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'Whale Wars' vessel collides with Japanese whaling ship near Antarctica


The Andy Gil, a trimaran owned by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, had its bow cut off by a Japanese whaling vessel off the shores of Antarctica. Details of the incident are in our Outposts blog. A crew from Animal Planet, which was filming for its "Whale Wars" series, caught the incident on film.

-- Geoff Mohan

Photo: Sea Shepherd's trimaran Ady Gil after it was rammed by the Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2, in the background, in Antarctic waters. Credit: JoAnn McArthur / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Suffering is a part of life. Fact. There is suffering in nature, but there is zero evil in nature, only survival. Despite the cruelty that animals allegedly may inflict on other animals, the cruelest animals on the planet are humans.

The Japanese do not NEED whale meat to survive; their level of technology can provide economic and dietary subsistence without slaughtering endangered animals. The methods they use to kill the whales are extremely painful and cruel (how can an explosive harpoon to the head NOT hurt a living being?). It is all about the money to that unnecessary industry.

It is time for them to stop violating the existing laws and stop whaling. Period. At least the Sea Shepherd organization is DOING something to bring attention to this matter, no matter how incompetent their efforts seem at times. Laws are ineffective unless someone is willing to enforce them, and thankfully the whales have people trying. I hope the Shepherds continue to get the funding needed to run their campaign for as long as it takes the world to step up and say "no more whaling."

For those of you that are speaking before you fully investigate what happened, take a look at the video before the collision. They stopped their boat long before the ship was close enough to collide. The engines were completely stopped and the crew was sitting on top of the vessel.

The Ady Gil was out of gas. They were completely out of the way of the 4 Japanese harpoon vessels. The Ady Gil was at a dead standstill for many minutes waiting on the Bob Barker to come and refill their gas. Then the Japanese harpoon vessel kown as "Number 2" turned itself toward the Ady Gil and hit it full on.
The Ady Gil did not "deliberatly put itself infront of the boat" as some of you uneducated would say.
Watch the show, and do your research before making stupid idiotic assumptions.
Whaling is wrong. So stop it.

You guys really don't watch the show, do you? The Audi Gil was out of gas. It was dead in the water. The Japanese whaling boat was pissed that the Audi Gill had managed to do a prop fowler on the factory ship so they rammed the smaller boat. The Sea Sheperd's mission is to stop whaling for the season so they throw contaiminates on the whaling and factory ship. The Sea Sheperd does not try and take their ships down, they try and contaminate the ship and the whale meat. Which I'm glad they do. If you don't know what is actually happening on the show, shut up and get off this site.

You anti-environment people are really horrible excuses for humans. The Japanese ARE BREAKING THE LAW doing what they are doing and now they run into a ship with intent to kill the people on board I would assume. You monsters really make me sick.

Both sides are wrong in this matter. The japanese "Research" vessels do not need to take 100 whales per year for reasearch. This is a foolish noton and a total lie.
The Sea Shepard should not use Piratical methods to further their cause.
The right thing to do is, do the research necessary to find out the name of the company doing this so called research and expose them to the world.
Some one person is responsible for this atrocity and they should be brought up before the world court to pay for their crimes.
The U.N. should should get some backbone and address the problem. Perhaps some sanctions against these criminals are warrented.
Don't spit against the wind, Sea Shephard, take films of these atrocities and publish them world wide.

Light is the way to kill a fungus

This Japanese ship was a War ship from the start. Has our President done
anything to save the slaughter of these animals? I really doubt it, but he should
have. These laws to protect the wales were not made to ignore just like
protecting our borders.

Do your job Mr. President. Stop ignoring the American people!

Whatever Happened to the Captain of the Ady Gil?

The Sea Shepherds are nothing more than eco-terrorists. They use the same tactics as the anti-abortion extremists, such as hurling butyric acid at their opponents. Too bad they didn't sink outright, that's what should happen to pirates of the high seas.

way to go to stop those jap whalers tora!tora!tora! i would love to serve under u anytime

i'm leaving to hunt down japan whaling ships i have a L.A class sub if u hunt down one more whale i WILL SINK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it me or are these people dumb. i mean good for them for trying to save the whales but they screw up all the time. i watch the show just to see what their going to mess up next.

Obviously, anything goes in international waters. Notice the skull and crossed bones on the Sea Sheppards? Maybe we should get the Discovery Channel to do a show off the coast of Somalia.

Why do we tolarate this aggresive, terroist behavior as entertainment?

"People are infinitely more valuable then any animal in any situation regardless of anything."

Says who? Just because we have a superior intellect doesn't mean we're more important.

And the whalers in this case are Japanese. There's nothing racist about calling them what they are. I would agree, though, that just as Islamic terrorism doesn't represent Islam and Muslims in general should not be condemned for what a minority does, or Americans should not be condemned for what G.W. Bush did, in the same way the Japanese people in general should not be condemned for what their government does. Most Japanese are actually quite nice, and most of them don't even eat whale meat.

The Sea Shepherds endanger the lives of humans. People are infinitely more valuable then any animal in any situation regardless of anything. I believe in the cause but Watson often disregards the safety of his crew and the whalers. Neither of them should be exploiting whales for ratings or notions of history. The crew need to stop referring to the whaler's as "The Japaneses" because it recalls racism. No one should tolerate racism even at the cost of whales.

The problem is that whales are still considered a stressed species. I would not have a problem if there were a healthy population of whales that good be fished by all nations. What is terribly unfair is that Japan is taking advantage of all the other nations halting whaling to bring the species back. They argue the population is healthy enough for them to collect several hundred a year. Well how about if every country collected the same amount? How long would the species last? Japan needs to play by the same rules as everyone else does. Once the international community decides the population is strong enough, countries can be allotted so many a year. Any country that doesn't want their share can sell it to another country. STOP WHALING! at least until everyone decides they are healthy again.

The whaling activities of the Japanese and Norwegians is just morally wrong. Whales are not fish. They are very intelligent creatures with the ability to communicate and exist in complex family networks and social structures. The Japanese and Norwegians catch these whales using harpoons with explosive tips. They are dragged behind the ship until they die a slow and agonizing death. For what? For a delicacy? The Native Americans teach us that every life taken for food needs to be "thanked" for giving its life for our sustenance. They also teach us that every decision we make must look ahead seven generations. We need to be aware of the future impact of all of our decisions. There will be no more whales in seven generations. Will we continue to allow these people to eliminate the entire whale population because it is considered an unnecessary delicacy for them? These whales belong to the entire planet and to the evolutionary legacy, not just to the Japanese or the Norwegians for a luxury meal. Whales (and all life on the planet) must be protected, at all costs. "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. The opposite of life is not death, it's indifference (Elie Wiesel, 1986)."

Dean Leh

Judge for yourself, keep in mind the Ady Gil's captain was
effectively blinded by water canon spray as the Japanese ship
turned into his craft.

Whether you agree with Watson's position, tactics or politics, or not -- please think about this: first, harassing the whalers is legal according to international law; second, these Japanese corporations are engaging in not only illegal but amoral and duplicitous activities in their murder of these and other cetaceans under the lie of 'research'; third, most Japanese people do not endorse or support this; fourth -- and coming from someone who has spent years in and on the water -- if you carefully watch the video you can see that the trimaran is almost dead in the water the entire time. The 'white water' at its stern is from a wave behind it, not from its engine. If the skipper had boosted the engines(this boat is very powerful and capable of cruising at an amazing 50 knots) it would pop up on plane almost immediately. If this is not enough, please note that the whaler turns HARD starboard and then rams the protest boat, and as others have observed, makes NO ATTEMPT at evasion and in fact, the whaler continues to pound the protest boat with high velocity water cannons -- inhumane, and absolutely abhorrent behavior to civilized people anywhere.


Despite you growing up in Alaska and claiming that the Japanese whalers have the same tradition as the subsistence whaling eskimos, you have clearly done absolutely no research on this fact. The "native Japanese whalers" do not exist. Japanese whaling has been around for a little over 60 years, after having disappeared in the early 1800's. Industrial whaling was introduced by General MacArthur in 1945 to help the protein-deficient Japanese. Now, correctly if I'm wrong please, but Japan is a highly developed nation with no major protein deficiency across the country, along with other ways to get that protein instead of breaking the laws of the sea and hunting beautiful and sadly endangered creatures.

Who cares if the Japanese veered towards them? Their boat is clearly able to avoid a giant whaling vessel. Either the Sea Shepherds caused the collision, or they purposely allowed it to happen so they could gain shock value in the media "Look at how savage the Japanese are!". You don't attack individual whalers...they're people doing a job to earn money for their families. If the people on the boat quit, thousands more will be ready to take their place.

These eco-terrorists ram whaling vessels, seek them out and harass them, and call themselves pirates (They even have a skull and crossbones on the side of this ship). If that's the way these idiots see themselves, then act like it! You're in international waters harassing people, and suddenly it's a shock when they fight back? Either stop crying, or stop acting like you're some type of badasses. You're just like every other tree hugger in history, you're just more annoying. You come up with lofty ideals, fail to assess the situation well enough to come up with a solid solution, and in the end do nothing but waste money. You complain about how 'barbaric' the Japanese are for whaling, but you're advocating piracy...that's such a backwards thought process I think I may go buy some whale blubber.

Instead of wasting millions making an insignificant impact on whaling, how about donating the money to starving children? The life of a whale is not equivelent to the life of a human, and if you don't agree with that, take a step back and realize just how pathetic your beliefs are.

The only reason I watch the show is in hope the Japanese vessel rams the Sea Sheppard and sinks the ship. Thereby the Whaling ship has to save the enviro wack jobs from drowning.

These enviro wack jobs are looney toons at it best.

Sea Shepherd are a bunch of terrorists. They were harassing the Japanese whaling ship and got a small portion of what they had coming.

The crew members of the “Ady Gil” and “Steve Irwin” ocean vessels are not terrorists, they are activists. Their mission is to expose, educate, and prevent the unnecessary killing and eventual termination of the whale species.

Such organizations as The Nature Conservancy, The World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and The Sierra Club, just to mention a few, continue to fight the daunting and herculean battle to control development, preserve animal habitats, and prevent the mindless and reckless destruction of the planet.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a floating island of assorted plastic, styrofoam, and commercial fishing flotsam the size of Texas. Global irresponsibility, the overuse of plastic, and failed recycling practices have created this anomaly. The digestive tracts and organs of many bird, aquatic, and animal populations throughout the planet have now been invaded by these man made substances. Knowledge=Power=Responsibility.

Daniel, NYC

I grew up in Alaska. I have eaten whale. Why do we think it is okay for Alaska/Canada natives to hunt whale? Who are the "natives" of Japan who also have a history of whaling? ...maybe the Japanese? What about the Scandinavian countries that also have a history of whaling? Why don't these idiots go harrass the eskimos?

The whale I ate was from a coworker of my father's who had no more business eating whale than some wealthy Japanese sushi eater. I guess for that matter, I had no bussiness eating it.

I hope more of their boats get sunk.

The Sea Shepherds intentionally ran themselves in front of the Japanese ship. Take a careful look at the video. The Andy Gil has very little white water aft of the stern until just prior to the collision, then suddenly there is a significant amount. This indicates the application of power, propelling the boat into the path of the larger ship. As agile as the smaller boat was, it should have been able to avoid the impact. Paul Watson is an arrogant publicity hound, he has taught his team the stupidity that brought this on. Fortunately there was no loss of human life, this time.

here are no modern day needs from the raw products of whales. Period. Anything that would come directly from whales, can be synthesized for less. Please keep in mind when you read these stories you are reading about a passe' notion that a "industry" exists to keep the mystical ancient orient cultural beliefs. In due course when the whales have depleted and no longer can survive as a species, then what becomes of this industry based on ancient cultural beliefs. It is a sad, sad industry that prevails only to have the animal man decide nature.

No matter what your opinion on whaling and supposed "scientific research" it is clear that the Japanese catcher ship (which, incidentally is a powerful and agile vessel in spite of its size - hasta be, in order to hunt down small fast minke whales) veered sharply to starboard to hit the Sea Shepherd vessel, and that the Sea Shepherd vessel was backing down. Take a look at the various videos and see for yourself. The video taken by the Japanese also shows that they were blasting the Sea Shepherd vessel and her crew with high-powered water cannons, and continued to do so even after they were rammed and in distress. This is against the law of the sea and is worthy of criminal charges. And never once, at any time over the years, have Sea Shepherd personnel put human lives at risk except their own.

The whaling activities of the Japanese and Norwegians is wrong, ethically, economically and morally. You may say we eat cows, but they are farmed and not a finite, wild population, and the meat industry, at least here in the states, is regulated by humane organizations. Whales,which are not fish, and are in fact intelligent mammals with complex social and family organizations, are caught using harpoons with explosive tips, and dragged by the ship until they die an agonizing death (picture this same scenario but replace it with your pet dog or cat - not pretty, is it? The Japanese do not need whale meat for subsistence; it is considered a delicacy. Certainly the Norwegians don't, and the whalers in Norway are very, very wealthy and make most of their money from other fisheries. To top it off, the supposed research is completely bogus and considered just that by the scientific community.

I say more power to the Sea Shepherd. Our government organizations are useless in ending whaling once and for all, so good on them for taking matters into their own hands. I'm right there with them in spirit, as are most folks who care anything about our beleaguered oceans.

Well, unlike that useless organization 'Greenpeace', which is where I suspect most of these negative comments originate. At least the Sea Shepherds are doing something about the killing of endangered whales. Greenpeace, has been at this for how many years, and what have they have to shown for it, nothing!

"It's not their fault they were rammed." ???? Seriously, did you really just write that Martin? Wow.

Let's see..... A speed boat, being run down and rammed by a whaler. Yeah, that makes sense. The Sea Sheapherd idiots got what they deserved.

How about they use the $2,000,000 they paid for the boat and do something meaningful and worthwhile, like feeding hungry people. Somalia could have used some of that!

The "Sea Shepherds" are oversensitive, melodramatic, whiners, who give Westerners a bad name. Much like naïve children, they believe animals are innocent and mankind is evil, yet 99.9% of all the suffering inflicted within the animal kingdom is perpetrated by other animals. Orcas (i.e. Killer Whales), for example, will chase baby whales for days on end, before attacking and eating them alive. Sometimes they don't even bother to eat the baby whale; they might rip out its tongue and genitals, but will leave the rest of its corpse for its mother to mourn over.

Contrary to popular belief, intelligent animals have a dark side and do not always kill for food, or territory. Regardless of their supposed intelligence, they have absolutely no empathy for one another and are willing to inflict incomparable suffering upon each other without compunction. The more intelligent the creature, the more savage their actions. Unintelligent organisms may act on instincts, but more intelligent beings, like whales, dolphins, apes, etc... actually have the ability to plot and play games with their victims.

The bottom line is this; some people are extremely delicate, and have been sheltered from life's bitter realities by American society, which, in the same respect, has made them delusional. They lament the fact that humans are omnivores and eat other animals, because they have assigned human qualities to animals, and animalistic qualities to humans, refusing to see the animal kingdom for what it is; that is, a dystopian battleground full of fear, carnage, and misery. No matter how sensitive the Sea Shepherds are to the fact that people eat whale meat, they are completely powerless to subvert the thousands of years of collective evolution that has shaped mankind.

I don't understand how Sea Shepherd can possibly complain. Don't they sink whaling ships? Why should they act like the victim when it happens back to them? Especially since they got in the other ship's way. I don't approve of whaling, but really if Sea Shepherd is going to hit the whalers, they shouldn't cry when they get hit back. That's just hypocritical. They get millions of dollars in donations so it's not like they can't get another boat.

I'm in favor of the Sea Shepherds. Yes, they are complete amateurs because they are all volunteers!

The only way to pay back the Japanese is hit them in their pocket because thats their whole We should ban buying there cars etc. Watch the whaling stop asap!!! Robert, DARWIN.

That looks like an impressively agile ship. I'd LOVE to see what they were doing which prevented them from avoiding what looks like a 90 degree collision. That's only really fesable if they were playing chicken, or if they stopped and basically taunted the Japanese into running them over.

Someone go tell them all the damage fossil fuels are doing to the whales, I want to see them try this again vs. a supertanker!

"Do you know how much damage this bulldozer would take if I simply let it run over you? None at all."

Go Sea Shepherd~! You have the guts no government has shown, especially Australia's Peter Garrett and Kevin Rudd (and I'm an expat living here). Defending our wildlife, especially our whales, is truly heroic.

What is stupid and moronic is the Japanese government continually given "research" rights to poach whales in a protected sanctuary and the entire political world sits by and does nothing. Shameful beyond words.

its not their fault they were rammed

The Sea Shepherds remind me of 'F Troop'. Complete amateurs.

Idiots. That is what you get when you run your plastic speedbost infront of a steel whaling ship. Only a matter of time before one of these morons get themselves killed because of their own stupidity.


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