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Gulf oil spill: Arctic drilling plans; widow speaks; containment vessel heads to sea

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Rustyspill With the oil plume billowing across the Gulf of Mexico, attention has turned to plans to begin drilling three wells in the Arctic by this summer. A coalition of major environmental groups asked the federal government to halt drilling in the remote and dangerous waters off the coast of Alaska, warning that a spill there “would far surpass those related to BP’s Deepwater Horizon explosion."

Read the report by Kim Murphy and Jim Tankersley here.

Louis Sahagun had an exclusive interview with the pregnant wife of a worker missing and presumed dead in the explosion that sent the Deepwater Horizon rig to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Read the report here.

BP floated its giant coffer dam that it hopes to place over one of three leaks on the wreckage from the wellhead blowout spewing at least 200,000 gallons of oil into gulf waters daily.

Read the report by Bettina Boxall and Jill Leovy here.

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