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Endangered-species condoms for your own private Earth Day

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And the winner is: the Center for Biological Diversity, for the oddest Earth Day commemorative.

The organization that spends most of its time suing the government to protect endangered species is passing out a quarter of a million endangered-species condoms in U.S. cities, Mexico and Puerto Rico on Thursday.

Actually, the nonprofit had been passing out the prophylactics since February but upped the pace for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The group says it wants to highlight the role of human overpopulation in the elimination and endangerment of other species.

Several thousand volunteers will hand out the two-condom packets at concerts, bars, universities, spiritual-group meetiongs, local events and farmers' markets. Each package includes information on the species, facts about overpopulation and species extinction, and suggestions on how the human population can be stabilized.

-- Geoff Mohan

Photo: Artwork of the polar bear endangered-species condom. Credit: Center for Biological Diversity

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I find in reading those sites that say that population problems are a myth that their evidence is very sparse and inconclusive. Recently I read Book 1 of the free e-book series "In Search of Utopia" (, it blasts their lack of evidence relative to their calling overpopulation a myth. The book, actually the last half of the book, takes on the skeptics in global warming, overpopulation, lack of fresh water, lack of food, and other areas where people deny the evidence. I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to see the whole picture read the book, at least the last half.
The outdated fertility replacement rate of 2.1 is also clarified.

Do you ( anyone commenting ) believe that this will be effective? Or do you think it will just bypass peoples mind, and have people just getting free condoms?

I like the idea, but I think it's also important to highlight the role of livestock population in the current mass species extinction.

Due to increased demand for meat, livestock population is now rising faster than human population. This has led to habitat loss, one of the major causes of species extinction.

Persuading people to consume fewer animal products may be a challenge, but it is probably easier than convincing them to have fewer chIldren.

Now that environmental groups have taken your (and their fat perennial donor foundations’) money to operate a global fear-mongering campaign about the horrors of global warming, these arrogant eco-groups are lobbying for costly government controls of greenhouse gases. Green groups can spend some $1.5 billion annually lobbying for government regulation of carbon and for the fantasy of Obama’s “new green economy.”

Green groups are initially for lavish government programs with alternative and renewable energies (non-nuclear), electricity grid upgrades, conservation measures and other “smart” stuff. But cynically, they will then work at local levels to impede or stop actual construction projects in the virtuous guise of prudent environmental stewardship. Green groups routinely operate partisan propaganda campaigns to suck you and government into spending money to solve theoretical environmental problems. They then insert themselves as a “stakeholder” to broker project approvals -- attracting free media publicity, naive donor sympathy, government grants and court cost awards as ”citizen” litigants.

I like it.


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