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Gulf oil spill: Governor calls for permission to dredge

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took another boat tour of the oil spill area Wednesday and later repeated his call to get federal permission to dredge sand and create barrier islands to protect inland estuaries.

The Army Corps of Engineers is fast-tracking the application but must allow other agencies to comment, according to federal environmental law.

Louisiana officials say they can't wait any longer, as more oil seeps into delicate marshlands in Pass a l'Outre.  "We don't need to see a repeat of some of the situation we've seen recently," Jindal said at Cypress Cove after surveying the damage for about four hours.

He said if BP and the Coast Guard don't come up with a solution to removing marsh oil by Saturday, officials will move forward with their own action plan. "Our way of life in coastal Louisiana depends on it," Jindal said.

More than 100 miles of shoreline has been affected by the oil spill, and many fear that the marshes may never return to a healthy state.

Plaquemines Parish President Bobby Nungesser said that if nothing is done by Saturday at 8 a.m., officials will bring out a suction machine to gather excess oil. He said the spill will have the impact of the past four hurricanes in the area. "Once again we were dealt an untruth," Nungesser said. "How much more are we going to put up with?"

Nungesser and Jindal were joined by James Carville, a democratic political strategist and Louisiana resident, who referenced the inaction of clean up crews.  "This is not WD-40," Carville said. "This is not 3-in-One. This is not stuff you put in your car." 

Jindal said the bottom line is that he needs the dredging permits to be approved. "Boom alone isn't going to protect this coast," he said.

--Nicole Santa Cruz

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If these so called leaders we have in Washington would devote as much time to solving the problems as they do finger pointing they might make a drop in the bucket! Now as predicted, poor ole Bush is the problem once again. These idiots we have in Washington that call themselves leaders should be the second focus. People such as our Speaker of House, and other invertebrates up there are just as sticky as this Gulf goo. I say we clean the goo on the Gulf Coast, (and that includes Mississippi, yes you know the State in between La. and Ala)., and then clean the goo out of Washington!!! I hope the La. Gov. gets all the studies and permits in order before the oil gets to the shore. Or, dredge and Feds be damned!!! States should have the right to protect themselves from illegal immigrants or federal illiterates both being very much the same.

Why didn't they top kill this well 4 weeks ago?

Don't wait for federal permission.

Dredge Baby Dredge. Screw the corPs (obama pronunciation). Right now government is the problem Protect your coast and dredge and expect no leadership out of this administration in power idea men and finger pointers only no leaders

Don't Let The Oil Companies Call The Shots Like In Massachusetts !!

"Sen. Montigny said support in Washington and from the Coast Guard was needed to protect the bay. The Coast Guard has been reviewing similar federal measures for Buzzards Bay.

"I'll only be satisfied when there is a mandate from the top in Washington saying the Coast Guard, you are on the side of those that love the bay and fish in the bay, and not on the side of the special interests," Sen. Montigny said.

He said shippers like Bouchard have "criminally abused the bay."

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled in June that Judge Tauro should have imposed a legal test on whether the state met federal criteria to impose its own shipping protections. The appeals court sent the case back for a hearing on the evidence. Judge Tauro has declined to take the case, so it will be assigned to another judge. A court date has not been set.

A Bouchard Transportation Co. barge spilled up to 98,000 gallons of oil into Buzzards Bay in April 2003 after hitting an underwater ledge. The spill polluted more than 100 miles of shoreline, killed hundreds of birds and shut down 90,000 acres of shellfish beds for months. The barge was headed for the Mirant Canal Generating Plant in Sandwich."

I got my feet covered in ‘pluff mud’ before I was old enough to walk………my baby steps where for the most part normal given my raising on an Inlet along the South Carolina Coast. As days turn into months along the Gulf Coast I am more saddened with every passing hour.

How much more can the Gulf Coast ecosystem stand before it is worthless to the residents that call it home and I find myself wondering if that is the main objective. Given the inaction on the part of current leadership what will or should happen next. Is there some grand plan to cover the Gulf with oil rigs and continue to degrade the quality of life in wake of the Katrina disaster in pursuit of the almighty dollar? Are we all to blame because we are dependent on oil to heat our homes and fuel our vehicles and because we demand more so that we can continue with rather than without crude? Do we feel any better about this disaster if we ride a bike or take the bus to work?

I have heard the ‘sky is not falling’ from what I can garner from the news coverage and information from the experts on this unprecedented matter. I for one do not agree that it will all be okay once the flow of oil is stopped. Where I live for now is out of harm’s way but I do not agree that the efforts of the cleanup or ending this catastrophe are at levels that BP or our Government should be proud of or considered to be adequate.

Why is it that so many who profess to be or have been elected to positions of leadership seem to fail in leadership over this disaster? I applaud Governor Jindal….he is very focused on solutions but with every second that passes the well being of the salt marshes and livelihoods are being destroyed and lost to those who for generations have lived and thrived among them.

It is my sincere hope and prayer this catastrophe will soon come to an end and that we all have the intelligence to understand that anything like this should never happen again no matter who we choose to blame.


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