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Gulf oil spill: Meteorologist says oil has entered the Loop Current

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La-na-oil-spill20 is reporting that part of the massive oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico has been captured by the Loop Current, a fast river of water that circulates from the Caribbean Sea into the Gulf of Mexico and under the tip of Florida.

The weather service said satellite imagery showed "a significant part of the oil slick is tearing away and being drawn well to the south in the east-central Gulf of Mexico this week."

Senior expert meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said the speed of the current, which can reach several miles per hour, can carry part of the oil much more swiftly than the relatively sluggish currents elsewhere in the gulf.

Oil in the loop would present a hazard to the Florida Keys, as well as areas of the west coast of Florida. Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico could also be at risk of exposure to the oil, which also could be drawn into the Gulf Stream through the Florida Straits, and perhaps northward to part of the Atlantic Seaboard.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief Jane Lubchenco told a congressional panel Tuesday that such a scenario would take a long time, and that oil would be significantly degraded.

--Geoff Mohan

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Oil seeps up from the bottom of the gulf all the time. The salt water breaks it down. What most are not taught is that oil is a very natural product that is produced by the earth. It's great that we find so many uses for such a product, like making computers and TV's and roads and just about everything we see around us. So nature will absorb the oil, as it always does. Most of it is already gone and they haven't even tapped it off completely. Nothing to be scared about. Don't listen to the hysterical biased media. They want you scared and upset. We should be very angry at the environmentalists who force them to drill in such deep water when it would be much easier and safer to get all the oil closer to shore, or even on shore where it seeps up from the ground.

I don't understand why there is no one on the beaches where the clips of the oil soaked pelicans are drowning. How could anyone responsible NOT be there or have hired someone to be there? Why hasn't there been anyone scooping oil as it reached the sea surface? Why was the oil allowed to spread the way it has? Why is the grass a bad idea when it was demonstrated how the oil adheres to the grass so that it can be scooped?

Ryan are you completely retarded or just stupid. Do you realize how impossible it is to do what you are suggesting....where are you going to get the dirt to build the bridge.....what a moron. The ocean is hundred if not thousands of feet deep.

Lance & Carol7890....where do you think the electricity comes from to charge your electric car's batteries......coal. My guess is that you don't approve of coal mining either. Just keep ignoring the fact that 50 to 55% of the electricity in the US is generated by coal.

Bottom line people....this accident is terrible and I wish it wouldn't have happened. I will say this though, stupid ideas and stupid people don't help the situation. Leave it to the experts and shut your mouths. If you have a life at all in America you are completely dependent on oil. I'm not ready to give up my car and start walking....are you?

It's been said that Hair, hay and a particular type of grass can absorb the oil like a sponge and then it can be reused. Also if there is a hurican the hey will not rain down on us.

My next car's a Chevy Volt, and I'll put solar panels on the garage roof. I am sick to death of these freaking oil companies ruining everything. Including buying off all our Congressional reps.

They should built some kind of barrier from Florida to Cuba before it goes up the coast.

Whats going to happen when the huricans start. Will we have electrical fires in the sky when that oil is airborn. How will the envirement handle oil in our fresh water lakes or when oil gets rained down on our crops.No fresh water to use = no food. This could be the end of life..Great job BP..great job on who ever let them put that rig there in the 1st place.

Smooth move putting a oil rig in hurican alley. Electric cars would have cut our dependency on oil in half. When the sky is on fire maybe then the world will wake up, until then rich greed will control the world.

build a land bridge from florida to cuba then from cuba to central america to contain thr disaster. i know it would take an extrodinary effort but we need to save what we can even if it means that the oil there takes years to clean.we cant risk the worlds helth. this dose have the potential to wipe out species after spacies after speacies until it comes to our species.


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