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Gulf oil spill: Obama pledges justice and takes responsibility for cleanup

President Obama on Friday vowed justice for workers who died in the April explosion of a BP-operated oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and to personally take responsibility for the spill in the days to come.

"I'm the president and the buck stops with me," Obama said.

"Justice will be done for those whose lives ended with this disaster," he said. "That is a pledge that I am making."

But first, the government and oil company executives have to stop the spill, now pumping untold barrels of oil into the gulf every day.

The catastrophe is still playing out, Obama said, suggesting there may be failures of judgment in the days to come.

"America has never experienced an event like this before," Obama said. "This means that, as we respond to it, not every judgment we make is going to be right the first time out...."

There are going to be a lot of "judgment calls," he said, not "silver bullets."

Still, he vowed to make sure state, local and federal officials are working in concert with one another toward a common goal.

Full recovery will be a long time coming, the president predicted.

"We're on your side and we're going to see this through," Obama said, "until your communities are made whole again."

"I give the people of this community and the entire gulf my word that we're going to hold ourselves accountable," he said.

--Christi Parsons, reporting from Washington
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As a citizen of Earth., I am distraught over the lack of urgency involving this "MISTAKE". All I hear is a lot of talk and a lot less action. With all the intellect surrounding this problem, the best solutions BP and the Government can come up with, in dealing with the oil spill, has been catastrophic failures. As one comment was made, '..It seem as if their making things up as they go..' The actions dealing with this reminds me of a scene in Armageddon where NASA's best men came up with a parachute idea to allow the solar winds to carry away the meteor. Their lack of urgency may come from the idea that the clean up will be far easier then stopping the leak itself.

Friends, this oil spill is a VERY BIG DEAL. The stopping and clean up of the spill can't come quick enough. The damage has been done. The effects of this is going to affect the whole world. Not just life in the waters, but all life on Earth. Don't be surprised when the unseen comes to the surface. Or when your food and water supply starts to taste a little oily or of chemicals used to clean up the oil. We already see the further affects it's having on the economy. Life will not be the same because of this.

The things in the heavens, the things in the watery deep and the things in the earth are all there for a reason and all have a purpose. I'm I the only one who can tie increased Earth Quacks with the increase in the demand of oil!? Man is the cause of heaven and earths problems, not God. So don't ask God why!, ask greed infested mankind. Technology has made it possible for so many ways to make a car move or to light our way in the night. Robbing the earth of it's minerals is causing mankind's falls. Why can't we all get along and live in peace? Cause one man wants to receive all the credit for solving all of earth's and life's problems. Greed has no heart, only status. It puts no value on life.

Greedy persons, how many souls has to be lost? When will enough be enough?

Again and again we suffer the consequences, of all the overpaid authorities ill conceived ideas-while we loose - planet earth decays -they as a group make certain that they alone never suffer and continue to line their pockets with the wealth of America-no longer shared. As their paychecks never stop flowing they consistently tell us-"we promise these mistakes won't happen again".

Hello - please correct the typo in your headline!


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