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Gulf oil spill: More oyster areas closed


State authorities closed 11 additional oyster harvesting areas along Louisiana shores Sunday in a precaution against oil that has spread farther west of the Mississippi River.

The bulk of the closures were in Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes but included several in Jefferson and Plaquemines, according to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

Three zones in St. Bernard's Parish that had been closed earlier were reopened last week.

Last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration extended its no-fishing zone to encompass nearly one-fifth of federal waters in the spill area.

The closures already have had a serious impact on the multimillion-dollar seafood industry, and the effects have spread to restaurants nationwide.

--Geoff Mohan

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A breaking enviro-friendly technology has just been discovered that has been proven to clean and recycle the spilled crude in the Gulf.

Something needs to be done SOON! It has been over a month now and BP has yet to find a solution to this problem! Someone needs to tell BP to google "how to clean and recycle oil spill" and they will have the solution to this problem.

According to the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, there are 108 species listed as threatened or endangered in the state of Florida alone, a state who has just declared a state of emergency for 26 counties due to the Oil Spill, and an additional 154 listed in the surrounding States. Our economy right now can not handle the strain this will put on the entire Gulf region, so we need to act fast as concerned citizens ourselves. Please help by sharing this comment and/or link with your local news and radio stations Thank you in advance for helping to do our part in cleaning the oil spill ourselves.

This needs to be solved NOW!


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