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Gulf oil spill: latest NASA satellite photo


NASA writes:

A damaged oil well may be leaking five times more oil into the Gulf of Mexico than officials first estimated. This view of the slick was captured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite on Wednesday, April 28. The eastern part of the oily area is covered by streaks of clouds, but the reddish streaks shown in photos of the slick appear to be visible. It appears that a tendril of oil is reaching out toward the tip of the delta."

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Hello every one. Here is something that is to good to be true but is...
In Ohio there live 2 brothers, one of which has developed a product they are calling 360 and apparently it has the ability to absorb 30 times its own weight of oil, floats on water and is water repellent. It contains bacterial cultures that consume Hydro carbons, meaning it eats up the oil, gas or diesel that it absorbs making it safe to dispose of in land fills. Another pro is that after absorption the product can be squeezed and the oil recaptured. Pretty neat hu!. I want to help them make this a reality. Any suggestions? Pray for us and all those affected in this unfortunate disaster.

Public outcry by environmentalist and those in the fishing industry along the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in the need for a way to express concern for how the BP (Big Polluters) oil spill may hurt and harm everyone touched by these growing ecological catastrophe. Hence TALGSD created a T-shirt based upon satellite imagery showing the expanding oil spill and its threat to the gulf coast. We posted this on the TALGSD homepage at

The design says "Thanks for the Goo/Big Polluters" and can also be seen at

We hope this will be productive to help raise awareness about the true nature of this growing ecological disaster and would like to thank everyone for their patronage.

Actually the Big Polluter (BP) oil spill has grown at a much more rapid rate than projected as the BP polluters have tried to downplay the extent of the oil spill perhaps to avoid future liability. The BP oil spill is rapidly expanding and threatens the gulf coast states as shown in spectacular reality at Sci-Tech Images & Designs by TALGSD on our homepage at At the time of the disaster we were working on posting some new insect and butterfly photographs and this disaster, every bit as costly as a terrorist attack upon America, interrupted our work. Everyone who is interested in this critical issue is urged to visit TALGSD and help raise awareness about the real nature of the expanding BP oil spill and ecological catastrophe.

The oil spill caused by the April 20, 2010 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig which sank is rapidly expanding and threatens to cause an ecological disaster! Please help raise awareness. We have enhanced satellite images which show the monstrous oil spill. These may be used to raise awareness by environmental groups, organization and individuals effected by this catastrophe. Please visit our site today and support efforts to let everyone know that Big Polluters threaten our nation just as much as do al-Qaeda terrorists.


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