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Gulf oil spill: BP says 'top kill' a failure, moves to new maneuver

Topkill BP acknowledged the failure Saturday of its three-day effort to tamp down oil gushing from a blown out well and began work on a new operation to install a set of valves and pipe to pump oil to a surface ship.

“After three full days, we have been unable to stop the flow from the well, so we now believe it is time to move on to another option,” said BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles, who cautioned that the new effort would be “a very complex operation.”

As with earlier failed efforts to cap the well and siphon off oil, the new maneuver has never been tried at 5,000 feet below sea level using robotic submarines, he noted.

The equipment, known as a “lower-marine riser package,” will take at least four days to install, he said, and could capture “a great majority” of the oil spewing from the well.

But in the end, only a relief well, expected to be finished by early August, would be able to plug the well, he said. Drilled from an angle, the relief well has reached 12,900 feet from the ocean surface and must reach a depth of 18,000 feet. “The farther we go, the slower it gets,” he said, adding, “We are ahead of our plan right now.”

The failure of BP's latest effort, the so called “top-kill” operation and a "junk shot" injection into the failed blowout preventer, came as public frustration mounted over what the government now calculates as the biggest oil spill in the nation's history. Earlier failures included a huge box known as a “top hat” and a tube inserted into the broken pipe.

“This scares everybody — the fact that we cannot make this well stop flowing,” Suttles acknowledged at a joint news conference with government officials in Robert, La.

Oil will once again begin gushing from the well, Suttles said. A government panel has estimated that the well had been leaking 504,000 to 798,000 gallons a day.

As much as 29 million gallons have spilled into the gulf since the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, compared with 11 million gallons spilled by the Exxon Valdez tanker in 1989. BP, the owner of the well, says it will pay “all legitimate claims” from the accident, which President Obama on Friday called “a man-made catastrophe that is still evolving.”

In the news conference, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry told reporters, “Obviously we're very disappointed in today's announcement…but we want to assure you, we've had a very, very aggressive response.”

--Louis Sahagun in Louisiana and Margot Roosevelt in Los Angeles

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Operation top kill did not work nor cutting the well head pipe and lowering a cap over it did not work to. I have a idea how to stop the well head from gushing oil is to have a manufactoring company make a drilling pipe that fits around the well head this pipe would have cutters on the bottom like carpenters or plumbers hole saw but without pilot drill in the center. You would have a barge like rig platform on the surface, you would lower drilling pipe down over the well head and drill beneath the sea floor deep enough so oil would't leak from the bottom. Attach to the drill pipe you would have a oil pipe run to the surface to a oil tanker catch that valuable oil maybe this idea is to complicated for BP oh well its a idea that might work.

Our company, QuatraS specializes in "oil spill recovery". We use Patented Sorbent and Encapsulation Technology which makes cleanup simple, effective, and affordable. But best of all, the oil can be collected and BURNED at 16-18K BTU! The ability to collect oil is one thing... the ability to collect it and re-cycle it is another. We hope to get a chance to demonstrate this publicly very soon. We welcome volunteers from all sectors, both public and private to take part in this much needed resource. Learn more about it on our blog at

I believe I have a solution for shutting down the well.
I am a business man from pensylvania and I believe I have a method that would shut down that well, however I have been unable to speak to any one. can any one lead me to the correct person who may be able to help me get this procedure into the appropiate hands.


I don't know what method will eventually stop the flow of oil, but in the mean time, I would like to bring every ones attention to a technology that can not only deal with the oil after it has been collected, but could eventually eliminate the need to continue this risky deep ocean drilling. Specifically what I'm talking about is a process and a product called Magnegas, ( This process converts almost any hydrocarbon liquid waste from human and animal sewage, to crude oil and other waste petroleum products, into a clean burning natural gas substitute fuel that not only doesn't pollute when it burns, but actually puts breathable oxygen back into the atmosphere. This process could be utilized to convert the crude oil after it has been collected, into Magnegas, and used as fuel in any natural gas burning device. Not only would we be able to process the escaped crude oil, but we would be adding breathable oxygen to the atmosphere when we burned it! Further more if we had adopted this process decades ago we would be using far less petroleum, and we would be much closer to energy independence than we are today, negating the need to do all this risky deep ocean drilling. The Magnegas process is both efficient and cost effective. I would plead with the American Public to educate themselves about Magnegas at and DEMAND that Magnegas be seriously considered as one of the solutions to this crisis, and as a means of making America more environmentally responsible, and energy independent in the future.

Interesting site

providing updated calculations of the percentage of the waters of Gulf of Mexico replaced by oil for given dates

Here is a video that might be a interesting solution to the oil spill problem!

Sirs: My credentials, I was a Physical Science Tech for the National Marine Fisheries, sea going tech and mechanical engineer, made things the scientists needed, also Enviromental Test tech for Fairchild Camera 7 Instrument corp, special metal div. My thought - fabricate a cone (not a cap) to the suction line, lower the suction into the riser. Weight of the suction line should (?) overcome the pressure of the gushing ooil. Sometimes the simple solution woks the best. Not too sure about the uneven cut on the riser though. I know there is a solution to the problem, it will be found.

Sirs: I was an Physical Science Tech for the National Marine Fisheries, also a test tech for Fairchile Camera & Instrument Corp. special Metals Div. - A thought, using a 14" to 16" pipe fitted with a cone ( not a cap) set back from the suction pipe, drop the pipe fitted with the cone into the cut off pipe. I don't know about the weight factor, but with 5000' of suction pipe it might overcome the pressure of the flowing oil. Just a thought.

This is a big step in the right direction, however, there is still plenty of ongoing support needed that is not in the spotlight. There is alot of real pain and suffering going on. If you want to really see the the effects, read the local newspapers in the cities effected to see how you can help. Or donate to organizations that help beyond the headlines like 'Economic Disaster Relief' or the 'American Red Cross', or give directly to those in need.

We need to stop using oil. Even though these spills are not frequent, the after-effects last years and years after. We are killing this planet and absolutely nothing else will matter when we destroy the Earth. We need to find new fuel sources that are safer to both humans and animals alike and can serve large amounts of people. We need to make these alternative energy changes permanent and mandatory. We need to change the way we live, or we are all doomed.


I am horrified by the actions of man-kind, we have raped the earth of it's precious energy and are killing ourselves as a result!

i got saran wrap, a sham wow, some duct tape, and a paper clip. i can straighten this problem up in about 30 minutes i've taken over drug lords compounds in less time.

ill also need a heavy duty shop vac some super glue a roll of bounty paper towels and some fiberglass insulation. i can have the gulf clean in about 3 days.

contact me
ABC, Inc. 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521-4551
i dont believe in phones. or guns.

We need to stop the oil spill now for the marine animals like the dolphins whales, seals, fish and all the other animals.

Post your own solution to the oil spill here. Perhaps yours is the right one and someone will listen!

Post your solutions here. Perhaps you will have the right one.

Who could say that something like this would not happen, it had to happen if you looked at the history of technology, there has always been a failure, there just isn't anything that is fool proof.

I like the idea of promoting new energy alternatives but thinking that we can make atomic power safe is another fool's venture like deep water drilling.

Reduce, reuse and recycle and lets look at proven safe technologies like sweaters, smaller cars and bikes, and lawsuits that make corporations responsible for their actions, or puts them out of business.

Not really surprised that this failed; BP has shown a history of failing safety procedures.
I can remember after the first Iraq war (Desert Storm)there was some outfit the US military brought in to cap all the oil wells in Kuwait that the Iraqi forces had blown up. I know that was desert vs deep ocean, but I think this outfit should be cnotacted for their proven expertise.

do this to stop the oil leak
use a flexible double pipline with a rubberbaloon in the end and pump the balloon up with expanding sement or somting expanding , then the ballon wil fit the oilpipe and the oil wil came out in the senterpipe and close the stream with a crane or pump it up in a ship , its simple but its works i know

Fredric A Wessel
From Norway

Greg Haralson Recommends this article

As a citizen of Earth., I am distraught over the lack of urgency involving this "MISTAKE". All I hear is a lot of talk and a lot less action. With all the intellect surrounding this problem, the best solutions BP and the Government can come up with, in dealing with the oil spill, has been catastrophic failures. As one comment was made, '..It seem as if their making things up as they go..' The actions dealing with this reminds me of a scene in Armageddon where NASA's best men came up with a parachute idea to allow the solar winds to carry away the meteor. Their lack of urgency may come from the idea that the clean up will be far easier then stopping the leak itself.

Friends, this oil spill is a VERY BIG DEAL. The stopping and clean up of the spill can't come quick enough. The damage has been done. The effects of this is going to affect the whole world. Not just life in the waters, but all life on Earth. Don't be surprised when the unseen comes to the surface. Or when your food and water supply starts to taste a little oily or of chemicals used to clean up the oil. We already see the further affects it's having on the economy. Life will not be the same because of this.

The things in the heavens, the things in the watery deep and the things in the earth are all there for a reason and all have a purpose. I'm I the only one who can tie increased Earth Quacks with the increase in the demand of oil!? Man is the cause of heaven and earths problems, not God. So don't ask God why!, ask greed infested mankind. Technology has made it possible for so many ways to make a car move or to light our way in the night. Robbing the earth of it's minerals is causing mankind's falls. Why can't we all get along and live in peace? Cause one man wants to receive all the credit for solving all of earth's and life's problems. Greed has no heart, only status. It puts no value on life.

Greedy persons, how many souls has to be lost? When will enough be enough?

Under 5,000 feet of water that kept the mud thin, moist, and flowing out of the damaged pipe, BP expected the top kill plan to succeed? Who were they kidding?

Hopeless accusations v. Halliburton, Alabama, and Texas? Hybris! What is good for an oil company is good for U.S.
... .Bribes=Collusion.Crime.Corruption.
At the district court in South Texas is an accusations against Halliburton. But the gathering of forensic evidence is
allowed only after 31.12.2010(European Date Format). Furthermore is a news blackout to a running criminal procedure process
in validity. In Alabama, an indictment for Halliburton will be delayed in response to an "a posteriori"-schedule after two replacement drills
completed in August and a provisional interim Court-Hearing for the 6th July will be expanded to 3 further months:
"Granting the defendant's" motion to the extent it seeks an extension of time to file its
answer "[Halliburton]." that courts often extend additional time to answer to defendants in cases
being considered by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation for centralization. See, e.g.,
Leavell v. Heartland Payment Systems "[Halliburton].
"In Leavell, the defendant was extended to additional ninety (90) days to answer
the complaint "[Halliburton]. Not only Halliburton but also the government is being accused:
Extract e) from an indictment in Alabama a) - t)
"e. Failing to promulgate, implement and enforce rules and regulations pertaining to
the safe operations of the Deepwater Horizon and oil well which, if they had been
soon promulgated, implemented and enforced, would have averted the fire,
explosion, sinking and oil spill [CASE NO. 10-cv-24] Alabama-judge [William E. Cassady] ". Any other questions, if such documents of the court costs $ 0.08 cents / per page?

Well now it's time for the country to demand a NOW solution using outside input from all angles! Also, Halliburton and BP must pay..someone has to pay and it should be them!!!!

If you will google these words "So where does oil really come from" you can read an article that I published in the Columbia Tribune on April 20, 2010. This article suggests with sound science that oil is generated from deep within the earth by the heat and pressure from the 1500 mile diameter molten mass of iron spinning faster than the earth itself. If this is true then this deep well may represent some of the pressures generated from this spinning mass. Most oil come up between the tectonic plates and through faults in the earth mantle. If this oil is generated from the calcium carbonate in rocks and the iron mass, than we must ask the most serious question, does this oil generated have some greater purpose than providing fuel for us. Since this oil has such great pressure, further punctures into the earth may have similar responses. Most likely the only way to close this hole is to withdraw and pipe and implode the hole with appropriate placed explosives. This is a serious breech of our planet. Pay attention, read the article - eddie adelstein

In the future are we going to know how to stop this exact type of accident or are we going to drill in the future not knowing how? It seems that if there was a way to deal with this, they would already know how.

Now is the time for congress or the President to assume command of incident. BP needs to acknowledge a defeat and the USA and Great Britain need to assert their auhrority to take legal action against the company.

The effects of this oil accident are no different then the effects of a terrorist attack and the response needs to be commensurate with the action.

It is apparent that BP can not do this alone----we need to help them and not stand back because of our fear of future litigation.

We should use this as a reason to shut down all deep water wells. It seems obvious that these things are unsafe should an accident happen, and that accidents of this type are just waiting to is not a matter of if, but when.

Spokesmen for BP are disappointed that all efforts to plug the leak have failed. Only a second well will channel the oil, but it cannot be completed for at least 90 days. This is bad news, but the Government can come to the rescue by financially supporting those that have lost their income. Things will eventually return to normal, wildlife will be the main losers, they cannot be compensated for the loss of their loved ones.

Well BP can now enjoy the infamy of this comment by J. Robert Oppenheimer (who worked on production of the atom bomb) . . . "I am become death, destroyer of worlds." Enjoy . . .

Well, I predicted it 3 days ago. Then I gave the attempt an optimistic 25% chance of succeeding. The only thing which is going to work is the relief wells which might not be completed until August. And that assumes the neither of the relief wells blows out.

Does anyone know if this new procedure is feasible?


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