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Gulf oil spill: NOAA map shows landfall projections


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released a projection map of where the gulf oil spill slick could make landfall, and where the concentrations of oil are located.

Weather is projected to be stormy with high seas, and winds from the southeast will gradually shift to winds from directly south. That opens the possibility of landfalls along the coastlines of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, carried by a loop current that spreads eastward.

-- Geoff Mohan

Oil from rig explosion hits Louisiana coast
Photos: Oil spill spreads in the Gulf of Mexico
Efforts to fight Gulf of Mexico oil spill are ramped up
Interactive: Burning spilled oil

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I run a workwear/uniform business in Indiana, The reason I am posting is because I cannot personally come down to help as much as I would love too, Our feelings in Indiana in spite of the recent BP disaster are much like the folks that are face to face with the effects.With this being said,
I have talked the owners of the store I work @ into letting me sell unlined coveralls to clean up crews below the wholesale cost. MSRP $32.99. As our contribution, I can now offer these for $13.00 each, I have 1000's of prs. in red, orange and white. in several sizes, They are long sleeve with pockets. Please if anyone has any info on the clean-up crews, Have them get a hold of me asap.
Jim Chrisman
Workwear Xpress Muncie, Indiana
765 286 0705
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Thank you

It is now apparent the quick fix to the oil spill isn't happening. Realizing this, the militarized arm of the NOOA has probably already brought HAARP to bear by setting up a high pressure system over the Louisiana coast to push back storms to try to mitigate the oil coming to shore. I would expect it to stay there at least until the hurricane season gets underway when they will shift it back to the Atlantic off the coast of Miami. This is one scenario where I hope HAARP can actually succeed.

This "accident" was anything but.

Just like in the Hurricane Katrina disaster, TPTB (including Halliburton Corporation) aren't attempting to mitigate the oil spill in the slightest. They created it (likely with an underground nuke) and are deliberately maintaining it as a means to continue its economic assault on both America and the world. Look for them to dial in more artificially-generated hurricanes and related weather patterns from HAARP to maximize the spill's damage potential.

Jesse, tell your car that oil is obsolete. I don't think it will believe you.

would it be that tough to make the map big enough to actually see? please increase the size.

Our community is bracing for an environmental impact that will destroy generations of commercial fishermens way of life. The loss of seafood is not just "food," for us it is a living, our job, our life, our income, our history, and most of all home. To live any other life other then that of on the water is not our life, it is a life of which most may not adapt. To chose another profession is just that a choice, thousands of hard working americans will have there fate chosen for them in less then three days, if the oil is not stopped now. Pray for the closure of this well for the environment, the wildlife, our wetlands, and our people.

Why do we invest so heavily in and put so much at risk for such an obsolete form of energy?

We should drill even more like Sarah Palin and the GOP said during the brief commodities price bubble of 2008. That would have been a good response rather than investing in renewables.

Will someone in the media PLEASE PLEASE check out The Oppenheimer Biotech company has in fact produced a product (already approved for use by the EPA) that will fix the oil spill results (especially on the coastline) in record time. User groups already include the Massachusetts Water Resources Assoc. and the Texas EPA department. The commercial outlet for the product in through a small but highly effective organization in Massachusetts called MicroSorb Environmental Products (in Norwell, MA; phone is 781-878-0440 -- ask for Bill Baird). Everyone is moaning and tearing their hair out, but the truth is, this product will solve the problem. It just needs to break through the background noise and GET USED!!!!

Oil destroys our environment when we burn it and pump it into our atmosphere. Oil kills when we spill it into the ocean.


We need to get off of fossil fuels immediately and implement alternative energy solutions that don't involve toxic substances such as petroleum.

Only the greediest, coldest, and most calloused human beings could still be pro-fossil fuels given all of the damage to our planet that they cause.

Anyone who believes that offshore drilling should continue needs to go take a swim in the Gulf of Mexico....


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