefings on Thursday in Washington. Officials in Louisiana have often noted that the response by the federal government and BP began as soon as the fire began on a deep-water rig on April 20 and has been “forward leaning.”

Lastly, there is the public relations problem.

Sunday’s morning talk shows will most likely have segments about the Obamas’ scheduled appearance at  the White House Correspondents dinner in Washington. The image of a president at a glamorous black-tie affair on a day when more black oil is washing ashore in Louisiana is a bit too ancien regime for a populist president who has berated Washington's cynical politics as usual.

--Michael Muskal  
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i cant belive how many animals have been harmed by this mess

"Headed to region on Sunday"...this is twice Obama or his minions have set Sunday up as anything but a day of rest... Once for the vote on health care and now to look at the oil spill...Is there perhaps a suttle hint here that Sunday is irrelevant? At least to most in the media and on the Hill?

In his address in Michigan, Obama advises people not to be against the government. Well as a matter of fact, Mr. Obama, this time around it is you and the Democrats people are against more than it is the bureaucrats. The government is sorta like a major league baseball team. You can't fire the whole team so you get rid of the managers. That would be you.

I'm not surprised Obama is late to realize the potential polical cost of this disaster, why would he be worried? It is the media and their complete soft coverage of him that allows him to respond at his leisure. There is no way Bush would've survived 24 hours without being blamed as the sole cause of the spill. What if Bush had just announced off shore oil drilling? New windfarms in Nantucket? How many stories would be see about the relationship between Bush and oil companies? The consipiracies would never end. But not for Obama. For him the reaction is "well he's soooooo busy fixing all of the problems Bush left him, how can he do it all?" Hypocracy.
That's why no one trusts the media.


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